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Some dates for your diary… Some dates for your diary… by alendar


Some dates for your diary… Some dates for your diary…

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									                                                                                       Issue 1.
                                                                                       March, 2008
From the Family and Carer Mental Health Program ...

                                                                                     Carer Information Packs
         Family and Carer Mental Health Program

                                                                                     GWAHS and Carers NSW have
This exciting new program is being        Carers NSW will not only provide           developed a Carer Information
rolled out across NSW and Greater         education and training in program          Pack.
Western Area Health Services. It is a     such as Foundations, 8-Stages of
partnership with Health and Carers        Healing, Talk-Link, SMILES and Koori       The Carers Information Pack is
                                          Yarning to build coping skills and         designed to provide
                                          resilience but also support services       information and support to the
The program aims to improve the           including direct provision of individual   families and Carers of people
Family and Carers well-being and the      support, information, advocacy and         with a mental illness.
outcomes for the consumer. It hopes       peer support.
to increase Family & Carer knowledge                                                 These packs should be
and the ability to cope effectively, be   Carer Coordinators employed by Health      distributed to Carers when
supported to have continuous              are to train Mental Health staff in        accessing the Health Service
involvement in the journey with their     Family & Carers needs and develop          and can be accompanied by a
loved one with open communication         supports so that families and carers       referral to Carers NSW.
between services and the Family &         are recognised, supported and              For further information please
Carer.                                    included in treatment planning and
                                          service provision.
Carers NSW will be employing 2 people
                                                                                     Karen Lennox
in each hub of Orange, Dubbo and          Karen Lennox
Broken Hill. Each hub will have a Carer                                              GWAHS – Southern & Eastern
Support and Advocacy Officer and a        GWAHS Carer Coordinator                    Cluster
Carer Education & Training Officer.
                                                                                     (02) 63 607 850

                                                                                     Elaine Shoesmith

Some dates for your diary…                                                           Carers NSW- Southern &
                                                                                     Eastern Cluster
   Dubbo MH                MARCH                APRIL                  APRIL         (02) 63 607 890
  Support group
                        Foundations         Foundations           MHFA Orange        Toni Walls
  First Tuesday           Dubbo            Coonabarabran
                                                                     29th April      GWAHS – Central &
                        March 29-30            April 5-6                             Castlereagh Cluster
                                                                Carer Engagement
      WAGS                                                            Project        (02) 68 41 2977
                                            MHFA Dubbo
  3rd Thursday                                                  ORANGE     June
                                                                         3rd         Cindy Neilson
  10.30-12.00                                  7-8 April        DUBBO 8th July
                                                                                     Carers NSW
                                                                                     Central & Castlereagh Cluster

                                                                                     (02) 6884 7200

                   GWAHS & CNSW Working Together
GWAHS & CNSW Working Together
GWAHS & CNSW Working Together
Carers Engagement Project                  Supporting Grandparents in their Caring Role…..

