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					State Aquatic Centre                                                                                                    Quarterly Project Summary
                                                                                                                           Report No 6 (February 2008)
Project Objective                        Business Plan (incl. Risk                                                                                                                                                                             Future Council Considerations
                                                                         Milestones – achieved                                              Previous Council Resolutions                               Current Activities
Strategic Plan Reference                Analysis, Methodology, Partners)                                                                                                                                                                       Activities to Implement
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Indicative timelines
Project Objectives                       1. Business Plan to include:             1. Funding                             1997                                    State Swimming Centre at Marion       1. Contractual
• Provide year round aquatic                                                                                             Swimming Centre Facilities - Indoor     GC270802C101                          City of Marion and State Government     March 08
  facilities for the community, elite    •   Objectives of the Project            Federal Funding $ 15m                  Aquatic Centre                          Proposal for the State Swimming       preparing contractual arrangements      • Resolve design for facilities
  athletes and major events.             •   Direct Community Benefits            Rec’d 29 June 06                       Ref NO CD040897/7.2                     Centre at Marion                      with Aqua43                             • Financial close / contractual
• To develop a stronger sports           •   Strategic and Community Plans        CoM to hold as trustee                 Ref NO CD040897/7.3                     GC171202R102                                                                    arrangements
  sector and encourage greater           •   Development Plan                                                            Ref NO GC151297/9.5                                                           2. Implementation of SAC and            • Approvals
  participation in sport by the          •   Impacts of Project                   State Funding $ 15m                                                            2003                                  GPP
  Marion and regional community.         •   Design of Project                                                           1998                                    SAC - Output Specification            City of Marion continuing to working    April 08
• Encourage the integration of the       •   Timeframe of Project                 Private Sector                         Indoor Aquatic Centre - Name            GC240603R1 - Mins -                   with State Government and Aqua43        • Contract for provision of Domain
  Marion Health Village within the                                                To be negotiated - Balance of funds    Change                                  SAC – Consultation, Domain value      to develop a detailed design for SAC,
                                         •   Cost of Project                                                                                                                                                                                     land and $ 5m contribution with
  SAC.                                                                                                                   GC140498/13.3                           CC120803Q01 - Mins –                  GP Plus and the Domain                    Aqua43
                                         •   Funding of Project
                                                                                  City of Marion $ 5m + Land ($ 5m)      Indoor Aquatic Centre - Terms Of        Submit bid for SAC at Domain
                                         •   Risk Analysis                        Resolved 25 Jan 2005                   Reference And Structure                 GC260803R06 - Mins –
Strategic Objectives                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mid 2008
                                         •   Project Management and Timing        Method of payment to be determined.    CD230698/8B.2                           Bid to State Gov’t
Marion Strategic Plan 2006-2020
                                         •   Ongoing Management – Recurrent                                                                                                                                                                    • Tender for Construction
Support the establishment of the                                                                                         Indoor Aquatic Centre - South West      GC260803F01 - Confid Ret’d 04,                                                • Commence construction
                                             Costs                                2. Community Consultation              Aquatic Centre Committee Of             RM 05, Ret’d 05, Ret’d 06, Ret’d 07
State Aquatic Centre
• Oaklands Park Redevelopment                                                     MSC / SAC Brochure and survey          Management                              Nomination to South West Indoor                                               Sept 09
                                             (Note: Private sector to project                                            PR210798/13.2                           Aquatic Centre Committee
  (MC1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Open facilities
                                             manage, and to design, construct,    3. Project Management & Design         South West Indoor Aquatic Centre        CC090903M02                           Previous Council Resolutions
• Linked to objectives Community             operate and maintain project)
  Wellbeing, Cultural Vitality,                                                   To be developed by private sector      Committee - Terms Of Reference          State Aquatic Centre                  cont’d
  Dynamic Economy and Healthy                                                     with State Government and CoM          GC040898/7.1                            CC090903F01 - Mins – Confid                                                   Community Consultation
                                             (Note: Sect 48 Local Gov’t Act                                              South West Indoor Aquatic Centre        Retained                              2006
  Environment.                               Applicable.                                                                                                                                                                                       To be determined.
                                                                                  4. Contractual                         Committee - Terms Of Reference          Agreement to access State             SAC – Deputation South West Indoor
                                             To be considered at contract stage   • Federal Funding Agreement            GC040898/8B.1                           Government’s Business Case            Aquatic Centre Committee
SA Strategic Plan                            for land and $ 5m contribution.)
