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									                                                           Riding On Too
                                                                    Taking Canberra for a ride
Volume : 21
Number : 7                                                                                                                                                                 Gold Coin
July 2007                                                                                                                                                                  Donation Please
Newsletter No: 163
Membership ACT Region: 400+
                                                                The Newsletter of the Ulysses Club, Canberra Branch
                                                                      PO Box 387, Curtin, ACT 2605

The Crew
Jennifer Woods

Leo Farrelly


Peter Arday - Ride co-ordinator

Judy Perry

Tim Hobson

Elca Cooper

Adrian Bader

Peter Newark

Jan Wills

  The Ulysses Club Canberra Branch in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended Dec 2001) wishes to advise the contributors of information to the club magazine Riding On 2, that the information provided will
                                                 be made available to the membership and public at large via printed and/or electronic media (e-mail and Internet).
                                      PRESIDENT’S REPORT

Hi all,

Just a couple of things for my report this month. Truth is, my PC is in the spare bedroom, and it’s very
cold so I don’t want to spend too much time at it!! Bring on the warm weather!

Steve Holloway has had to resign as branch secretary due to the demands of work, and I’d like, on
behalf of the committee and the branch, to thank Steve for all his hard work as Secretary, we will miss
his valued input.

That means of course that we require someone who would be willing to take the role on. Steve had
prepared a job description of the role, so if you think you’d be interested in the role, let me know – or
you can talk to Steve. As it’s a casual vacancy, the committee can appoint someone into the position
until such time as the position is declared vacant at the next AGM.

Thinking of the warm weather brings to mind the Toy Run – and a reminder to keep collecting your
small change – see Mal Garner if you need a new piggy bank!

Joe’s Motorcycles is keeping the port tradition alive by generously donating another box of port for our
weekly raffles.

Nico at Motorini has succumbed to Judy Perry’s persuasive pleadings and has agreed to sponsor our
branch teardrop banner, which will be organised as soon as we get the updated logo back. Our Logo
needed a bit of extra work as the changes that were made to it (after the AGM) did not translate when
it was enlarged.

At the Townsville AGM there will be a Talent Quest. Now I reckon you are a talented bunch and we
must have a few thespians amongst us. We are currently looking for ideas to showcase our (most
likely very) diverse talent – and if you have a suggestion, please see Flip “The Bard” van der Zwan, or
Judy (“The Oscar”) Perry. I have just seen our resident crooners (David and Adrian) in action
performing melodious harmonies at the Karaoke machine and am much heartened in our search for a
local Ulysses star!!

Peter Sinfield is getting ready to undergo a long period of chemotherapy treatment – we wish you well
Pete, and look forward to you being back soon!!

Till next time
              Ulysses Canberra Branch General Meeting 19th June 2007
Meeting opened: 8:05 pm.
Attendance: 53
Apologies: 8 apologies noted.

Welcome new Members & Visitors: Sue Morley, Haydn Kelly

Acceptance of previous minutes: Evan & Kim.

Business arising from previous minutes: nil

Correspondence In:
As tabled in the RO2 plus:
OzeMoto thank you and donation.
VV&CMCC June newsletter
MIA Branch June newsletter
Email from Frank Muldowney
MBF Emergency Ambulance cover offer

Correspondence Out: nil

Business arising from correspondence: nil

President’s Report: As tabled in the RO 2.
Ride for the Day4Difference foundation raised $3200.00.
Congratulations to Elca & Terry who are celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary tonight.

Treasurer’s report: As tabled.
We must register as a GST entity within the Ulysses Club because most of the events and fund
raising activities we hold attract GST. Anyone organising these events must keep all GST
receipts/invoices and pass them to the Treasurer so that the GST paid by us can be claimed back.

Acceptance of Treasurer’s report: Chas & Sue.

Social Secretary’s report:
A booking has been made at the Green Herring restaurant for July, details are in the RO2 and anyone
interested in going needs to let Judy know tonight.
Movie night for August will be Friday 31st at the RSL club. A movie has already been donated and
there will be no cost to members.
The weekend of October 6/7 has been set aside for a Wakefield Park ride day. The ride team will
organise the ride up and accommodation varies from $20 per night to $110. The ride day, if you wish
to go on the track will cost $190.00 which includes a $50.00 license fee that is good for 12 months.
There can be other activities for non-racers.
The Christmas party this year will be a dinner train ride to Tarago held on the 1st December. Cost will
be $70.00 per head and that covers the ride the dinner and the dancing when we get there. All money
must be to Elca by 20th November.

