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Set Lunch and Dinner Menu


Set Lunch and Dinner Menu

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									             Set Lunch and Dinner Menu
To order from the set lunch and dinner menu, please select from one of the available
menus, and the meal that you would like from below.

All orders are prepared for a minimum of 10 people.

                                                 Menu 1        Menu 2          Menu 3
Three course Lunch or Dinner                     $67.90        $58.75          $55.00
(One entrée, main and dessert)
Two course Lunch or Dinner                       $64.90        $56.90          $53.90
(One entrée and main)
One main and dessert                             $61.90        $54.90          $51.90

All meals are served with bread and butter

Free crockery, cutlery and napkins
Chef to prepare and cook meals with staff to serve maximum 3 hours
Over the limit of 3 hour duration additional costs apply
Service staff required $35.00 an hour.
15% surcharge on all menus for Sunday.
20% surcharge on all menus for public holidays.

Delivery $15.00 Canberra Wide Queanbeyan $25.00.

Client would provide drinks and glasses.
Glass Hire $1.20 per person
Special dietary requirements can be catered for on request

Cuckoohabibi Catering                      Ph: 0422 382 554
                                 Fax : 02 6254 6004
             Set Lunch and Dinner Menu
Menu Option 1
CAJUN CALAMARI Served with                   TURKISH LAMB SALAD Grilled lamb
mesculin, finished with lemon, garlic,       fillets, capsicum, skinned tomato,
dill and yoghurt mayonnaise dressing         crispy pita bread, onion, parsley with
                                             tomato vinaigrette dressing finished
PRAWN COCKTAIL with cos lettuce,             with yoghurt dressing
finished with cocktail sauce and
garnished with boiled eggs                   LAMB FILLETS WITH TOMATO RAITA
                                             Grilled sliced lamb served with
CUCKOO SALAD Chicken, baby rocket,           tabouleh, finished with a tomato,
lettuce with blue cheese, walnut,            yoghurt mint dressing
cream sauce and garlic bread
                                             VOL AU VENT with your choice of
VITTELLO TONNATO Thinly sliced               Chicken mushroom cream or Mixed
veal loin topped with tuna                   seafood cream

MOROCCAN COUSCOUS (choice of                 CHICKEN POIT Chicken thigh fillet
either Lamb/Beef/Chicken or                  stuffed with minced lamb and spinach,
vegetarian) With mixed vegetables            wrapped in foil in a slow roasting
cooked in tomato concasse , garlic,          oven, finished with lemon sauce.
onion and special herbs served with          Served with sweet mashed potato and
fresh salad                                  steamed vegetables

SALMON AND DILL ROULADE                      CHICKEN ROULADE Fillet of chicken
Tasmanian salmon with leek filling           stuffed with spinach, fetta cheese,
wrapped in puff pastry, served with          smoked salmon, sun dried tomato,
horseradish sauce and fresh salad            wrapped in filo and finished with a
                                             cream sauce
Slice of veal pan fried, topped with         EYE FILLET Served with mashed
spinach, mozzarella cheese, finished         potato, steamed vegetables with your
with concasse, served with penne             choice of mushroom, green
pasta                                        peppercorn or black pepper sauce.

Cuckoohabibi Catering                    Ph: 0422 382 554
                               Fax : 02 6254 6004
              Set Lunch and Dinner Menu
CUCKOO PRAWNS Marinated chicken                    GALAXY SEAFOOD Fish fillet cooked
eye fillet cooked with prawns, onions,             with a mix of calamari, scallops,
garlic, chilli, herbs, fetta cheese, tomato        prawns, onion, garlic, capsicum.
concasse, finished with a touch of                 Finished with a cream sauce and
cream, served with mashed potato and               served with jasmine rice
                                                   BIETO DI BELLO PRIMEVERA Braised
FRENCH DUCK Marinated duck thigh                   shredded breast of chicken with julienne
cooked in a slow roasting oven.                    of zucchini, capsicum, onion, tomato,
Served with cauliflower puree,                     mushroom, finished with fresh cream and
steamed vegetables and finished with               topped with mozzarella cheese
sea scallops


STRAWBERRY CHARLOTTE Sliced,                       TIRAMISU TORTE Layered Italian
served with fresh strawberries,                    sponge finger cake with a creamy
topped with strawberry syrup and                   cheese filling and chocolate curls for
shaved almonds                                     decoration

STICKY DATE PUDDING Served with                    BLACK FOREST CAKE Layered
vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce                chocolate sponge with a cream filling
                                                   with cherries and chocolate curls for
STICKY TART Filled with custard,                   decoration
topped with dates and glazed
                                                   APPLE TURNOVERS Cooked apple
OMALI Egyptian dessert served “hot”                mixed with nutmeg and cinnamon,
made from crumbed puff pastry mixed                wrapped in filo pastry, served with
with sultanas, coconut, nuts, vanilla,             apple sauce and ice cream
heated sweetened milk, finished with
whipped cream and baked in oven


Cuckoohabibi Catering                              Ph: 0422 382 554
                                         Fax : 02 6254 6004
             Set Lunch and Dinner Menu
Menu Option 2
Grilled octopus with cos lettuce,             mozzarella, fresh Roma tomato
capsicum onion, tomato, fresh parsley,        finished with basil and olive oil
garlic with vinaigrette dressing
                                              GRILLED MUSHROOM Served with
ROAST BEEF SALAD Julienne of roast            rocket and blue cheese dressing
beef, mixed with julienne onion,
capsicum, tomato, pickles, mustard            MACARONI TUNA SALAD Tomato,
and olive oil                                 onion, capsicum, olives, parsley, olive
                                              oil and vinaigrette dressing
croutons, anchovy, eggs, shaved
parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing


