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     Our training staff can be
                                                                                                               VTE in VCE Program
   readily contacted by phone or                                                                                    Competencies Working Towards
  email, and are easily accessible. In
addition to seeing you each week                                                                                             CHC30402
in the classroom, our trainers                                                                                 Certificate III in Children’s Services
   will visit you at your work
      placement site.

                    One World has a
                                                        We welcome your
                  commitment to innovation,
                and has an extensive website
              that incorporates online learning
                                                      enquiries regarding our
             and support. When you enrol into
           our program you will receive your own
          MyWorld homepage and email address.
                                                        specialised training
         You will have access to features such as
        chatrooms and instant messaging, as well
        as our online Workplace Learning Centre.
           When enrolling with One World you will
             not only participate in our innovative
                training program, you will also be
                    a member of our online
                       community of

                                                                                                                  T a
                                                       407-411 Thompson Road (off Kelly Court)
                                                              North Geelong VIC 3215
                                                                ABN: 21 076 297 400
                                                         Telephone 5272 2714, Fax 5272 3039
                Finalists of the Victorian                                      TM
                                                                                                                One World Training Services
                 Training Awards 2006
                “Training Initiative of the                                                                            Nationally Accredited
                      Year Award”                                                                                    Training Programs for the
                                                                ISO 9001:2000
                                                                LIC 14255
                                                                SAI GLOBAL                                          Children’s Services Industry
                                                                                             Issued: 30/1/07
                                                                                                             PROGRAM OUTLINE
            One World for Children
          Pty Ltd is a Registered
        Training Organisation (RTO)                                                                          VTE/VCE Units 1-2
       with the Victorian Qualifications                                                                     Code           Title
     Authority, and a provider of nationally
   accredited programs to the children’s                                                                     CHCCS201A      Prepare for work in the
  services industry.                                                                                                        Community Services Industry
 One World for Children Pty Ltd is also                                                                      CHCCOM1B       Communicate with people
registered to deliver Certificate III in                                                                                    accessing the services of the
  Children’s Services and has developed a                                                                                   organisation
     stimulating and innovative program
        especially for VCE students who
           are considering a career in
                                                                                                             CHCORG1B       Follow the organisations
              children’s services.                  WORK PLACEMENT                                                          policies, procedures and
                                                    Work placement is an appropriate component of all
                                                    VCE/VTE programs. Participating in work placement        CHCORG2B       Work with others
                                                    enhances the acquisition of skills and knowledge,        CHCOHS301A Participate in workplace safety
                                                    helps you to gain an understanding of the industry,                 procedures
   AIMS                                             and increases your work opportunities.
                                                                                                             CHCCN1D        Ensure children’s health and
   The aims of this program are to:                 The Certificate III in Children’s Services has both                     safety
   ➤   provide access to a range of potential       on-the-job and off-the-job components to the
                                                                                                             CHCFC1C        Support the development of
       career paths within the Community            training and assessing of competencies.
                                                                                                                            children in the service
       Services industry                            The on-the-job component of the training program
                                                                                                             HLTFA2A        Apply advanced First Aid
   ➤   provide training and skill development       will be delivered through appropriate work
       for the achievement of competence in         placement in the children’s services industry.
       areas such as casework, community
                                                                                                             VTE/VCE Units 3-4
                                                    Using our industry networks we will organise and
       development and advocacy.                                                                             Code           Title
                                                    co-ordinate your placement in a childcare centre
                                                    and provide the preparatory training required to         CHCCHILD1C Identify and respond to
   Our childcare industry experience
                                                    ensure your successful transition into the work                     children and young people at
   and specialised training programs
                                                    environment.                                                        risk of harm
   provide an appropriate backdrop
   for contextualised learning.                     Ongoing support and guidance will be provided to         CHCCS301A      Work within a legal and ethical
   Our program will therefore be                    you by our training staff, and visits during your work                  framework
   of special interest to students                  placement will be utilised for enhancing classroom       CHCIC1C        Interact effectively with
   interested in pursuing a career in               learning, and assessing on-the-job competency.                          children
                                                                                                             CHCPR1C        Deliver services/activities
   This program selected for VTE in the                                                                                     to stimulate children’s
   VCE provides entry level training for the                                                                                development and enhance their
   community work sector of the industry.                                                                                   leisure
   This certificate at AQF Level 2 provides a                                                                CHCPR3C        Develop an understanding
   qualification for work in the industry as well                                                                           of children’s intersts and
   as a basis for articulation with higher level                                                                            developmental needs
   qualifications in Community Services.

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