Sometime in 2008 Elca would like to organise an ocean cruise around the islands. The cruise would
be about 7-10 days and cost about $2,500.00. There will be more information and brochures next
          Ulysses Canberra Branch General Meeting 19th June 2007 (Cont.)
Ride Co-ordinator’s report:
There has been a change in format to the ride calendar that now appears in the RO2. It now more
closely resembles the Canberra Ride Calendar that appears on the National website. This hopefully
will improve the consistency between the two calendars. However if there is a discrepancy at any time
between the two calendars then the one on the National website takes precedence.
The ride committee will also take responsibility for organising any rides that form part of the Social
A new Saturday Ride will be organised for the 18 August to Bowral. This will hopefully meet the needs
of people who cannot make Sunday rides.
On some rides some riders have been riding well below the speed limit while traveling on the
highway. This has caused concern when more than one rider is then traveling well below the speed
limit. In future riders who would not prefer to ride at a slower place will need to leave earlier or catch
up with the rest of the group at rest stops.
All suggestions fro rides are welcome.

Gearshop report:
There are lots of new items at reasonable prices for instance; BBQ aprons, multi-tool, wine bag etc.
All of these items are less than $20.00 each. Also tonight we have the new style jackets.

General Business:
Jen: CMC have offered to launch the new Kawasaki GTR 1400 at our July Branch meeting.
Evan: Asked for the list of apologies to be read out.
Anke: Suggested a bus trip to Sydney to see a show. On Sat 4 August Transborder have a bus going
to Priscilla Queen of the Desert at a cost of $115.00 per head. Money will need to be collected by 29
June and there will need to be 48 people booked.
Shirley: asked if the information could be distributed via email but given the short timeframe it was
decided there was insufficient time.
Peter: suggested we go to see Miss Saigon later in the year.
Graham; Reminded everyone that the Adventure riders SIG were having a meeting on the weekend
of 2 September at Winton Qld. See him if you would like more details.
Tony: This weekend is the CMC BBQ so turn up and buy a sausage or lend a hand.
Al: Suggested a 3 day trip to Nabiac to visit the Motorcycle Museum. Cost will be $54.00 which
includes two breakfasts and one dinner (if there are 20 people). Let peter Arday know if you are
Peter: Weekend away to Dubbo was a great success with 10 people on six bikes. There was no rain
on the way up while Pete was ride leader and it only rained part of the way back while Trevor was ride

Meeting closed 8:59 pm.

Next meeting Tuesday 17th July, Canberra RSL Club, Moore St. Civic.
Ulysses Club - Canberra Branch
Report for
June 2007
Income                                                                              Banked S1     Banked S2
            2/6/2011   Interest S1                                                        $6.00
            2/6/2011   Interest S2                                                                         $0.96
           19/6/2011   Donation                                            $19.93
           20/6/2011   Newsletter                                          $36.00
           20/6/2011   Port raffle (S2)                                    $19.05
             20/6/11   QM Sales                                           $241.00
             20/6/11   Fundraising (S2)                                 $1,052.15
             20/6/11   Shirts                                             $205.00
             21/6/11   Banking                                                          $255.00         $1,071.20
             27/6/11   Banking                                                          $205.00
                       Total                                            $1,573.13

           20/6/2011   Donation Blanket Run Smith Family                  $136.10
           20/6/2011                                           Shirts     $330.00
           20/6/2011                                 CopyQik 42073         $67.32
              2/6/11                                A Wills - Badges       $22.00
           27/6/2011                              Ulysses Club - QM       $331.00
             27/6/11          S Holloway - BBQ Card table and chairs       $25.84                 Asset register
                                                               Total     $912.26

                                                            961393         $51.87
                                                            961398         $19.93
                                                            961400         $39.87

Account Balances
                       S1                                               $8,012.23
                       S2                                               $2,052.40
                       Investment                                       $1,278.40

[reluctant] sale: 2005 Vespa GTS ie 250cc. Great in town or open road. Heaps of storage.
‘Twist and Go’. Red, 25,000km, regular services, excellent condition, rego 10/07. Top
box, chrome rack, screen. $6,900 ono. Judy 62511999, 0438511991

Kawasaki GTR1000 lambs wool seat cover, black. Only used for 2 weeks. Perfect condition.
$70 ono. Ph Duncan 6288 2659 or 0409 443 692

For Sale, two genuine large capacity Krauser panniers - removable system with locks, ex-Suzuki but
have multi-fit mounts (with indicators) and will fit most bikes.

Well used, but in excellent cond.