MEDITERRANEAN SALMON Grilled                  SCALLOPINI Sliced scotch fillet
Tasmanian salmon served on a bed of           panfried with mushroom, onion,
rocket with Mediterranean potato salad        garlic, finished with cream. Served
and finished with dill dressing               with mashed potato and vegetables

SAUCY CHICKEN Tender chicken                  POLLO ALLA GORGONZOLA Braised
breast marinated in satay sauce,              shredded breast of Chicken, shaved
cooked with tomato, onion and basil,          almond cooked with blue cheese
finished with yoghurt and sweet chilli        cream. Served with jasmine rice and
sauce, served with rice and green             steamed vegetables
                                              BECATA ALLA MALINESE Sliced veal
KORMA CURRY Lamb cubes, onion,                battered in egg mixture with
garlic, ginger, Indian spices cooked in       parmesan cheese, parsley and deep
curry sauce. Served with basmati rice         fried. Served with a napolitana penne
and vegetables                                pasta

Cuckoohabibi Catering                      Ph: 0422 382 554
                                 Fax : 02 6254 6004
             Set Lunch and Dinner Menu
CHICKEN CACCIATORE Grilled                   HUNGARIAN GOULASH (Choice of
chicken cooked with mushroom,                lamb or beef) Cooked with capsicum,
onion, tomato and black olives, Served       onion, garlic, potato and mixed
with mashed potato and steamed               Hungarian spices with red wine
vegetables                                   vinegar and tomato concasse. Served
                                             with rice and fresh garden salad with
                                             vinaigrette dressing


BRULEE Served with raspberry syrup           filled with ricotta, cottage cheese,
                                             mixed berries, sultanas, crumbed
FRUIT TART Filled with custard,              biscuits, lemon, sugar, dusted with
toppedwith mixed fruit and glazed            icing sugar

Sponge cake topped with mixed sweet          crumble baked in oven, served with
spices, sweetened fruit and caramel          fresh cream

Cuckoohabibi Catering                     Ph: 0422 382 554
                                Fax : 02 6254 6004
             Set Lunch and Dinner Menu
Menu Option 3
NICOISE SALAD Green Beans, tomato,             CHICKEN FATTOUSH Grilled chicken
potato, tuna, olives, eggs, fresh parsley      thigh, tomato, onion, capsicum,
with vinaigrette dressing                      cucumber, cos lettuce, parsley, crispy
                                               Lebanese bread, finished with a
PEAR AND ROQUEFORT SALAD                       Mediterranean dressing
Roquefort cheese, yoghurt, chives,
mesculin and pear                              GERMAN POTATO SALAD Potato,
                                               onion, pickles, eggs, mayonnaise,
GREEK SALAD Lettuce, tomato,                   vinegar and mustard
capsicum, onion, olives, anchovies,
fetta cheese, oregano, olive oil and           MIXED VEGETABLES GRILLED
vinaigrette dressing                           marinated eggplant, zucchini,
                                               capsicum, tomato with baby rocket
                                               and served with dill yoghurt dressing

BALINESE LAMB Cubes of lamb                    CHICKEN WITH GREEN
cooked with onions, peanut butter,             PEPPERCORNS Chicken breast
sweet chilli sauce, lemon juice,               cooked with lemon, green
coconut milk, fresh coriander leaves.          peppercorns, finished with a mustard
Served with rice and a fresh garden            cream sauce, served with jasmine rice
salad.                                         and vegetables

LEMON PEPPER VEAL Slice of veal                INDIAN CHICKEN CURRY Sliced
pan fried and cooked with peppercorn           chicken with sweet potato, onion,
and rosemary and finished with cream           garlic, chilli, cooked with coconut
lemon sauce. Served with saffron rice          curry. Served with basmati rice and
and vegetables                                 vegetables

SHISH KEBAB (Beef or lamb) Two                 SPANISH CHICKEN Chicken thigh
marinated skewers with oriental rice           cooked with garlic cloves in white
mixed with your choice of sultanas,            wine sauce, served with rice and
kidney, pine nuts, shaved almonds and          vegetables
finished with garlic yoghurt sauce.
Served with a fresh garden salad.

Cuckoohabibi Catering                      Ph: 0422 382 554
                                 Fax : 02 6254 6004
             Set Lunch and Dinner Menu
SHISH TAWOOK (Chicken) with                  KEBAB HALA (Choice of lamb or beef)
oriental rice mixed with your choice of      cubes cooked slowly with onion and
sultanas, kidney, pine nuts, shaved          herbs served with Egyptian rice and a
almonds and finished with garlic             fresh garden salad with vinaigrette
yoghurt sauce. Served with a fresh           dressing
garden salad


ECLAIRE Filled with chocolate                BAS BOOSA Made from semolina,
custard, finished with chocolate gnash       yoghurt, ghee, baked in oven and
topping                                      finished with syrup

BAKLAVA Layered filo pastry filled           FRUIT SALAD Mixed fresh fruit with
with mixed nuts finished with syrup          fresh cream

BALAAH ELSHAM Made from flour,               CUSTARD TART Filled with custard
egg and ghee, deep fried and dipped in       and nutmeg

Cuckoohabibi Catering                   Ph: 0422 382 554
                              Fax : 02 6254 6004

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