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					       Repor t on the Cere mony to Sen d Love an d Gr atitu de
                    to the Water o f L ake Baik al
                                           August 22, 2008

Hello, readers of E-Hado.

I would like to introduce this time the report on the ceremony to Send Love and Gratitude to the Water of
Lake Baikal which was written by Mr. Nemoto who is the Secretary-General of the Ceremony.

Love and thanks,

Masaru Emoto


Dear Friends:

On behalf of Dr. Masaru Emoto, President of "Emoto Peace Project" and "Project of Love and Thanks to
Water", I am sending this e-mail as a Secretary-General.

# If you are reading this e-mail more than once, I would like
# to apologize to you in advance.

We appreciate your cooperation in the Water Ceremony which was held on August 3 at the Shaman Rock on
Olkhon Island of Lake Baikal. We thank each one of you.

I would like to report on the Ceremony below.

First of all, we would like to mention the venue of the Ceremony. As we told you already, we chose a little
cape called Shaman Rock on Olkhon Island, the biggest island of Lake Baikal. It is said that this cape is one
the most sacred sites in Asia.

Actually, we chose the beach near Shaman Rock as the venue of the Ceremony. Participants would sit on
this beach, and they would see the water surface of Lake Baikal before their eyes with Shaman Rock on the
left side.

                     Shaman Rock and its beach, chosen as the venue of our Ceremony

Before the Ceremony, based on Irina’s idea, we drew a peace mark with small national flags of all the
countries on the slope behind the beach. These flags were borrowed from Mr. & Mrs. Obayashi, who kindly
participated all the way from Japan in our 1st Ceremony to Send Love and Gratitude to Water, which was
held at the Sea of Galilee in Israel in July, 2003.
                     We drew EMOTO-(PEACE MARK)-WATER with national flags

People started to come to the venue around 4:30 pm. In the end, about a hundred people came.

                            People who gathered to the venue of the Ceremony

A few minutes after 5:00 pm, the Ceremony was officially started by Irina Pantaeva wearing traditional
costume, who kindly became the MC. Mrs. Solovyeva Yaroslava worked as an interpreter between Russian
and Japanese languages.

                  Our MC, Irina Pantaeva and our interpreter, Mrs. Solovyeva Yaroslava

For Irina, who is a Buryat, the indigenous people around Lake Baikal, the Olkhon Island is really a
hometown of Spirit. It was she who first gave us an idea of holding the Ceremony on this island. We believe
that it was her presence that supported our Ceremony in the dimension of Spirit.
Then, I explained about the event called “Thank You, Lake Biwa” held in 1999 by Dr. Masaru Emoto and
“Ceremony to Send Love and Gratitude to the Water of the World” that has been held every year since 2002.
Also, I told to the people briefly about the reason why we chose Lake Baikal as a venue for this year’s

I also mentioned about the relationship between Lake Baikal and Japan, and also Lake Baikal and Lake
Biwa in Japan.

There is a myth in Siberia, which is saying that God measured a mass of land using a measuring scoop and
Lake Baikal was formed where the land was taken from the Earth. Furthermore, it is said that God threw
that land into the ocean, and the Japanese Islands were formed there. Also, Biwa Lake is the Mother Lake
of Japan, while it is said that Lake Baikal is the Father Lake in Siberia.

The participants really enjoyed with these stories.

Then, Irina and I led guided meditation for the people, and asked them to fill their energy with Love and
Gratitude. Also, we asked them to identify their own body as the whole water of Lake Baikal by expanding
their consciousness.

                               Irina and myself leading a guided meditation

Following this, Dr. Emoto talked about the purpose of this Ceremony in his words. He said that there are
many wandering spirits out there right now who could not move on to the next stage. He would like to help
them go back to the heavenly world by releasing their attachments to this world. He hoped that this
Ceremony could become a way to realize this idea.
                        Dr. Masaru Emoto explaining the purpose of the Ceremony

Following his talk, he led the following 4-line “Prayer for Water of Lake Baikal” and all the other people
followed him.

                                    Water of Lake Baikal, we are sorry.
                                    Water of Lake Baikal, we love you.
                                   Water of Lake Baikal, we thank you.
                                   Water of Lake Baikal, we respect you.

At first, Dr. Emoto recited the prayer one line at a time, and then Irina translated it into Russian. After
that, all the participants recited it in Russia all together. We repeated the 4-line prayer four times.

Just in front of our eyes, there is the water of Lake Baikal. This water is ourselves. We sent our Prayer of
Apology, Love, Gratitude and Respect to the Water with our minds altogether.

Furthermore, I asked the people to remind that just now simultaneously, the people all over the world were
sending their Love and Gratitude to the Water of Lake Baikal, which we were looking under our noses.

We immersed ourselves in the vibration of the moment. Then, we heard the pleasant sounds of waves of
Lake Baikal, which were coming to us rhythmically, getting bigger and bigger, as if they were responding to
our Prayer.

Then, we did “Prayer to the Water on Mother Earth” in the same way.

                                  Water on Mother Earth, we are sorry.
                                  Water on Mother Earth, we love you.
                                 Water on Mother Earth, we thank you.
                                 Water on Mother Earth, we respect you.

We could feel the energies in Nature, such as the sounds of waves, caressing winds touching our skin,
warmth of sunshine, and the songs of birds. Also, we were feeling the energy of the people who dedicated
their sincere prayer to the water all over the world.