Please contact; John Wotzko on 0407 514 012. Location of gear is Chapman ACT.
                                             WEEKEND RIDES
8th-9th-10th September 2007
Three day ride to visit Nabiac Motorcycle Museum.
Alan Munday has organised a deal with Brian & Margaret Kelleher which would see us get three meals
plus entry to the Museum for around $54 or so.
That price is for a party of 20 or more people.
Anyone wanting to make the ride will have to organise their own accommodation in Nabiac. Hotel
0265541210 or Nabiac Caravan Park 0265541213. As there is not a lot of accommodation in Nabiac, be
advised to book early.
Alan Munday will need to know numbers sooner than later so final plans can be made.
Alan can be contacted on 62551166.

8th & 9th December 2007
Weekend ride to the Snowy Mountains. A great ride anytime.
Sunday riders will meet weekenders at Tumut for run home.
More details will be published as they become available.
Trevor McLeod is the contact for this ride.

5th & 6th January 2008
Weekend ride to Parkes for the Elvis Festival. This festival is growing more popular year by year.
Accommodation will be camping as hard accommodation is booked years in advance.
Should be a heap of fun.
Judy Perry is the contact for this weekend. 62511999 or 0438511991


26th, 27th & 28th January 2008
Three days away at Katoomba via Cowra.
Not much info as yet. Stuart Shilton is organising this one and is contactable on 62939907

                               Motorcycle Maintenance Course
Where:                   Total Motorcycle Solutions
                         37 Carrington Street, Queanbeyan

When:                    Saturday 4th August 12.00 hrs- 16.00 hrs
                         Saturday 11th August 0830 hrs- 1600 hrs

Cost:                    $135 per person Limited to 6-8 participants

This course is the same course offered by CIT, but a lot cheaper!!

If you are a complete novice, come along and learn heaps on the first afternoon and then come back the next week armed
with the parts you need (plugs, points, filters etc) and complete the service yourself.

If you know you have a particular job to do on your bike, bring the required parts with you and get into it while you're

A BBQ is available for lunch, just bring your own bangers (no reference to Yamaha M/cycles intended) and bread.
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ms Jennifer Woods
Ulysses Club INC - ACT Branch
25 Lort PI
Giving the 'Gift of Independence'

Dear Jennifer

Hey there, it's me Urban and I have done heaps of stuff since I last wrote to you. My best bro Arthur who
was staying with us has moved to a new home. He had really sore legs and had to have an operation, so
now he can't train to be a Seeing Eye Dog. He's almost better now, but still with all the walking us Seda
pups do, he can't keep training with us at Camp.

Mum's been a bit like a Foster Mum lately. We've also had Arthur's sister Athena and another pup Zacoda
staying with us too. What a mad house! Sometimes the girls really try to stir me up, but I just let them
have fun. Mum says I am maturing and it won't be long before I move to Camp SEDA to start my formal
training with an Instructor at this rate.

Zacoda came with me and Mum to a place called Castlemaine for a party. What fun! They had this big
BBQ with sausages and party games all night. They were so funny to watch. Zacoda and I sat under the
tables keeping a good eye out for any run-a-way sausages, but none escaped! We got up really early in the
morning and Zacoda and I played rough and tumbles in the big piles of saw dust spread around the BBQ,
until Mum woke up and told us there was yucky BBQ fat in there and she wasn't putting filthy dogs like us
in her car. We stopped mucking about COl it's a long walk from Castlemaine to my house.

Mum went to Sydney a couple of weeks ago to see her Mum for Mother's Day, so I got to stay home with
Dad and work with him. I just love working on the bUilding sites with Dad. Dad calls me the 'job dog'
when I work with him. We got up at 6.15 every morning and I jump straight into the van ready to start a
full day of work. We did all kinds off stuff and I got to hang out with some of the lads that I haven't seen in
ages. They were pretty impressed with how much I had grown and all the new things I had learnt.

On the Saturday night, Dad had some of the boys around for a boy's night playing cards! I got to stay up
until 4am, making sure no one cheated and that there was enough beer and chips going round! But on the
Sunday morning Mum was home and there was no sleeping in for me and Dad, Cal it was Mother's Day and
we had to be her slaves. Well, not really but we did make her breakfast in bed. Then we were off to the
Botanical Gardens for the walk for Cancer. There was the strangest man walking around with tall, skinny
legs. There was no way I was letting him come near me. It's hard enough getting around people with
normal legs at my height. Mum said it was nothing to worry about Cal they weren't real legs, they were
made of wood. I wasn't taking any chance of getting trodden on.

Thanks for letting be babble on as usual. I just love writing to you and guess what? Next time I write I
might be starting at Camp SEDA again! I got my friends at Camp SEDA to take a photo of me in the office
for you!
Lots of love,


17 Barrett Street Kensington VIC 3031 Australia Telephone: (03) 9381 6400 Fax: (03) 9381 6464 SEEING eYE DOGS
Toll Free: 1800 PUPPYS (1800 787 797) Email: info@seda.org.auWebsite:WINW.seda.org.au

                               SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND MONDAY

                                    8TH, 9TH AND 10TH SEPTEMBER
The cost will be $69 per person. This includes Breakfast on Sunday Morning, Dinner Sunday Night, Breakfast
Monday and entry to the Museum.

