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Please read these instructions before use.
Veuillez lire ces instructions avant utilisation.
lea estas instrucciones antes del uso.


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                                                                                                                                         HeatGuard TechnologyTM double·walled
                                                                                                                                         insulation keeps heat inside
                                Opening lid to clean
                                laminating mechanism

      Discrete carry
      handles at side                                            .;::::;;;;;-=-­
                                                                                  ~::~iiii ~~~~~:::;::;;---~=----- user guidance

                                                       Temperature controlled
                                                       release trigger for lid

          Pouch Thickness                                                        3·10 mil        Laminating capacity ­ 3to 10 mil hot laminating pouches per side
          Estimated Heat·Up Time                                                 4Minutes        1000 Wall
          Approximate Coo I· Down Time                                           60 Minutes      Dimensions: 4 3/4" x 21 7/8" x 9 W'
          Lamination Speed                                                       18"/Minute      Max document thickness 1/32"
          Maximum Width                                                          12.5"
          Voltage                                                                120V
          Frequency                                                              50/60 Hz

         IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUOIONS ­ Please Read Before Using!

           IAWARNINGI                                                                           IACAUTIONI
        • The socket·outlet shall be installed near the equipment and                         • Only use pouches specifically designed for the lamination setting you intend to use.
          shall be easily accessible.                                                         • Always supervise children during laminator operation.
        • To prevent electrical shock, do NOT use laminator close to                          • Keep pets away from laminator while in use.
          water and do NOT spill water on laminator, electric cord, or
          wall socket.                                                                        • Switch off and unplug laminator when not in use.
        • Do not leave electric cord in contact with awarm surface.                           • Only open the laminator as explained under "Maintenance". Do not open or attempt
                                                                                                to repair in any other way, as this could result in electric shock and will void your
        • Do not leave electric cord hanging from acupboard or shelf.                           warranty. Contact Customer Service if you have questions. Please note the warranty
        • Do not use laminator if electric cord is damaged.                                     does not apply in cases of abuse, mishandling or unauthorized repair.
        • Do not laminate metal objects.                                                      • 	Please be careful of sharp edges and corners and residual heat when opening
                                                                                                 the laminator.
                                                                                                                               To switch the laminator back on, simply press the
                                                                                                                               stand·by bullon at the left of the front operating
                                          This laminator is equipped with an Auto shut·                                        panel.
                                          off function. It will turn the laminator into                                        During lamination, the direction of the pouch can be
                                          stand·by mode, if it has not been used for                                           reversed, if you are unsure about the progress of the
                                          over 60 minutes. The LCD screen will show                                            lamination. To do so, press down the reverse key.
                                          the sleep screen when in stand· by.                                                  This will eject the pouch back at the front entry.


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   • Always put item in a pouch. Never laminate an empty pouch.                         • Do not laminate heat-sensitive documents (i.e., tickets, ultrasounds, etc.).
   • Trim excess pouch material from around your item after laminating and cooling.     • Use adry-erase marker for writing on laminated pouches.
   • Clean laminator rollers with Fellowes roller wipes (item #5703702) after
     15-20 applications to guarantee optimum laminating results as explained under


            For best results use 

            Fellowes® brand pouches. 
                                                 Position laminator so you
            Select correct pouch size for                                              have enough space to allow
            laminated item.                                                            items to pass freely through
                                                                                       the machine.

   CAUTION: Only use self-adhesive pouches when laminating with acold setting.

   1. Please connect the laminator               2. Switch laminator on with                  3. Press Stand-by bullon at left                  4. Use navigation keys to select
   to the socket using the separate              Power On / Off bullon at bock                of front operating panel to switch                selling for cold lamination.
   power coble supplied.                         of machine.                                  laminator on.


                                                                                                                                             8. Place pouch, sealed edge first,
  5. Confirm your selection by                  6. Centre item on clear side against          7. Peel asmall port of the protective          into laminator entry. Keep pouch
  pressing "Enter" bullon in the                sealed edge; documents cannot be              sheet away from document.                      straight and use the edge guide
  middle of navigation keys.                    repositioned once laminated.                                                                 to centre it. Continue peeling the
  laminator will toke afew minutes                                                                                                           protective sheet away.
  for temperature adjustment.



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       1. Please connect the laminator      2. Switch laminator on with      3. Press Stand-by bullon at           4. Use navigation keys to select
       to the socket using the separate     Power On / Off bullon at back    left of front operating panel to      selling for the hot lamination
       power cable supplied.                of machine.                      switch laminator on.                  pouch thickness (3-10 mil) you
                                                                                                                   wish to laminate.


       5. Confirm your selection by         6. During warm-up, a "wait"      7. Once temperature is reached,       8. While laminator is warming
       pressing "Enter" bullon in the
       middle of navigation keys.
       Laminator will take afew minutes
                                            symbol will appear in the
                                            LCD screen until the required
                                            temperature has been reached.
                                                                             acoustic beep signal will sound,
                                                                             asmall arrow will flash in LCD
                                                                             screen and roller symbols will
                                                                                                                   up, please prepare item you
                                                                                                                   wish to laminate. Place the item
                                                                                                                   inside the pouch and centre it
       for temperature adjustment.                                           rotate.                               against the sealed edge of the
                                                                                                                   pouch. To prevent jamming, use
                                                                                                                   a carrier when item is smaller
                                                                                                                   than the pouch.
         9                                                                    11

       9. Place pouch, sealed edge first,   10. To prevent jamming,          11. Before switching off laminator,
       into laminator entry. Keep pouch     immediately remove laminated     feed empty cleaning/carrier sheet
       straight and use the edge guide      item from back of machine. Let   through machine to clean unit.
       to centre it.                        item coolon flat surface for
                                            several seconds.




