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					                                                                                                                 WINTER 2009

                           PARK NEWS
                                   Where Spirit Lives Through Memories
                                   George Passas, Chief Executive Officer

                                   of writing, we are awaiting      Edwards Constructions Pty         on the Eastern Suburbs
                                   the occupation certificate       Ltd who have done a first-        Funeral Home the existing
                                   from Randwick Council.           class job throughout and          kiosk will be demolished and
                                   Subject to final negotiations    achieved completion within        the main gates and pillars
                                   with the prospective             the contracted period.            refurbished.
                                   operators, we look forward          Work on our new funeral           Given that off-the-plan

           ith the completion      by late July to offering         home is proceeding very           sales in the proposed stage 1
           of projects that        families and the community,      satisfactorily and it is          of the new family crypts area
           have required years     a purpose built facility         expected that commencing          is progressing, I anticipate
of planning and the efforts        for after funeral care and       in September we will be able      a decision regarding the
of many, winter and spring         community programmes             to offer families a unique        commencement of the pre-
will see the introduction of       and a café and flower shop       situation where they are able     construction planning stage
a number of new offerings          that can be enjoyed and          to make all arrangements          of the project will be made
at ESMP. It is my great            used by visitors to the Park     following the passing of a        later this year.
pleasure that this newsletter      and the general public. I am     loved one at one location.           The Trustees and I
will highlight the additional      looking forward to enjoying         This will be a first for any   continue to field questions
added value services that          my first cup of coffee in the    Trust-operated memorial           from the many communities
ESMP will now make                 café and look forward to our     park in NSW and, no doubt,        that use our facilities, in
available to the community.        families taking advantage of     other administrations will        regard to the Department
   The new Café/                   this convenience as well as      be watching ESMP closely          of Lands’ desire to assess
Condolence Rooms/Flower            all the other amenities that     to see how our operation          the availability of additional
Shop complex has been              the centre will offer.           progresses.                       burial space in Sydney,
completed and, at the time            Our thanks go to Stephen         Once work is completed                      continued on Page 2

  Café/Condolence Rooms/Flower Shop Complex

           till to be formally named and dedicated, this
           purpose built centre has been designed for after
           funeral catering, providing facilities and amenities
  for visitors and the public and as a centre where various
  community programmes can be offered.
     The function area of the complex caters for up to 200
  people or can be divided up into 3 areas at any given
  time to offer facilities appropriate to the group being
  catered for. Short term parking is available out front and
  for those attending functions there is more parking in the
  crematorium and cemetery parking areas.
                                                                   New Café/Condolence Rooms/Flower Shop Complex
     Expected to be fully operative by the end of July,
  information regarding booking, opening hours, menus
  and tariffs will be posted on the website. An official
                                                                   Watch and local papers
  opening is planned for later in the year.                        for opening details.
From Page 1
including in the Eastern          and I will be liaising with       undergone significant           certainly enjoy a coffee, tea
Suburbs. To date, ESMP            local authorities and State       refurbishment, which in         and cake at the new café.
has received in excess of         Government officials over         addition to enhancing the       Also be sure to join us on
6,500 signatures in support       the next months to ascertain      Park’s beauty, visible even     the 31st of October, this
of additional land being          their position given the          in the colder winter months,    year’s Opening Day which
allocated with the majority       desire from the communities       also provide a wide array       will be an informative and
coming from the Orthodox          to have this matter brought       of memorial choices for         enjoyable community event.
and Catholic Christian            to the fore.                      families. I encourage you       For further details visit
faiths as well as the Asian,         To end, I again point          to visit the Park and keep or email
Jewish and Indigenous             out that many memorial            yourself updated with all to
communities. The Trustees         gardens in the Park have          that is happening and to        provide feedback.

    University	of	Sydney	students	explore	the	‘realities’
    of	cremation	with	visit	to	ESMP

           he architecture students of third year at The            might understand the complex relationship between these
           University of Sydney were involved in a semester         needs and the potential for intensifying their own designs.
           long project focused on the design of a crematorium.         The visit was invaluable for giving students a ‘real-
    Often when students begin a project the hardest thing is to     life’ experience of the architecture of cremation. Many
    have them engage with the ‘reality’ of the architecture and     students came to the understanding that cremation is not
    the type of processes that the building must accommodate.       only the final disposition of the remains; nor is it merely a
    The visit to Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park was a                ritual; nor a building. Rather, it is a complex and intense
    wonderful introduction to crematorium design. The visit         process. We’d like to pass on our sincere thanks to ESMP
    allowed students to think through and explore the ‘realities’   for looking after us so well.
    of cremation. With the kind assistance of John, Angela
    and Don students toured the facility, asked questions and       Dr	Chris	L.	Smith
    explored ideas about crematoriums and cremation. In             Degree	Program	Director	(BDesArch)
    particular, the visit helped students focus on the complex      Associate	Dean	(Undergraduate)
    needs of the ‘users’ of the crematorium and so that they        Faculty	of	Architecture,	Design	and	Planning

    Students and other groups who would like to learn more about our services and operationare
    encouraged to submit details outlining their request, including date and time to