Accommodation is to be organised by each individual. There is a caravan park with cabins and the Nabiac
Hotel has motel rooms available. The cost at the Hotel is approx $50 per double plus $11 extra per person
when there are more than 2 per room. They only have 8 rooms so people should use all the beds in the rooms

The cabins in the Caravan Park range from $65 per double + $11 per person in a 4 berth with bathroom (1
only) to $45 per double + $11 per person and you use the Caravan Park Toilets and Showers.

The phone numbers are as follows

Nabiac Hotel 6554 1210

Nabiac Caravan Park 65541213.

We will be leaving at 8am at the normal meeting place at the Service Station on the Federal Highway at
Watson on Saturday Morning. The distance to Nabiac is 600kms.

It will be the responsibility of individuals to arrange E tags for the M7 around Sydney.


If we do not get 20 people we can still go but will have to eat at the Pub.


My contact numbers are Home 62551166
                       Mobile 0438510137

Alan Munday

A circus owner runs an ad for a lion tamer and two people show up.
One is a handsome, retired Firefighter in his sixties and the other is a gorgeous blonde in her mid-

The circus owner tells them, "I'm not going to sugar coat it, this is one ferocious lion. He killed my last
tamer so you guys better be good or you're history. Here's your equipment -- chair, whip and a gun. Who
wants to go first?"

She walks right past the chair, the whip and the gun and steps right into the lion's cage. The lion starts
to snarl and pant and begins to charge her. About half way there, she throws open her coat revealing her
beautiful naked body. The lion stops dead in his tracks, sheepishly crawls up to her and starts licking her
feet and ankles, finally resting his head at her feet.

The circus owner's mouth is on the floor. He says, "I've never seen a display like that in my life." He
then turns to the firefighter and asks, "Can you top that?"

The tough old smoke-eater replies, "No problem, just get that lion out of the way."
                                                                   Disclaimer: No animal was physically injured during this joke.
                                          SUNSHINE COAST ODYSSEY 2007
                                                   Friday 14th to Monday 17th September
                                                   to be held at Mudjimba, Sunshine Coast Qld
                                      Enquiries to Coordinator: Fran on 07 5445 7027 or 0438621914
                                                      Email: franalla@yahoo.com.au

                                                        REGISTRATION FORM
   Name: (Rider)                                                                                          Membership #

   Name: (2nd Rider or Pillion)                                                                           Membership #

                                                                                        Post Code:
  Email:                                                                                     Phone #
  Registration fee:                                          [ ] Person/s @ $33.00 each
  (Everyone Attending must Register & Pay this fee)                                                                    $....................

                  Friday, Saturday, Sunday                              (per person per night)
  Bunk Bed            [ ]      [ ]      [ ]                                  [ ] Nights @ $13.00                        $....................

  BYO – sleeping bags, pillows etc for bunk beds – These can be hired at $20.00 per set                                 $....................

                  Friday, Saturday, Sunday                              (per person per night)
  Camping               [ ]     [ ]       [ ]                                [ ] Nights @ $7.50                         $....................

                   Saturday, Sunday, Monday                            (total number of breakfasts)
  Breakfast/s          [ ]       [ ]         [ ]                             [ ] @ $8.50 ea                              $....................

                       Saturday, Sunday                                 (total number of lunches)
  Lunch/s                     [ ]      [ ]                                   [ ] @ $8.00 ea                              $....................

                      Friday, Saturday, Sunday                          (total number of evening meals)
  Evening Meal/s [ ]                 [ ]        [ ]                          [ ] @ $12.00                                $....................

  Please note special dietary
  Requirements                         Vegetarian      [ ]        Diabetic   [ ]             Other (please specify)   [ ]

  T-Shirts                                            [ ] @ $15.00                                                      $....................
  (Circle Size/s) S M L XL XXL
                                                                             TOTAL REMITTANCE                          $......................