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       MAINTENANCE - Unique Easi-Access technology
I      This laminator is equipped with the unique Easi-Access technology for easy maintenance. This allows the user to open the laminator for maintenance, just like a photocopier.

       1. To open the laminator, please press the           2. If machine is hot, fan will turn on to          3. The "open" symbol will show                         4. Press the buttons on both sides
       "Open" button as shown in the illustration           cool the machine down to safe handling             in the LCD screen will turn on and                     of the machine to activate the Easi­
       and wait for the "open" (-t) symbol to               temperature inside. During this time the           the ready beep will sound when                         Access mechanism. (The laminator
       appear on the LCD screen and the ready               "Watt" symbol will flash and cover will            machine is ready to be opened.                         needs to be switched on to allow the
       beep to sound.                                       remain locked.                                                                                            active temperature control to work).

       5. Open the lid with both hands. You are           6. For further maintenance, 
                        7. To clean residue off laminator                    8. Please remember to re-secure the
       now able to clean the inside of the laminator      the rollers can be released by 
                     rollers, please only use Fellowes                    rollers before closing cover to ensure
       and carefully remove any residual glue or          experienced users. Press cam 
                       Laminating Roller cleaners (item                     safe operation.
       other items. When laminator is opened,             levers to release the rollers. 
                     No 5703702) as explained in
       power to internal parts is isolated, so that 
                                                          product instructions.
       user is not in danger of electric shock. 


       Problem                                                            Cause                                                   Solution
       Ready Light does not come on after extended time                   Laminator is in a hot, humid area.                      Move laminator to a cool dry area.
       Pouch did not completely adhere to item                            Laminated item may be too thick.                        Pass through laminator asecond time.
       Jamming                                                            No item in pouch                                        All our laminators have been designed to operate jam-free. In the
                                                                          Manually cut out pouch used                             unlikely event of a jam occurring, please press the "open" (-4)
                                                                                                                                  button and wait for the wait (~) light to stop flashing.
                                                                          Pouch was not used.                                     The laminator can be opened to remove incorrectly inserted items
                                                                          Pouch was not centred or straight when fed              as described under maintenance. Please ensure that you follow the
         Need Help?                                                       through Pouch/Document Entry.                           described steps.
           Please call our experts at                                     Glue and residue left on laminating rollers.            Gently pull on the jammed material to release it.
         Customer Service. You'll find                                                                                            Always put item in a pouch.
        the numbers for your nearest
             Service Centre on the                                                                                                Align sealed edge with Pouch/Document Entry. Use guide
          BACK cover of this booklet.                                                                                             on machine to centre.
                                                                                                                                  Clean residues off rollers using Fellowes Laminating Roller wipes,
                                                                                                                                  see "maintenance" section.
                                                                                                                                  Make sure that not residue is left on the rollers and use
                                                                                                                                  cleaning sheet before laminating.
       Fellowes warrants all parts of the laminator to be free of defects in material and workmanship for    TO THE APPROPRIATE WARRANTY PERIOD SET FORTH ABOVE. IN NO EVENT SHALL FELL O ES BE          W
       2years from the date of purchase by the original consumer. If any part is found to be defective      LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES ATIRIBUTABLE TO THIS PRODUCT.
       during the warranty period, your sale and exclusive remedy will be repair or replacement, at         This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other legal rights that vary from this
       Fellowes' option and expense, of the defective part. This warranty does not apply in cases           warranty. The duration, terms and conditions of this warranty are valid world-wide, except where
       of aruse, mishandling or unauthorized repair. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY, INCLUDING THAT OF                different limitations, restrictions or conditions may be required by local law. For more details or to
       MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR APARTICULAR PURPOSE, IS HEREBY LIMITED IN DURATION                    obtain services under this warranty, please contact us or your dealer.                                   s

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Help Line
Austra lia                                 +   1-800-33-11-77   Mexico                          +   1-800-234-1185

Canada                                 +       1-800-665-4339   United States                   +   1-800-955-0959

Europe                                 00-800-1810-1810

Austra lia                             +       61-3-8336-9700   Japan                   +   81-[0)-3-5496-2401

Benelux                           +   31-[0)-76-523-2090        Korea                   +   82-[0)-2-3462-2884

Canada                                 +       1-905-475-6320   Malaysia                    +   60-[0)-35122-1231

Deutschland                        +   49-[0)-5131-49770        Polska                      +   48-[22)-771-47-40

Espana                                 +   34-91-748-05-01      Singapore                           +   65-6221-3811

Fra nce                       +   33-[0)-1-30-06-86-80          United Kingdom          +   44-[0)-1302-836836

Italia                                     +   39-071-730041    United States                   +   1-630-893-1600


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