2                                                                                                     PARK NEWS Winter 2009
                                                                                                      PARK NEWS Winter 2009
Open	Day	31	                                                                                                    Family Gardens in the
                                                                                                                informal tranquil bush
October 2009                                                                                                setting of Centenary Park

       his	year’s	opening	
       day will not only
       take you “behind the
scenes” of the crematorium
but also provide members
of the public an overview of
exactly what does go on at
ESMP	on	a	daily	basis	and	
what	we	as	a	Park	have	to	
offer the community.
   Plans	are	busily	being	
finalised to provide a full
day’s	schedule	of	tours	
and talks that will provide
in-depth information about
the	Park	and	answer	all	the	
questions you have been
curious about for years.
Save this date for what we
are sure will prove a very
interesting and informative
outing.                                                                         Family Gardens are
   Schedule of events will
be posted on the website:                                                       popular with families

                                                                                E and                                                                     SMP offers a range of choice in style,
reminders of the event will                                                             location and size of family gardens.
be advertised in the local                                                              Popular with families, family gardens
papers.                                                                         provide assurance that the members will be laid
                               Garden Estate adjacent to the West Chapel,       to rest together and in setting of that reflects the
                               surrounded by the Rose Gardens and               type of environment they valued.
                               looking out to Botany Bay.

               Eastern Suburbs
               Funeral Home

                        pon completion in the next few months
                        of the renovation and fitting out of
                        what	was	once	ESMP’s	administration	
               building	into	a	funeral	home,	the	Park	will	be	
               in the unique position to offer families a single
               location where they can attend to all that is
               involved in laying their loved one to rest with
               dignity and with continuity in professional
               help.		Upon	opening	the	funeral	home,	families	
                                                                            Old Cemetery Office to be become new luxury funeral home.
               can reduce their stress at a very difficult time,
               by	electing	to	use	ESMP	for	quality	funeral	
               care.                                                        be provided on site in a fully equipped modern
                  The funeral home will offer a warm décor,                 mortuary.
               two viewing rooms, a kitchenette and an                         Exact date of the opening of the funeral
               interior design that allow the rooms to meet                 home will be on the website:
               diverse cultural needs. All mortuary care will               and advertised in the local papers.

PARK NEWS Winter 2009
PARK NEWS Winter 2009                                                                                                                   3
Memorial                                      Community
Programmes                                     Sponsorships

                                                             SMP is proud to add
The following schedule is in place for
                                                             Randwick’s Business of
the remainder of 2009 for opportunities
                                                             the Year Award to its
to pay tribute to and honour the
                                                     list of sponsorships.
memory of your loved one.
                                                      Additional Sponsorships
Memorial Programmes                                   include score cards for:
South Chapel                                         • Bondi/Waverley RSL                    Congratulations
Saturday 5 September, 11 am
Wednesday 25 November, 6pm
                                                     • Waverley Bowling &
                                                    Recreation Club
                                                   • Matraville RSL Bowling Club             Customer Service Officer
Memorial Masses
                                                  • South Coogee Bowling Club                Megan Reisenleiter thanks
South Chapel
                                                • Eastlakes Sports Club                      all those who have enquired
Saturday 12 September, 11 am
                                              • Maroubra RSL Bowling Club                    about her and and takes
Saturday 14 November , 11 am
                                            • Double Bay Men’s Bowling Club                  great pride in introducing her
                                         • Double Bay Women’s Bowling Club                   daughter Charli.

Assistance to arrangers
    • Audio/Visual equipment enquiries regarding how it can be used to
       enhance services can be made by phoning 9661 5655 and asking for the
    •	 Power	Point	Presentations please inform families that their presentation
       must be stored on a USB memory stick. If ESMP staff will be required for
       the presentation please let us know at the time of the booking.
    •	 DVD	keepsakes need to be arranged prior to the service and preferably
       at the time of booking.
    • Clergy and celebrants are welcome to call 9694 9440 to make
       appointments to familiarise themselves with chapel facilities.
    • Appointments for families wanting to choose the grave site of their loved              12 Military Road
       one can be made by calling the Cemetery Office on 9661 5655.                         Matraville NSW 2036
    • Condolence room for after funeral catering. Details and bookings can be
                                                                                             Phone 02 9661 5655
       arranged by phoning Celeste Catering on 9808 1088.
    Reminders                                                                                  Fax 02 9311 3654
    • Viewings and witnessing must be booked prior to the service.                    Email
    • The 45 minute chapel time includes change over, if additional time is
      required, please make a double booking.                                          Website
    • Funeral	Directors	running	late	for	burial/cremation please inform our
                                                                                         Office Hours 9am – 4pm
      office. This will allow us to accommodate not only your family’s needs
              but those of other funeral directors and their families.
                                                                                             Monday to Friday
                                                                                      Grounds open 7am – 5pm daily
              Burial and cremation information at a touch

                  W      hile on the grounds
                         of ESMP, families can
                  access the same important
                                                   through the website, by
                                                   entering name details onto the
                                                   touch screens, located in the
                                                                                        Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park is administered
                                                                                         by the Botany Cemetery and Eastern Suburbs
                                                                                         Crematorium Trusts. Member of Australasian
                  burial or cremation details      office at 12 Military Road and
                                                                                      Cemeteries & Crematoria Association Ltd, Member
                  regarding loved ones buried      in the kiosk at the entrance to     of Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of NSW.
                  or cremated at ESMP available    the “old” cemetery.

4                                                                                                    PARK NEWS Winter 2009

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