Growing Prosperity                                                                  (27/06/06)                           South West Indoor Aquatic Centre        SC141003R01 - Mins –                  GC310106D02 - Mins -
• Jobs (T1.1)                                                                     • State Government Agreement           Committee                               Bid to State Gov’t                    SAC – Commercial Structure
• Unemployment (T1.2)                                                               Executed 18 Dec 06                   PR230698/13.2                           GC281003F01 - Confid Ret’d 04,        GC310106Q02 - Mins-
                                         2. Method for Funding
• Competitive Business Climate                                                    • MOU with State Gov’t 20 Feb 2004                                             RM 05, Ret’d 05, Ret’d 06, Ret’d 07   Council contribution to SAC, Partly
                                                                                    (expired 20 August 2005)             1999                                                                          Release Confidentiality
  (T1.4)                                 Original Proposal                                                               Community Facilities - South West       2004                                  GC090506M01 - Mins -
• Economic Growth (T1.5)                 State and Council annual
                                                                                  5. Procurement / Implementation        Indoor Aquatic Centre                   MOU Council – State Gov’t             SAC – Commonwealth Funding
• Investment (T1.6)                      contributions with private sector
• Tourism Industry (T1.13)                                                        • Expression of Interest undertaken    CW020399/4.2                            SC170204F01 - Confid Ret’d 04,        Agreement
                                         providing balance.                                                              South West Indoor Aquatic Centre        Ret’d 05, Ret’d 07                    GC270606R02 - Mins -
                                                                                    in Dec 2006
                                                                                    6 submissions rec’d                  Committee      -   Proposed     New                                           MSC - Financial Analysis, Brochure
Improving Wellbeing                      Change to Method (2004):                                                        Committee                    Member     Communication and Media               and Survey
                                                                                    3 consortia short listed                                                                                                                                   Legend:
• Quality of Life (T2.1)                 State and Council annual                                                        CW250599/7D.2                           Strategy for SAC                      GC230506R12 - Mins -
                                                                                  • Request for Proposal March-May07                                                                                                                           GC -         General Council
• Healthy South Australians (T2.2)       contributions were not sufficient to                                                                                    SC170204F02 - Confid Ret’d 04,        MSC- Financial Analysis, 3 Options
                                                                                  • Aqua43 (Candetti construction,                                                                                                                             CC -         Committee
• Sport and Recreation (T2.7)            attract private sector funding.                                                 2000                                    Ret’d 05                              GC270706R02 - Mins -
                                                                                    Macquarie Bank) selected by State                                                                                                                          SC -         Special Council
                                                                                    Government, August 07                South West Indoor Aquatic Centre                                              MSC - survey results                    R-           Report
                                         Varied Method for Funding                                                       Committee                               2005                                  GC120906R03- Mins -
                                         (Current)                                • Concept Proposal considered by                                                                                                                             Q-           Question
                                                                                    Council and State Cabinet            GC191200/5.9                            Council’s Contribution                Project Brief SAC                       M-           Motion
                                         Federal funding of $ 15m committed                                                                                      GC250105F01 - Mins – Confid           GC241006R10 - Mins –
                                         and received by CoM June 2006;           • Leisure water operator appointed                                                                                                                           F-           Confidential
                                                                                                                         2001                                    partly Ret’d 05/06, RM 05, Ret’d      Marion Swimming Centre                  RM -         Rescission Motion
                                                                                    by Aqua43
                                                                                                                         Aquatic Centre - Council reaffirm its   05, RM Part Release 06, Ret’d 06 ,    GC281106M01, M03 - Mins –               Mins -       Minutes
                                         State Gov’t committed to match                                                  support                                 Ret’d 07- Mins -                      Section 48 Report
                                         federal funding ($ 15m);                                                        GC270201/13a.4                          Federal Government Budget             GC281106R11 - Mins -
                                         GP Plus Centre funding secured.                                                                                                                                                                       MSC -        Marion Swimming Centre
                                                                                                                         South West Indoor Aquatic Centre        Submission                            Agreement with State Government         SAC -        State Aquatic Centre
                                                                                                                         Committee Inc - Council's               GC250105R10 - Mins;                   GC281106R12 - Mins -
                                         Council contribution $ 5m plus land                                             Commitment to Part Fund the Aquatic     CC080305R13 - Mins
                                         (valued at $7.4 5m)                                                             Centre                                  Petition from MSC user group          2007
                                                                                                                         GC270201/7a.1                           CC080305P02 - Mins -                  Continue partnership with State
                                         Balance of funds by private sector                                              Indoor Swimming Facilities – Council    Commitment of State Gov’t             Government
                                                                                                                         Contribution                            GC270905M01, M02 - Mins -             GC260607R11 - Mins -
                                         3. Key Partners                                                                 CW130301/7a.6                           Federal Budget Submission             Aqua43 Consortium selected
Legend:                                  Federal Government                                                              South West Indoor Aquatic Centre        GC111005R09, CoM's Submission         GC140807R04 - Mins –
CW – Community Wellbeing                 State Government                                                                Committee                               - Mins -                              Concept Proposal
CV – Cultural Vitality                   South West Indoor Aquatic Centre                                                GC280801WP04 South West Indoor          MSC user/usage profile, budget,       SGC301007F01 - Confd -
DE – Dynamic Economy                     Committee                                                                       Aquatic Centre (SWIAC)                  comparison
HE – Healthy Environment                 Private Sector to be determined                                                 CC091001WP01                            SGC151105R01 - Mins –
T – Target                                                                                                               State Swim Centre Project               Marion Swimming Centre remain
                                                                                                                         CC091001WP09                            open and SAC no financial
                                                                                                                         2002                                    GC061205M06 - Mins -
                                                                                                                         South West Indoor Aquatic Centre
                                                                                                                         Committee (SWIACC)

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