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Toile Bedding

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Toile fabric was first commercially produced in France in 1760. The word
“toile” means “cloth” in French. The fabric was created in a region
called Jouy-en-Josas. It was originally referred to as Toile de Jouy for
that reason. The first toile prints were usually white or cream. The
stories told in the original toile patterns might be the retelling of a
Greek or Roman myth, a sailing adventure, or simply the daily life of a
farmer in the French countryside.

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Today the word toile is used to describe an elegant printing technique
with engraving-like detail which tells a story with the images depicted.
The images consist of a pattern of a single color, most often black, dark
red, or blue. Greens and magenta colors sometimes make an appearance in
toile patterns but are less common. The intricacy and uniqueness of these
designs has kept them alive since their first appearances in the 1700’s.
These patterns can be found on any base from bedding, linens, and
curtains to wallpaper and even recently, clothing. Toile remains most
popular for bedding and linens and the top manufacturers all offer a
toile ensemble. Ranging from traditional French country scenes to florals
these bedding ensembles are a beautiful way to enhance your living space
and create decorating detail that simply can not be found in other
designs. Some of the different offerings by bedding manufacturers are
described in the rest of the article.

A.L. Ellis Inc. produces a line of toile bedding which they print
themselves. Their elegant French country scenes are printed on a cream
colored background and come in black, blue, sage, or red. To keep with
this French country theme, the toile comforters are paired with a checked
bed skirt.

Thomasville Home Furnishings has recently released a pattern called
Cherrington, which is a more modern toile featuring a gorgeous oversized
floral pattern on a sapphire blue background. To give this set a striking
positive/negative effect, the comforter is paired with sheets in a blue
toile pattern on a crisp white background. Thomasville is also planning
to release several more traditional toile patterns in the coming months.

 Curtain and Drapery Fashions is a company that makes bedding using a
classic toile fabric by Waverly called Country Life. These ensembles come
in either black or wedgewood and include a wide array of products
including comforter sets, throw pillows, and window treatments.
Many manufacturers offer bedding ensembles, curtains, upholstery and much
more in toile patterns. The most popular offerings have been described
here. When you purchase a toile bedding ensemble you can take your style
a step further by adding matching window treatments, shower curtains and
even furniture with toile patterned upholstery. With today’s technology
and a wide variety of offerings by fine manufacturers anyone can
beautifully decorate their home with patterns and designs that were
available only from professional decorators in the past.

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