How to Work with Local Media Notes by arslanoguz


									       Establishing Media Relations for Your Business
                          First link: the press release
Why do it?
   A press release makes it sound “official”, it’s “news”
   Can link to press releases or published articles under a “News” or “In the News”
     heading(s) on your web site
   Free exposure!
   Editors/reporters need ideas for copy!

Who do you send one to?
   The news editor, editor, or reporters who have the “business beat”
   All local media that covers anything business-related: radio, Durango Herald,
     Durango Telegraph, Four Corners Business Journal, the Daily Times, sometimes
     even other community papers, e.g., Cortez Journal or Pagosa Sun….be somewhat
     familiar with the publication! Online too: Buzztown,, etc.

How do you write an effective press release?
   Establish an angle (new business/grand opening, unique service, anniversary,
      significant new hire, fundraiser or other event, new product) Why should I care?
   Include quotes
   Background information at the bottom
   Clean, concise copy with proper grammar, limit to one page, legible font, etc.
   Attach a photograph or other pertinent links
   Introduce with an email, contact information is obvious

                          Second link: the interview
      Be prepared – think of important points beforehand
      Let reporter drive the interview (you can add points at the end if reporter did not
       specifically ask)
      Be aware of leading questions (ask for a correction if misquoted)

              Third link: the “Press Kit” or “Media Kit”
Press kits are easily accessible, packaged resources for the media. Usually they include
    Recent press release(s)
    Background information about the company – story, history, who we are, etc.
    Contact information for media liaison(s) or key employees
    Photos used for publicity purposes
    Example to look at: (user ID: snow, password: flake)

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