The Mental Health Council of                                                           Over 30 grandparents attended the
                                           Many grandparents who are raising
Australia (MHCA) will work with
                                           their grandchildren are also carers for     Forum, representing over 100
mental health carers throughout
                                           their children, who have issues of          grandchildren being cared for.
Australia in 2008 to deliver
                                           Mental Illness and Drug and Alcohol
workshops that provide opportunities                                                   Support groups are now being
for family members and carers of a         making it difficult to raise their own
                                           children. New research by SANE              established in Cowra, Orange,
person with a mental illness to further                                                Bathurst and Condobolin for
                                           Australia released July 2007, shows
their coping and management skills.                                                    Grandparents who are raising their
                                           56% of people caring for someone with
                                           mental illness find their physical and      Grandchildren.
The project aims to:
                                           mental health suffer as a result of their   For further information contact
Hear and record the real life              caring role.                                Karen Lennox 6360 7850 or Stacy
experiences of mental health carers                                                    Whiley 6363 8030
                                            At a very successful forum held on
Encourage carers to identify their         26th October 2007, in Orange, for           A very successful support group is
current and future information needs       Grandparents who are raising their          already running in Dubbo. Contact
                                           Grandchildren, Grandparents spoke of        Sharon Clifford 6885 7938
Provide a method of ongoing                their isolation in their caring role and
monitoring of carers’ experience by        the loss and grief associated with their    Education Days have been planned
the MHCA                                   children being unable to parent their       for 2008
The project includes one-day               grandchildren. They spoke of the huge
                                           impact this caring role is having on        Financial Entitlements on 4th April
workshops across Australia, which                                                      2008 at Caldwell House, Sale St,
provide an empowering experience           their own health, finances, social
                                           relationships and mental health and         Orange (Next to Community Health
where mental health carers will not
                                           well-being. Many grandparents were          Centre) 10.30 to 1.30, Morning Tea
only have an opportunity to share and
                                           unaware of the financial assistance         and Light Lunch provided
learn but also provide the MHCA with
information of relevance to advance        that is available from Centrelink and
                                                                                       Legal Issues on 1st August at
the issue and needs of mental health       also Department of Community
                                                                                       Bathurst-venue to be advised
carers in Australia at a national level.   Services.
MHCA will use the experiences and                                                      Family Relationships on 14th
information discussed at the               This is consistent with SANE Australia’s    November at Forbes-venue to be
workshops to advocate for better           research, indicating that 70% of carers
outcomes for mental health carers          report having received no relevant
through the development of an              training or education, and due to lack      For further information contact
annual snapshot of carers’                 of availability more than half of all
experiences. This snapshot will be         Carers have not accessed support            Karen Lennox 6360 7850 or
used to demonstrate over time any          services of any kind.
improvements for mental health                                                         Stacy Whiley 6363 8030
carers as well as the areas that still
need work.                                               Dubbo Mental Health Carers Support Group
In the past the MHCA has brought the
issues of mental health care to            In late 2007 the Greater Western        The Dubbo Mental Health Carers Support
national attention in such documents       Area Health Carer Liaison Service       Group meets the first Tuesday of each
as the ‘Out of Hospital Out of Mind’       and Carers NSW worked together          month from 10:30 to 12:00 noon at the
report of 2003 and the ‘Not for            to establish a local support group      Norton Unit Meeting Room, Lourdes
Service’ report 2005. (both available      for the families, friends and           Hospital,Cobborah Road, Dubbo.
on the MHCA website at                     carers of people living with            Morning tea is provided.                      mental health problems in the
                                           Dubbo and the surrounding               For further information, please contact
  Dates for GWAHS workshops and            region.                                 either:
            contacts are:
                                           The aim of establishing the             Sharon Clifford, Carer Liaison Officer
ORANGE 3rd June 2008, Contact              support group was to provide: a         Ph: 6885 7938
Karen Lennox 63607850                      peer support network for carers;
                                           education and information
DUBBO 8th July 2008, Contact Grant         through regular guest speakers          Cindy Neilson, Support & Advocacy Officer
Liptrot 6884 7200                          and; an opportunity for carers to       Family and Carer Mental Health Program
                                           simply take time out from their         Carers NSW
                                                                                   Ph: 6884 7200
                                           caring role.

                       GWAHS & CNSW Working Together
                                     ‘Glimpses’….                                 RESPITE NOW AVAIABLE...