Please post to:
                                                                    Cheques or Money Order Only
Ulysses – Sunshine Coast Odyssey                                            to be made payable to:
12 Aroona Ave
Buddina Qld 4575                                                             Sunshine Coast Ulysses Branch
      Registration fee covers tea/coffee/biscuits during the weekend, metal badge and live entertainment.
            Profits will go to Arthritis Research Taskforce and the Helicopter Rescue Services
Group Note
Monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month, 8pm, at the Canberra R.S.L. Club Moore St
Civic, or meet at 6.30pm for Bistro dinner before the meeting. Club rides are on the first Sunday of the month
and the Sunday after the Tuesday meeting. Also mid week runs and other ad hoc events. Ride Co-ordinator
Peter Arday can be contacted on 0408 630 898. Most rides start from either the Caltex Service Station cnr
Federal Hwy & Antill St., Watson or the Williamsdale Ampol Service Station on the Monaro Highway ACT.
Chomp & Chats are held on the 2nd Sunday of the month and are informal rides that may not have the Ride
Coordinator present.

                Finish Date            Locations                   Ride Title               Skill
     Start Date
   15-Jul-07     15-Jul-07 From: Caltex Servo, Watson         Chomp & Chat                    3
   10:00:00       14:30:00
                            To: Gunning
   22-Jul-07     22-Jul-07 From: Caltex Servo, Watson         Club Ride                       2
    9:00:00       15:30:00
                            To: Crookwell (via Lake Bathurst)
   5-Aug-07      5-Aug-07 From: Caltex Servo, Watson          Club Ride                       2
    9:00:00       16:00:00
                            To: Batemans Bay return via Mogo
  18-Aug-07     18-Aug-07 From: Caltex Servo, Watson          Club Ride (Saturday)            3
    9:00:00       15:30:00
                            To: Bowral
  26-Aug-07     26-Aug-07 From: Caltex Servo, Watson          Club Ride                       2
    9:00:00       15:30:00
                            To: Canowindra
   2-Sep-07       2-Sep-07 From: Murrumbateman                Club ride                       1
    8:30:00       17:00:00
                            To: Wagga
   8-Sep-07      10-Sep-07 From: Caltex Servo Watson          Weekend ride (3days)            1
    8:00:00       17:00:00
                            To: Nabiac motorcycle museum
  16-Sep-07      16-Sep-07 From: Caltex Servo Watson          Chomp & Chat                    3
   10:00:00       14:30:00
                            To: tba
  23-Sep-07      23-Sep-07 From: Caltex Servo Watson          Club ride                       2
    9:00:00       17:00:00
                            To: Bundanoon

Skill Definitions
0 Ride skill is undefined.
1 Long and difficult. Experienced riders only.
2 Medium length and not too scary. Suitable for most riders.
3 Short easy ride; an easy day. Suitable for everyone.
                 Briefing for ride to Harden/Murrumburrah – 11 July 2007

Let's hope the weather is a little better than last week, forecast for this Wednesday is: mostly fine with
a maximum of eleven degrees. If the weather is the same as last week, once again I'll drive my car to
the departure point - I'll leave it to the "Sensible Seven", etc to pursue the challenge of wet weather

The departure point is McDonalds, Dickson - 10.00am for the Gravel Group and 10.30am for the
Road Group. I'll probably be there by 9.30am - it's not too far from my house in Downer!

The Gravel Group will ride via Barton Hwy, Yass, Bendinine Stock Route Road, Binalong, Galong,
Rocky Ponds then onto Harden/Murrumburrah. After lunch the Gravel Group will return via
McMahons Reef and Berremanga Settlement Roads, plus some other back roads to Whitefield Road,
the Hume Hwy, Bookham then Yass Service Centre for coffee at McDonalds.

The Road Group will ride via the Barton and Hume Hwys, ride past the service centre at Yass and
major intersections to Boorowa and Bowning. Please turn right onto the "new" road to Binalong, I
can't remember the signposting - probably reads to Binalong, Harden, Temora, Griffith, etc. (Not
much advantage in taking the "old" road through Bowning.)
After Binalong ride about 10kms (not sure of the exact distance) then turn right in the direction of
Galong, it is well signposted. We will regroup at the Galong Pub then ride through Galong, turn left
and follow the road past St Clement's Retreat and then onto Harden/Murrumburrah.

Lunch will be at Murrumburrah - the Which Craft Cafe. Wobbly (David L), Harley Davidson Road
King, has recommended this cafe - just past the Caltex garage then on your right. I think Wobbly
really enjoyed the scones with jam and cream on his last visit. I have phoned the proprietors, the
CWA (Country Womens' Association), it seems that they need advance notice for a group our size, so
expect real country meals.

For those Suspects not familiar with the area - it is difficult to distinguish the border between the two
towns of Harden and Murrumburrah. As you enter Harden continue on the main road then downhill
and over a bridge, you are now in Murrumburrah, - the Caltex garage is on your left. If you need
petrol please refuel before lunch at the Caltex garage - I don't think there are any other service
stations now open in Harden/Murrumburrah. The two in Harden closed down over the last six months
and the other service station at the western end of Murrumburrah closed down some time ago!

