Schumacher and Barrichello turn up the heat for Vodafone at the

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					Thursday 6 March 2003
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     Schumacher and Barrichello turn up the heat for
         Vodafone at the Australian Grand Prix
   The Vodafone Ferrari Cook Off gets the green light in Melbourne

     Vodafone, official sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team, hosted a
     culinary grand prix of its own today when Formula One reigning champion
     Michael Schumacher and Ferrari team-mate, Rubens Barrichello, raced against
     the clock to compete at the Vodafone Ferrari Cook Off.

     Held at the Vodafone Arena at Melbourne Park, the Vodafone Ferrari Cook Off
     was a contest in the kitchen between Michael Schumacher and Rubens
     Barrichello to see who could cook the most delicious Italian pasta.

     Inspired by the Formula One drivers’ enthusiasm for both Italian cuisine and
     racing, the Vodafone Ferrari Cook Off was a special event to allow the drivers to
     showcase their talents away from the track and share their passion with the
     people of Melbourne.

     “Vodafone Schumacher Linguine aglio e olio” and “Vodafone Barrichello
     Tortellini al Pomodoro” will be served up over the Grand Prix weekend in leading
     Italian restaurants throughout Australia.

     The vibrant Italian heart of Melbourne’s Lygon Street will be humming with Ferrari
     fans keen to sample the taste of success. From Friday 7 March through to
     Sunday 9 March sixteen Italian restaurants in Lygon Street will serve up the
     favourite dishes of the Formula One drivers to show their support for the team.

     Steve Lawson, Head of Sponsorship at Vodafone Australia commented, “This
     was a truly unique event with both drivers combining their love of Italian food with
     their zest for racing.”

     Joining the drivers on stage were compere, Lochie Daddo and the stunning
     Australian model and ‘Face of Vodafone Omnitel - Italy’, Megan Gale.
During the event everyone in the Vodafone kitchen experienced the new world of
colour, sound and pictures through Vodafone live!, the latest mobile innovation in
richer communications.

While the focus was on the culinary creations Michael Schumacher was caught
checking out the latest news updates on his favourite team, Manchester United -
while Megan discovered what the stars had in store for Rubens Barrichello on
race day. Both drivers were surprised to receive a good luck picture message
via Vodafone live! from David Beckham while they were cooking.

Michael Schumacher said that he often enjoyed taking a break from his busy
racing schedule to cook his favourite pasta.

“My love of racing is well known but not everybody knows how passionate I am
about Italian cuisine. It was fantastic to be able to combine both of my passions

The full recipes for Schumacher and Barrichello’s favourite pastas are also
available on the Vodafone website

About Vodafone
Vodafone Group Plc is a leading mobile communications company with 25 per
cent of the world’s mobile phone users connected to Vodafone. Vodafone has
equity interests in 28 countries, and partner networks in a further seven countries
- leaving an unmatched network footprint. Vodafone’s revenue globally is nearly
double the size of other global companies such as Microsoft or Coke and is
more than the combined revenue of the entire global music industry.

The company provides quality services to 2.45 million Australian customers,
1.22 million New Zealand customers and 90,000 Fijian customers. Vodafone
has more than 112.5 million proportionate customers worldwide.

For more information, please visit or contact
Rosie Gray-Spencer, Head of PR & Corporate Communications, Vodafone
Australia on (02) 9425 8788 or 0414 208 788 or
Louisa Murphy, Love on (02) 9362 8533 or 0414 909 794

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