Glimpses is a manuscript               The stories need to come from those          Respite support for People who care for
dedicated to sharing the               who have had the experience.                 someone with a Mental Health condition
personal experiences of                We cannot let it be left to those in the     is now available through Commonwealth
                                       media or government.
Consumers and Carers.                                                               Carers Respite Centre.
                                       They have to come from the people
                                       who know, like the ones who have told
This series of works about                                                           Eligible Carers will receive flexible
                                       their stories here.
mental illnesses are an                                                             services, individually tailored to met the
illuminating insight into the life     Glimpses is free to Carers, Consumers,       needs of the Carer and the Care recipient,
of those with a mental illness.        Educators, and Clinicians in the hopes       enabling the Carer to take a well earned
The personal experiences               of increasing awareness and reducing         break.
depicted within are an                 stigma surrounding mental illness. The
excellent example of the                                                            Carers who plan respite report it helps to
                                       manuscript is updated and distributed
reasons why we should publish                                                       reduce their stress meaning they can
them.                                                                               carry on in their caring role.
                                       Submissions can be forwarded to:
Mental illness is no different                                                      A minimum fee is charged but no eligible
from any other illness. It has         Nicci Wall                                   carer will be disadvantaged due to
symptoms and it can be                                                              financial circumstances.
treated and managed.                   43 Browallia Drive
The difference is the mind is
altered, changed to not think          Rose Park
within the normal parameters                                                        Call 1800 058 059 to discuss your
that exist in our society.             Corio VIC 3214                               options.
Strange behaviour is treated as
strange rather than as the
illness. Many people in our
society suffer or are affected by                                                               MHFA
mental illness—more than
people realize.
                                                                                  This program teaches first aid skills
                                                                                  for mental health crisis situations and
           Develop your Advocacy skills….                                         the early stages of mental health
                                       The registration fee for the course
NSW CAG is planning to run
                                       (including GST) is: $55 for pension        12 hour course, as either 2 days or 4
another "The KIT" training
                                       card holders and unemployed                half days. Approx; 20 participants,
course in July this year. "The
                                       people; $110 for employed people           and 2 facilitators.
KIT" training is a course about
                                       who are not paid for by their Area
advocacy for consumers and                                                        For further information and dates
                                       Mental Health Service; $165 for
carers who are new to                                                             contact:
                                       people sent and paid for by their
advocacy. The course is based
                                       Area Mental Health Service.                Toni Walls— 68412977
on "The KIT: A Guide to the
advocacy we choose to do",             To speak to someone at NSW CAG
                                                                                  Karen Lennox— 63607850
which is a resource kit for            about the training call Bronwyn
consumers of Mental Health             Maddison on 9332 0246 or Email
Services and Family Carers.  
                                       More information about the KIT
Narelle Heywood will be                training and the facilitator is
running the course.                    available on the NSW CAG
                                       website. A registration form is also
The training will be over five full    available on the NSW CAG
days: 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th and           website. Go to:
                              and click
10th of July 2008.
                                       PROJECTS and "The KIT TRAINING
At the NSW CAG Office at
501/80 William St, Sydney.

                      GWAHS & CNSW Working Together
GWAHS & CNSW Working Together
Mental Health Carer Education & Training Program Descriptions
              Program                            Needs Addressed                            Structure
Carers       NSW       Foundations      Beginning level knowledge, coping       2 day workshop
Program – an education program          strategies, informal support. Based
                                                                                10-20 participants
for families & carers of people with    on CNSW Carer Life Course
mental health problems                  Framework.                              1-4 facilitators
Julie Tallard Johnson’s Eight Stage     Assistance in working through own       10 week program
Healing Process                         healing process. Psychotherapeutic
                                                                                One 2 hour session per week
                                                                                8-10 participants
(Also  delivered     via    Talk-Link
                                                                                1-2 facilitators

Carers NSW Talk-Link Program            Mental Health Carer Program             8 week program
(telephone based)                       covers      sharing     experiences,
                                                                                One hour session per week
                                        exploring     ways     of     coping,
                                        responding to person with mental        6 participants
                                        illness, understanding self in caring
                                                                                2 facilitators
                                        role, managing stress, future
                                        planning, resources.

Erica Pitman’s SMILES (Simplifying      Age-appropriate education about         3 day workshop
Mental Illness + Life Enhancement       mental illness and life skills to       8-10 children (8-12 yr olds or
Skills) Program                         enhance coping for children who         13-16 yr olds)
                                        have a family member experiencing
                                        a mental health problem.                1-2 facilitators

Carers NSW Koori Yarning                Provides    an    opportunity   for     2 day camp for indigenous
                                        indigenous carers and service           participants.   Requires     a
                                        providers to come together and talk     number of service providers to
                                        about their experiences.                commit to attending.
CoPMI                                   A combination of sport, recreation      3 day camp
                                        activities, learning about mental
Adventure Camp for Children who
                                        illness and some coping strategies
                                        for the young people. Opportunity
a Parent with a Mental Illness          for staff development exist to be
                                        trained as a leader.
MHFA                                    This program teaches first aid skills   12 hour course, as either 2
                                        for mental health crisis situations     days or 4 half days. 20
Mental Health First Aid                 and the early stages of mental          participants, 2 facilitators
                                        health problems.

Programs are subject to change at a later date. If you would like to ‘partner’ with Carers NSW to
deliver a program in your area please contact us. Additional programs may be added depending on
need and staffing levels.
Each program requires a minimum number of participants and unfortunately some planned programs
for the past year had to be cancelled due to low numbers. We require your support (both carers and
service providers) to ensure programs will be delivered in your region.