After lunch the Road Group will return to the Service Centre at Yass (McDonalds) for afternoon
coffee. There are many options for the return journey, however, let's think about two - from
Murrumburrah we retrace our inbound journey for about 6kms and then turn left at Cunningar (over
the railway line) then follow the road for about 20kms until you reach a "T" intersection (take care at
this intersection, usually has a few inches of gravel on top of the bitumen): -

   1. a left turn will take you to the southern side of Boorowa - then turn right onto Lachlan Valley
      Way and follow to Yass Service Centre, or
   2. a right turn will take you along Hughstonia Road, through Binalong and onto Yass Service

Let's make a decision on the day for the return journey, it's about 80kms either way (ie. Harden to Yass Service
Centre) - we may split into two groups!

After sufficient time to enjoy the ambience at McDonalds, please find your own way home via Barton Hwy, etc.

It's probably about 130kms to Harden/Murrumburrah and I expect to reach Murrumburrah around midday and
depart no later than 1.30pm. This will have us at the Yass Service Centre for afternoon coffee at or before
2.30pm. I hope to see you on Wednesday.
                  Report on Ride to Harden/Murrumburrah – 11 July 2007

I arrived at McDonalds about 9.15am and three Suspects were already enjoying a hot coffee. It was
cold early in the day, however by 10.30am there was blue sky and sunshine. Probably the best day
so far this winter for a bike ride. Denis A joined us for coffee, however the sale and purchase of
houses and the impending move were high on his "list" of things to do - so Denis retreated for home
after coffee. As Denis rode his bike to Dickson - I'll still give him an attendance tick and add his name
to the list of Hondas on the ride today. Still not enough to win the manufacturer's award!
The Gravel Group departed about 10.00am - just four Suspects, John H, Dave C, Jack T and Mike S.

The crowd seemed to increase after 10.00am and there were 20 Suspects ready to ride with the Road
Group. That German manufacturer won the award today - the good news, 68% of Suspects were not
riding one of those machines! To add insult to injury - Fr Robert appeared on the scene with a new
cordura suit, not necessarily made in Deutschland, however, with imprints of that blue and white
propeller on it!

I think we departed from Dickson on time at 10.30am - although there was blue sky and sunshine the
ambient temperature seemed a bit cool, not quite as cold as the ride to Yass a few weeks ago, the
winter gloves, cordura gear, etc, were enough for a comfortable ride. Most seemed to make it to
Galong (only missing Kerry W) - a short stop at the pub, it wasn't open for business and I think it is
now used as a private residence. Then the short ride through Galong, past St Clements Retreat and
onto Harden. A few stray sheep on the side of the road - they were intent on staying close to the
fence, no dramas.
Somehow all Suspects, including Kerry W, found their way to the Which Craft Cafe in Murrumburrah.
Although I had booked for sixteen with a warning it could be twenty, a total of twenty-four Suspects
were looking for lunch. The local ladies of the CWA did their best, however the numbers created
havoc with their delivery of meals. It was almost an hour and a half before we were able to complete
lunch. I think the answer is - great cafe for small groups of six or eight!

I convinced all that we should return via option one, ie - turn left towards Boorowa and then along
Lachlan Valley Way to Yass.

There was some spirited riding along the back road towards Boorowa and this continued along
Lachlan Valley Way. However, to no avail - the "Piano Bar"[those who stick to the speed limit and
usually arrive last at the coffee breaks] were at McDonalds when the lead riders arrived! Apparently
Judy had problems understanding the directions given at my after lunch briefing and missed the left
turn just out of Harden. We're not sure about the Lockwood Brothers - didn't see them at McDonalds,
maybe their "leave passes" were about to expire!

The Gravel Group had a much longer ride home and selected a route via Coppabella Road that had
about six gates and was tricky in parts (mud) but great scenery, then onto the Hume Hwy. After that
it was across to Black Range Road and numerous small water crossings until they found a bridge was
closed so had to rejoin the Hume Hwy near Bowning. They arrived at Galutzis in Yass for coffee at
about 4.00pm. John H arrived home at 5.15pm with 335kms on the trip meter.

I arrived home at 3.40pm with 286kms on the trip meter. Thanks to all on the ride today, after several
weeks of wet weather - I enjoyed today's ride.

