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   Rockdale City Library
We would like to welcome all                                      The following RESOURCES are
school starters and their parents or                              available for School Starters:
carers to join Rockdale City Library
                                                                  The Learning to Read Collection
There’s lots the Library has to offer to families and our         This is a collection of small readers, starting with one word
programs and resources can help parents and children              to one sentence per page. These readers are graded to
throughout their whole school career.                             help your child practise reading at whichever level he or she
                                                                  is at, but you will generally have to assist them in this task.
Membership to the Library is free and entitles you and
                                                                  The books complement the reading journey your child is
your children to borrow Books, CDs, DVDs, CD ROMs,
                                                                  embarking on at school.
Magazines and Audio Books.
Each of the six branches of Rockdale City Library has a           Picture Books
specialised Junior Collection which offers children’s materials   Library has two collections of picture books at each branch:
for different age groups. Our qualified staff is also able to      EASIES for preschool to early primary school children
assist you with queries about our programs and resources.
                                                                   FROGS for primary school children, Kindergarten to
Please ask the Library staff if you need assistance finding
                                                                                Year 6
material or using our catalogue. You can also access our
Library catalogue on the web at           School starters generally need you to read the books to
and look up our resources from home.                              them until their reading skills develop. The bold and bright
                                                                  pictures of these books are attractive and age appropriate,
                                                                  and spending time reading to your child will further support
                                                                  their developing reading skills.
  Looking for things to do                                        The Premier’s Reading Challenge
  during the School Holidays?                                     Many schools participate in the Premier’s Reading Challenge
                                                                  which runs from 1 February to 1 September. You can find
  Look out for the following programs:                            books for the K-2 Challenge at all Libraries.
  School Holiday Activities
  Our branches at Rockdale, Arncliffe, Bexley North and           Non-Fiction Books
  Sans Souci offer a school holiday program with crafts,          Our Junior Non-Fiction books support all areas of study,
  games and special speakers or performers.The activities         like science and maths, but, more importantly at this age,
  are free but bookings are essential.You can check for           they can stimulate interests and help answer questions on
  available activities, times and dates two weeks prior to the    their favourite topics. Your child may be
  beginning of the holidays.                                      interested in dinosaurs, dogs, cars or ballet,
  Summer Reading Program                                          and the Library has books to satisfy their
  Looking for a way to keep the kids reading over the long        curiosity on these special interests.
  summer school holidays? Every year, the Library offers
  a summer reading program that encourages primary                CD ROMs
  school children to read as many books as they can. The          The Junior CD ROM collections at
  more books they read, the more prizes they can win.             Rockdale, Arncliffe, Bexley North and Sans
  Please check for details in late December.                      Souci support early maths and reading, but
                                                                  there are also games to enjoy.
    T I P S F O R S TA R T I N G S C H O O L
Ready!                            Set!                                                                              Go!
Get involved in ‘prior            Label your child’s school gear                                                    The first and each school
to school’ activities the          Uniform, shoes and hat                                                          day
year before your child             Bag, lunch box and drink bottle                                                  Ensure your child has a
starts school                                                                                                           good night’s sleep
                                  Practice routines
 Playgroups                                                                                                         Prepare a healthy
                                   Getting dressed
 Childcare                                                                                                             breakfast
                                   Going to the toilet without help
                                                                                                                     Have their uniform
Contact local schools              Using a drink bottle and lunch box and opening the contents
 Decide on your                   Encourage independence in packing away toys, their bag and
                                                                                                                     Have their school bag
  school and enroll                  looking after their possessions
                                                                                                                        and lunch box packed
  early                            Getting to and from school
                                                                                                                     Recognise the
 Ask about ‘transition
                                  Talk to your child about what school will be like                                     demands on your
  to kindergarten’ for
                                   What fun and interesting things they will learn                                     child physically,
  your child
                                   The great school friends they will make                                             emotionally, socially and
Get your child’s paper             What is their teacher’s name?                                                       intellectually
work together                      Take their concerns seriously and talk about them                                And don’t forget to ask
 Immunisation records             Go and visit the school as often as possible                                       what they liked best
 Birth certificate                Focus on positives and on children’s strengths                                     about their school day!

 A Selection of Books Available from Rockdale City Library
 Children’s Books
       Child, Lauren                  I Am Absolutely Too Small For School (A Charlie and Lola book)
       Cousins, Lucy                  Maisy Goes To Pre-School
       Harris, Christine              I Don’t Want To Go To School
       Ormerod, Jan                   When an Elephant Comes to School
       Pat, Thomas                    Do I Have to Go to School
       Pando, Nancy                   I Don’t Want to Go to School: Helping Children Cope with Separation Anxiety
       Ross, Tony                     I Want a Friend
       Whybrow, Ian                   Harry and The Dinosaurs Go to School
       Wild, Margaret                 Tom Goes to Kindergarten
 Parenting Books
       Clutterbuck, Peter M.          Starting School: How to Ensure Your Child’s Vital First Year at School is a Success
       Berne, Sue                     Starting School: How to Help Your Child be Prepared

  Useful Websites                                         (Sources: Families NSW, Ana Levar, Rockdale City Library and Community Information Service)
 NSW Department of Education tingschool.php
 Raising Children Network ticles/star ting_school.html
 Kidspot ting-School.htm
 Curriculum Leadership: starting primary School ting_primary_school,21682.html?issueID=11252
 Prepared For Kindergarten Readiness: What does ‘readiness’ mean? ts/repor t5.pdf

Please visit us at:
Rockdale                                  Bexley                                                 Brighton Le Sands
448 Princes Highway - Tel 9562 1821       499 Forest Road - Tel 9562 1813                        1 Moate Avenue - Tel 9562 1812
Monday to Friday - 9am to 8pm             Monday & Wednesday - 10am to 6pm                       Tuesday & Thursday - 10am to 6pm
Saturday - 9am to 5pm                     Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday - Closed          Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday - Closed

Arncliffe                                 Bexley North                                           Sans Souci
11 Firth Street - Tel 9562 1816           24 Shaw Street - Tel 9562 1814                         Cnr Clareville & Russell Avenues - Tel 9562 1817
Monday to Friday - 10am to 6pm            Monday to Friday - 10am to 6pm                         Monday to Friday - 10am to 6pm
Saturday - 10am to 1pm                    Saturday - 10am to 1pm                                 Saturday - 10am to 1pm

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