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					 Issue 1-08             Sound protection put to the test
• Sound protection at
    Ford                An oasis to recharge our                  Recently these excellent                    For information on how
• Rhenocoll surface     batteries – that is what many             ratings where put to the test at            Paarhammer can help to
    treatments          of us crave in our busy lives.            the Ford Motor Car Testing                  solve your sound protection
                        A place where we can rest                 Facilities near Geelong.                    problems please contact Tony
                        without intrusion of the                  Paarhammer won the tender,                  on 1300 655 920 or 03 5368
Gallery of projects:    outside world, especially all             because highest sound                       1999 or email to
                        the noise.                                protection was needed.            

                        Increasingly sought after for             Double rebated frames with 2
                        replacement windows and                   layers of rubber seals in
                        doors in buildings along busy             combination with sealed double
                        streets or under flight paths             glazed units consisting of
                        Paarhammer products can                   12.5mm Phon glass, 20mm air
                        provide a sound protection of             gap and 8.5mm Phon glass
                        up to 45dB, which cuts out                were used in order to achieve
                        noise by up to 90%.                       the required results.

                        German Paint Manufacturer                 building components like                    painting, dipping and flowing.
                        Rhenocoll has chosen                      windows and doors. After
                        Paarhammer as their pilot                 careful research and testing,               After being primed,
                        company for the Australian-               Paarhammer decided to use                   Paarhammer frames are
                        Asian Region.                             Rhenocoll products.                         spray-painted with ‘Rhenocryl
                                                                                                              DSL 88’, a water-based
                        Rhenocoll started in 1948 in                                                          intermediate and end
                        Mannheim, Germany, with the                                                           treatment. This has excellent
                        production of adhesives and                                                           weather-resistance and high
                        coatings. Today Rhenocoll                                                             elasticity as well as high UV
                        delivers lacquers, glues and                                                          light protection. It is odorless
                        glazes to customers all over                                                          and environmentally friendly.
                        the world including now also
                        to Australia.                             ‘Rhenocryl TL 45’ is a water-               For more information on
                                                                  based primer that has                       surface treatments used for
                        Main products are coatings                integrated chemical wood                    Paarhammer products please
                        for outdoor use, especially               protection and is usable for                call 03 5368 1999.

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