Next week it's Crookwell.
Suspects on the ride today:

Bill U (ex RM) - BMW R1200GS          Denis L - Yamaha FJ1200
John H (BDA) - BMW R1200GS            Peter L (BMA) - Yamaha FJR1300
Ian J (FNA) - BMW R1150RT             Judy P (SEC; OSQ) - Yamaha Virago 535
Trevor McL - BMW R1150RT              Peter W (TY) - Honda Fireblade 929
Brian L (CBA) - BMW R1150R            Peter N (FoTB; BUPT) - Honda Shadow VT750
Fr Robert (BMA) - BMW F800ST          Leo K - Honda CBR1100 Blackbird
Neil H - BMW K100RS                   Steve W - Honda Goldwing GL1800
Jim A - BMW K75C                      Denis A (BMA) - Honda Deauville 650
Peter L (TSA) - Kawasaki GTR1000      Laurie W - Ducati Multistrada 1000
Peter B - Kawasaki ZX6R               Derek H (TE; TCC) - Aprilia Scarabeo 500
Kerry W - Kawasaki ER5                Wobbly - Harley Davidson Road King
Dave C (UBA) - Suzuki DL650 V-Strom   Mike S - KTM990
Jack T - Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom
   Ulysses Club –
  Canberra Branch
 Annual Calendar of

          Event               Jan-07            Feb-07           Mar-07           Apr-07           May-07            Jun-07            Jul-07            Aug-07             Sep-07             Oct-07              Nov-07              Dec-07
                                                                                                        th               th                th                                   th                 th
   General Meeting              16th             20th             20th              17th             15                19               17                 21st               18                16                  20th                18th
                                                                     th                th
   Annual General                                                20                 17
      Meeting                                                 Nominations         Branch
                                                                close            Elections

   Social Activities                            24th                                                                                                      24th                                                      9th                 1st
                                               Dinner                                                                                                Social dinner at                                         Seven Year Itch       XMAS Party
                                              Lakeview                                                                                               RSL, followed                                               Theatre            Steam Train
                                              Restaurant                                                                                               by movie

    Special Rides                              10 & 11                              25th            12th                                                                                                                              Toy Run
                                             Legacy Ride                       ANZAC Day            MRA
                                                                                at Temora        Blanket Run

 Special Rides/Events                                                                            NATCOM               17th                            4th and 11th                         Open Day at
                                                                                                 AGM Coffs          Sophies                               Bike                             Snowy Hydro
                                                                                                  Harbour         Ride4Differe                        Maintenance                         Southcare Base
                                                                                                    19th              nce                                Course
                                                                                                  BBQ at
                                                                                                  CMC for
   Weekend Trips                                                Canb Day                                           9, 10 & 11
                                                                   long                                              Trip to
                                                                weekend                                            Dubbo and
                                                               17, 18 & 19                                         Western Pl
                                                                LNCIAO                                                 Zoo

    Charity Funds                              BBQ at            BBQ at           BBQ at           BBQ at            BBQ at           BBQ at          BBQ at CMC           BBQ at         Select Preferred    Donate Charity        BBQ at CMC
                                              CMC Sat           CMC Sat          CMC Sat          CMC Sat           CMC Sat          CMC Sat         Sat after branch     CMC Sat         Charity Option           Funds           Sat after branch
                                             after branch      after branch     after branch     after branch      after branch     after branch         meeting         after branch      BBQ at CMC          BBQ at CMC              meeting
                                               meeting           meeting          meeting          meeting           meeting          meeting                              meeting        Sat after Branch    Sat after branch
                                                                                                                                                                                                 mtg                mtg

         1.         This Annual Program of Events sets out a very busy Branch Program for the period January to Dec 2007. It is intended to provide members with a consolidated program of activities across all key areas of the Branch.
         2.         The dates in this Program, apart from the General Meetings and Branch AGM, are proposed. The Branch Committee will firm up these proposed dates as we get closer to the events.
         3.         This program, deliberately, does not contain a large number of activities that are conducted on a routine basis ie, the fortnightly rides. The Program is not intended to replace the riding calender, but to provide a an
                    overview of the non-routine Branch activities for members.
** Also includes some members from Dubbo, Grenfell and Wollondilly
THE USUAL SUSPECTS (Ulysses) – MID WEEK RIDE June, July & August 2007                             WINTER CALENDAR

