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					                              Don’t just
                              stand there –
A proven one day program designed to

give business women key strategies and
techniques for successful negotiations,

presentations, and communications.

Sydney                                         Presented By:
Thursday 18 October 2007
                                               Candy Tymson CSP
Marriott Hotel, 30 Pitt Street,
Circular Quay, Sydney CBD                      Professional Speaker and
                                               Business Coach with Master
                                               Degree in Human Resource
                                               Management and Coaching.
Tuesday 13 November 2007
Vibe Savoy Hotel, 630 Little Collins Street,   Author of four books
Melbourne CBD                                  including Gender Games:
                                               Doing Business with the
                                               Opposite Sex and The
                                               Australian & New Zealand
                                               Public Relations Manual
Don’t just stand there
                    STAND OUT!
                                                         Expected Outcomes from this program:

What the program
                                                         ❖ The ability to build rapport and
                                                           communicate more effectively
                                                         ❖ Increased personal confidence

will cover                                               ❖ Improved interpersonal communication skills
                                                         ❖ An understanding of proven techniques for
                                                           self promotion

Networking to Build Business                          Presenting with Flair
• Creating good first impressions                     • The secrets to great presentations
• Identifying effective networks                      • How to build rapport with an audience
• How to approach someone for the first time          • Getting your point across
• What to say after you say “hello”                   • Persuasion techniques that rarely fail
• Ways to build rapport                               • Using stories, examples and anecdotes
• The art of small talk                               • Ways to involve the audience and be memorable
• Tips on exchanging business cards                   • Skills to handle difficult questions and
• Handling introductions                                disruptive people
• Networking with the opposite sex                    • How to present with limited or no notes
• How to gracefully close a conversation              • The “no-nerves” technique
• Understanding business etiquette in social          Winning Negotiations
                                                      • The four rules of successful negotiation
• How to develop quality relationships from
                                                      • How to prepare for difficult negotiations
                                                      • Understanding the five styles of negotiation
• Turning relationships into business opportunities
                                                      • Reading body language
• Follow-up systems and techniques for staying
  in contact                                          • The Options, option
                                                      • Closing the deal
Leading Communication Skills
• Understanding what makes people tick                Marketing Brand “You”
• Differences in male/female communication styles     • 10 Tips on how to promote
                                                        yourself, without boasting
• The focus of different generations and how to
  manage them                                         • Working with internal politics and
                                                        the importance of lobbying
• Dealing with difficult people
                                                                  and much,
• Techniques for being more assertive                                 much more …..
• Successfully handling conflict
• How to manage your emotions and increase
  your credibility
• Making your mark in meetings
• Using questions to control a meeting
• Dealing with difficult behaviours in meetings
• Steps to running effective meetings
• How to get your ideas heard
                                                                              What others say about

“The Program delivered the topics and                                “All concepts were easily transferable to real life.
information it promised it would. Very relevant                      Candy is a strong and receptive presenter and a
to what I needed to focus on as the ‘next step’                      great role model!”
in my career.”                                                                           Denise Ulbrick, Account Service Director,
                          Nadine McLennan, Account Director,                                                Roy Morgan Research
                                  TMP Worldwide AdComms

“Candy is an inspirational presenter and her                         “Candy was Great! Very professional, enthusiastic
program has a lasting impact.”                                       and inspiring. Information was well paced using a
                          Gerald Saltman, Managing Director,         great variety of learning techniques.”
                                      Hunter Douglas Limited                                           Meghan Ivory, HR Manager,
                                                                                                           Intergraph Asia-Pacific

 Program Details:

 City          Date                Time          Venue                                        Program Fee
 Sydney        Thursday 18         8.30am-4pm    Marriott Hotel, 30 Pitt Street,              $495
               October 2007                      Circular Quay, Sydney CBD                    $440 early bird before October 5
 Melbourne     Tuesday 13          8.30am-4pm    Vibe Savoy Hotel, 630 Little Collins Street, $495
               November 2007                     Melbourne CBD                                $440 early bird before October 31

Fee includes GST, morning and afternoon tea, lunch                 Cancellation Policy: Sorry, no refund possible within
and comprehensive workbook.                                        7 days prior to event. However, we’re happy for you to
PLUS BONUS Free 5 x CD                                             pass on your ticket–just let us know!
Stand Out! Audio Pack valued at $129.00.

Registration Details:                                               Payment Details:
Confirmation details will be sent to you on receipt                I enclose a cheque for $
of payment.
                                                                   Please charge my credit card $
Please reserve the following           place/s
at Don’t Just Stand There - Stand Out!                                Visa           Mastercard             Amex
   Sydney           Melbourne                                      Card number:

Name:                                                              Cardholder name:

Company:                                                           Expiry date:               /

Position:                                                          Signature:

                          State:           Postcode:               Please return registration forms to:
Is this a   business or   residential address?
Phone (Business):
Phone (Home):                                                      Tymson Communications Pty. Ltd
Email:                                                             ABN 68002 880 846
Name of additional Attendees (please supply names in full):        28 High Street,
                                                                   MANLY NSW 2095
                                                                   Ph: 02 9976 6777
                                                                   Fax: 02 9976 6788
                                                                   Register on line at:

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