Finally, we recited the Grand Invocation which we were learned from late Dr. Nobuo Shioya, a Japanese
doctor, who had been Dr. Emoto’s mentor for many years. The participants recited this invocation in Russia.
It was a little long to remember, yet they all chanted it beautifully together.

                                           The Grand Invocation
                          The infinite power of the universe has been crystallized
                               to create a world of truth and great harmony.
                                 Dr, Emoto reciting The Grand Invocation

For several minutes after that, we continued our meditation in this vibration of prayer, and then finished
our prayer to water.

                   We dedicated our sincere prayer together to the Water of Lake Baikal

In the end, Dr. Emoto led us to sing several Russian songs on Lake Baikal together. As if responding to his
lead, local participants started to sing spontaneously another Russian song about Lake Baikal.

Then, Irina gave a final word of gratitude to conclude the Ceremony. All the participants hugged each other,
and celebrated the completion of the Ceremony.

During the Ceremony, the sky was cloudy, and the other side of the lake was rainy. Fortunately, we did not
have any rain during our Ceremony. As soon as we finished our Ceremony, it started to rain.


During this Ceremony, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, who is very famous as a developer of Kirlian GDV method,
continued to measure the energy of the space of the Ceremony.

He is a specialist in measuring the energy of water and human aura, and recently he has developed a
special device which can measure the energy of space.

He showed that actually the energy of the space gradually increased after the ceremony started.
     Dr. Korotkov, who explains about the change of energy before/during/after the Ceremony (10.jpg)


The Ceremony ended around 6:00 pm, and we returned to a ferry port at the southern end of the island by
car. Then, we took the ferry to go across the Olkhon Strait, and went back to the tourist hotel at a small
village called Sakhyurta, which is located at the continental side. Soon after we started dinner on the 2nd
floor of a restaurant there, we heard the people at the terrace shouting “Double rainbow! Double rainbow!”

Drawn by the shouting, we went out to the terrace and witnessed a huge rainbow on the western sky. It was
shining so brilliantly and beautifully. And it was DOUBLE! We were watching a magnificent image of
Nature created by Sun and Water. Everybody was touched so much.

                Beautifully shining, double rainbow appearing after the Ceremony (20.jpg)

It was so majestic that even local people were saying that they have never seen one like this. To me, even it
seemed to be a bridge connecting Lake Baikal and Lake Biwa.

I felt that Water has responded to Dr. Emoto’s love toward water, and love of many other people such as
Mrs. Saida, a film producer, who materialized Dr. Emoto’s love into the ceremony, Dr. Korotkov, who
rushed to Lake Baikal after his experiments on solar eclipse in Novosibirsk, Irina Pantaeva, who made a
connection with local deities of Lake Baikal and supported our Ceremony spiritually, and all the people who
attended our Ceremony directly at Shaman Rock or through the Internet from all over the world.

Also, I myself have been involved in the planning of the ceremony with Dr. Emoto since the beginning. I
was thinking that we should never bring any problems by planning this Ceremony, so we got permission
from a local shaman, whom Irina brought to us, to hold our Ceremony at Shaman Rock. Also, we dedicated
our prayer at a local sacred site and asked local deities that we could end our Ceremony safely. As the
rainbow, which is meant to be God’s promise, appeared after our Ceremony, we were convinced that the
heaven had been actually celebrating this Ceremony. We got relieved very much.

A short movie of this double rainbow has been uploaded onto YouTube. You can see all the part of double
rainbow in this movie. Please check the following link.

Next day, a local TV station, which has a connection with one of the biggest TV station in Russia,
broadcasted our Ceremony. Mr. Masayuki Mizuno took several photographs of the news on a TV with his
digital camera.

                             Our Ceremony broadcasted by a local TV station


We are grateful to the following people: a film producer, Mrs. Saida Medvedeva, who arranged our tour and
made it realized; her secretary Ms. Shipitsina Yulia and other member of the film team “Masterskaya”; Mr.
Igor Yasnogorodsky, who supported the whole project warmly; Irina Pantaeva, who acted as MC for the
Ceremony and spiritually supported the Ceremony; Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, who produced a wonderful
data; Mrs. Solovyeva Yaroslava, a terrific interpreter between Russian, English and Japanese; Dr.
Alexander Suturin, a researcher of Lake Baikal; an Tibetan Buddhist who took water from Lake Baikal and
brought it to us; a local shaman Valentin Khagdaev, who encouraged us to do our ceremony; our tour guide
Alexey Nikiforov, who entertained us a lot; Nikita Bencharov & Natalia Bencharova operating B&B on
Olkhon Island, who sent us the water of Lake Baikal before hand and helped us to connect the Internet
before/after the Ceremony; a water-crystal researcher Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, who came all the way
from Lichtenstein and helped us in preparation of the Ceremony; Dr. Kyo Won Lee, a researcher of amniotic
fluid, and Mr. Masayuki Mizuno, an interpreter between Korean and Japanese; Mr. & Mrs. Obayashi at the
Goi Peace Foundation, who kindly lent us a small set of national flags; Sandy and Lex, who supported us in
spreading our message as much as possible and made a splendid promotion video for the Ceremony; all the
participants who came to the Shaman Rock on Olkhon Island to join the Ceremony; and, last but not least,
all the people who participated in the Ceremony through the Internet simultaneously with our Ceremony at
Lake Baikal. We thank all of you.

Yasuyuki NEMOTO
Secretary-General of Ceremony to Send Love and Gratitude to the Water of Lake Baikal