Date      Group           Departure                  Destination
6 June    Gravel   10.00am – McDonalds, Dickson      Namina, Dicks Creek & Yass River Rds, Gunning, Cullerin, Goulburn (L), Picnic, Spring Valley, Bungendore (C)
          Road     10.30am – McDonalds, Dickson      Sutton, Gunning, Grabben Gullen Rd, Gurrundah Rd, Goulburn (L) Picnic, Tarago, Bungendore (C) (230+kms)
13 June   Gravel   10.00am – McDonalds, Weston       Uriarra Xing, Doctors Flat & Wee Jasper Rds, Yass (L), Rye Park Rd, Gunning (C), Collector Rd, etc.
          Road     10.30am – McDonalds, Weston       Uriarra Xing, Mtn Crk Road, (5kms gravel) Yass (L), Jerrawa, Dalton, Gunning (C), (220+kms)
20 June   Gravel   10.00am – Hunnyz Café, Bungendore Hoskinstown, Forbes Crk Rd, Braidwood, Batehaven, (L), Mogo Hill, Nelligen, Bungendore (C)
          Road     10.30am – Hunnyz Café, Bungendore Braidwood, Nelligen, Batehaven (L), picnic or BBQ, Braidwood, Bungendore (C), (280+kms)
27 June   ALL      10.30am – McDonalds, Weston       Uriarra Xing, Brindabella Rd, Cotter, Tidbinbilla, Honeysuckle (L) BBQ (BYO), options for coffee, (150+kms)
4 July    Gravel   10.00am – Hunnyz Café, Bungendore Tarago, Lumley Rd, Bungonia, Marulan, Bundanoon (L), Goulburn, Tomford & Currawang Rds, Bungendore (C)
          Road     10.30am – Hunnyz Café, Bungendore Tarago, Goulburn, Marulan, Wingello, Bundanoon (L), Marulan, Tarago, Bungendore (C), (250+kms)
11 July   Gravel   10.00am – McDonalds, Dickson      Barton Hwy, Bendinine Stock Rte Rd, Binalong, Rocky Ponds, Harden (L), McMahons Reef, Bookham, Yass(C)
          Road     10.30am – McDonalds, Dickson      Barton Hwy, Bowning, Binalong, Galong, Harden (L), Hughstonia Rd, Binalong, Yass (C), (270+kms)
18 July   Gravel   10.00am – McDonalds, Dickson      Sutton, Gundaroo, Gunning, Grabben Gullen & Wheeo Rds, Biala, Crookwell (L), Gunning, Gundaroo (C)
          Road     10.30am – McDonalds, Dickson      Sutton, Gundaroo, Gunning, Grabben Gullen Rd (4kms dirt) Crookwell (L), Gunning, Gundaroo (C), (220+kms)
25 July   Gravel   10.00am – Hunnyz Café, Bungendore Hoskinstown, Forbes Crk Rd, Braidwood, Batehaven, (L), Mogo Hill, Nelligen, Bungendore (C)
          Road     10.30am - Hunnyz Café, Bungendore Braidwood, Nelligen, Batehaven (L), picnic or BBQ, Braidwood, Bungendore (C), (280+kms)
1 August  Gravel   10.00am – McDonalds, Dickson      Barton Hwy, Cooks Hill Rd, Rye Park, Kennys Crk, Boorowa (L), Harrys Crk Rd, etc, Yass (C)
          Road     10.30am – McDonalds, Dickson      Barton Hwy, Bowning, Binalong, Hughstonia Rd, Boorowa (L), Picnic, Yass (C), (230+kms)
8 August  ALL      10.30am – McDonalds, Weston       Uriarra Crossing, Brindabella Road, Cotter, Tidbinbilla, Honeysuckle (L) BBQ, options for coffee, (150+kms)
15 August Gravel   10.30am – Hunnyz Café, Bungendore Hoskinstown, Captains Flat, Araluen (L), Pub or Picnic, Braidwood, Bungendore (C)
          Road     10.30am - Hunnyz Café, Bungendore Braidwood, Araluen (L), Pub or Picnic, Braidwood, Bungendore (C), (240+kms)
22 August Gravel   10.00am – Hunnyz Café, Bungendore Hoskinstown, Forbes Crk Rd, Braidwood, Batehaven, (L), Mogo Hill, Nelligen, Bungendore (C)
          Road     10.30am – Hunnyz Café, Bungendore Braidwood, Nelligen, Batehaven (L), picnic or BBQ, Braidwood, Bungendore (C), (280+kms)
29 August Gravel   10.30am – McDonalds, Dickson      Barton Hwy, Hume Hwy, Black Range Rd, Burrinjuck Dam (L) BBQ, Hume Hwy, Yass (C), Barton Hwy
          Road     10.30am – McDonalds, Dickson      Barton Hwy, Hume Hwy, Burrinjuck Dam (L) BBQ, Hume Hwy, Yass (C), Barton Hwy (220+kms)

(Where possible, there will be two ride groups: Road – for standard road bikes; and Gravel – for dirt/dual purpose bikes and riders capable of traversing graded gravel roads.)
                                 Riders should be aware that at all times, each individual is responsible for their own actions and ultimate safety.
Peter Wilson (Ringmaster)                                        Telephone: 6241 0943 Mobile: 0402 248553                    Email: peterwilson@actewagl.net.au

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