Since accepting the role of Aspects Patron, broadcaster and

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					John	Doyle	flies
the	flag	for	Aspect
     ince	accepting	the	role	of	Aspect’s	Patron,	broadcaster	and	dramatist	John	Doyle	has	been	helping	
     to	raise	awareness	of	autism	spectrum	disorders	and	of	Aspect’s	work	with	families	of	a	child	with	
     autism.		At	the	end	of	June	last	year,	John	and	Aspect’s	Director	of	Education	&	Research,	Dr	
Trevor	Clark,	were	interviewed	on	ABC	radio	by	Sarah	McDonald	during	her	morning	program.		The	
theme	was	autism	spectrum	disorders	and	the	importance	of	early	diagnosis	and	early	intervention.	     	
John	spoke	about	his	sister,	Jennifer,	and	his	family’s	experiences	and	struggles	living	with	a	family	
member	with	autism.		He	also	spoke	about	the	link	between	his	family	and	Andrew	and	Margaret	Vern	
Barnett,	the	founders	of	Aspect,	which	was	a	nice	synergy	(see	below).
Trevor	spoke	about	early	intervention,	early	diagnosis,	current	educational	practices	and	the	changes	
that	have	occurred	since	Jennifer	was	young.		A	transcript	of	the	interview	can	be	viewed	at	 	 Earlier	 in	 the	 month	 a	 very	 successful	 interview	 with	 John	
Doyle	and	Adrian	Ford	was	printed	in	the	Sun	Herald.
In	October	a	very	special	reunion	took	place	at	the	Central	Coast	School	between	John’s	parents	and	
Dr	Andrew	Vern	Barnett,	the	founding	Chairperson	of	Aspect.		The	significance	of	the	meeting	is	that	
40	years	ago,	about	the	time	Aspect	was	been	established,	Andrew’s	late	wife,	Margaret,	and	John’s	
mother	had	begun	writing	to	each	other	about	their	children	with	autism,	but	the	families	had	never	
The	 visit	 to	 the	 school	 was	 significant	 because	
John	was	accompanied	by	not	only	his	parents,	
but	also	his	sister	Jenny,	who	has	autism,	his	wife	
Deanna,	 and	 his	 three	 other	 siblings.	 	 Dr	 Vern	
Barnett	 had	 not	 visited	 the	 school	 previously,	
and	was	visibly	moved	by	what	is	being	achieved	
through	the	school	today.		The	visitors	were	most	
impressed	 with	 the	 designs	 and	 plans	 for	 the	
new	classrooms	and	playgrounds.

 Above left: Dr Andrew Vern Barnett. Above right: John
    and Deanna Doyle at the Central Coast School.

6	                                                   Keynotes	                     summer	006–007

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Description: Since accepting the role of Aspects Patron, broadcaster and