The rise and rise of the think tank by alendar


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									ANZSOG and State Services Authority Seminar Series

  The rise and rise of the think tank

  The Australia and New Zealand School of Government and the State Services Authority
  seminar series presents Thomas Mann, John Daley and John Roskam, discussing the
  role of think tanks in shaping public policy.

  The public policy arena is becoming an
                                                                                       forum moderator
  increasingly contestable space. No longer
                                                                                           Claire Thomas
  does the public service have a monopoly on                 Director Economic Strategy and Market Reform
  providing policy advice to government. The                            Department of Treasury and Finance
  media, academia, interest groups and think
  tanks all play a role in contributing to the policy                                             speakers
  debate. There are around 35 think tanks in                                           Professor John Daley
  Australia and the latest addition is the Grattan                                            Grattan Institute
  Institute, a new $50 million national public                  Prof Daley has 20 years experience spanning
  policy think tank based in Melbourne.                   policy, academic, government and corporate roles
                                                              at the University of Melbourne, the University of
  What is the role of the think tank in setting the               Oxford, the Victorian Department of Justice,
                                                                       consulting firm McKinsey and Co, and
  public policy agenda? Do think tanks provide                            most recently at ANZ where he was
  grounded advice or is it simply the stuff of blue                           Managing Director of E*TRADE.
  sky thinking? Can they be truly independent
  and non-aligned? How can the public service                                                  John Roskam
                                                                                            Executive Director
  effectively operate in this contestable                                            Institute of Public Affairs
  marketplace for policy advice and ideas?
                                                          John was previously the Executive Director of The
                                                               Menzies Research Centre. He has also held
                                                              positions as Chief of Staff to Dr David Kemp,
  DETAILS                                                          former Federal Minister for Employment,
                                                            Education, Training and Youth Affairs, as Senior
  Thursday 23 April 2009
                                                             Advisor to Don Hayward, Victorian Minister for
  12.00 – 12.20pm: registration (light lunch provided)          Education in the first Kennett Government,
  12.20 – 1.45pm: seminar                                              and as Manager of Government and
                                                                             Corporate Affairs for Rio Tinto.
  Treasury Theatre
  1 Macarthur St, East Melbourne                                                             Thomas Mann
                                                                               W. Averall Harriman Chair and
  RSVP                                                                          Senior Fellow in Governance
                                                                                           Brookings Institute
  by 16 April 2009
                                                                 Tom first came to Washington in 1969 as a                              Congressional Fellow. Between 1987 and 1999,
                                                                he was Director of Governmental Studies at
      Judith Leon: 9651 2018
                                                               Brookings and prior to this he was Executive
                                                                   Director of the American Political Science
  Seating is limited so please RSVP early.
  You will receive an email to confirm your attendance.
                                                           Association. A noted congressional scholar, Tom
                                                          speaks and writes on issues related to campaigns;
  This is a free event.                                        elections; and the effectiveness of Congress.

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