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									                                                                                                               P O Box 302
                                                                                                CRAIGIEBURN VIC 3064
                                                                                                       Tel: +61 3 9308 3844
                                                                                                      Mobile: 0412 761 216
Successful Business program                                                       Email: mfbt@movingforwardcoaching.com.au

                                      Take control of your business
                                      (Plan for the success of your business)
                       For small business managers and people intending to start a business

                                             Date: 27 February 2004
                                               Time: 9 am - 4 pm
                                          Hume Global Learning Centre
                                      1093 Pascoe Vale Road, Broadmeadows
                                      Cost: $330 (including GST and lunch)

             Take the day to work ON your business rather than IN it. This workshop is interactive and
             will challenge you to think outside the square to look at the big picture and to plan a great
             business. It will empower you to create your own definition of success for the business, plan
             the steps to achieve your vision, then create performance measures to keep you on track,
             PLUS much more. You will even go home with your own draft Strategic Plan for the

                                 You will receive your own comprehensive workbook

                                            For further information contact:
                                          Robyn Pollard, MFBT Pty Limited
                                       Specialist Business Training & Mentoring
                                     Telephone: (03) 9308 3844 or 0412 761 216
                                     Email: mfbt@movingforwardcoaching.com.au

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