             GWAHS & CNSW Working Together
            Proposed Carers NSW Education & Training Programs 2008

Date & Location                         Program         Facilitator(s) & Contact #

March 29- 30                             Foundations    Grant Liptrot
Dubbo                                                   Ph: 6884 7200

April 5-6                                Foundations    Grant Liptrot
Coonabarabran                                           Ph: 6884 7200

April 7 -8                               Mental         Toni Walls
Dubbo                                    Health First   Ph: 6841 2977
April 29, 6, 13, 20 May ( 4 x ½ days)    Mental         Karen Lennox
Orange                                   Health First   Ph: 63607850

May 3- 4                                 Foundations    Grant Liptrot
Broken Hill                                             Ph: 6884 7200

May 16-18                                CoPMI Camp     Robyn Forrester
Orange                                                  Ph:63638015
May 24- 25                               Koori          Christy McKenzie
Orange                                   Yarning        Ph: 63607884

June 14- 15                              Foundations    Christy McKenzie
Orange                                                  Ph: 63607884

June 14- 15                              Koori          Grant Liptrot
Broken Hill                              Yarning        Ph: 6884 7200

July 8-10                                Smiles         Grant Liptrot
Dubbo                                                   Ph: 6884 7200
July 24- September 25                    8 Stages       Christy McKenzie
Bathurst                                                Ph: 63607884

                GWAHS & CNSW Working Together
          Proposed Carers NSW Education & Training Programs 2008

Date & Location                 Program         Facilitator(s) & Contact #

August 6-Sep 24                 Talk Link       Grant Liptrot
NSW                                             Ph: 6884 7200

August 9- 10                    Foundations     Christy McKenzie
Cowra                                           Ph: 63607884

September 13- 14                Foundations     Grant Liptrot
Gilgandra                                       Ph: 6884 7200

Sep 4- Nov 6                    8 Stages        Grant Liptrot
Broken Hill                                     Ph: 6884 7200

Sep 17- 18                      Mental Health   Toni Walls
                                First Aid
Dubbo                                           Ph: 6841 2977

October 7- 9                    Smiles          Christy McKenzie
Orange                                          Ph: 63607884
October 15-17                   CoPMI Camp      Toni Walls
Dubbo                           (8-12 yrs)      Ph: 68412977

November 7-9                    CoPMI Camp      Robyn Forrester
Orange                          (8-12yrs)       Ph: 63638015

November 22- 23                 Foundations     Grant Liptrot
Bourke                                          Ph: 6884 7200

November 22- 23                 Koori Yarning   Grant Liptrot
Dubbo                                           Ph: 6884 7200

December 6- 7                   Foundations     Christy McKenzie
Parkes                                          Ph: 63607884

                   GWAHS & CNSW Working Together
                                                     CONTACT DETAILS
Karen Lennox                                                                                       Toni Walls

Area/Southern & Eastern Cluster Carer Coordinator                                               Central & Castlereagh Cluster Coordinator

Mental Health Promotion & Prevention Unit                                                       Health Improvement Unit

Bloomfield Hospital                                                                             Endeavour Court

Orange NSW 2800                                                                                 Dubbo NSW 2830

Phone: 6360 7850                                                                                Phone: 68412977

Fax: 6360 7931                                                                                  Fax: 6841 2967                                                  

                                                              Carers NSW

Grant Liptrot                                                                                   Christy McKenzie

Team Leader                                                                                     Education & Training Officer

2/90 Macquarie Street                                                                           Bloomfield Hospital

Dubbo NSW 2830                                                                                  Orange NSW 2800

Phone: 6884 7200                                                                                Ph: 6360 7890

Fax: 63612457                                                                                   Fax: 6361 2457

Elaine Shoesmith                                                                                Cindy Neilson

Support & Advocacy Officer                                                                      Support & Advocacy Officer

Bloomfield Hospital                                                                             2/90 Macquarie Street

Orange NSW 2800                                                                                 Dubbo NSW 2830

Phone: 6360 7890                                                                                Phone: 6884 7200

Fax: 6361 2457                                                                                  Fax: 63612457

Fax: 63612457

Please fill in and return this slip if your details have changed or if you would prefer to receive this newsletter via email.

                        Post                        OR         Email:





                         GWAHS & CNSW Working Together

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