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					                        Online Activities for Optics
                                    Optics Websites

Go to Nancy’s iKeepBookmarks site at this address: chisholm

Choose the folder Light.

There are many websites bookmarked for you to look at and review.

Think about how these activities and sites might be useful in your classroom with your

                                    Searching EBSCO

Go to this website:

If you are requested for a login, use the following:
User Name:            education
Password:             student01

Choose EBSCOhost Web
Select Canadian Reference Centre and Education Research Complete and

Type in the term: Optics and choose Full Text below (under the heading Limit Your Options.

Click on the Search button.

Review the many articles accessed through this search.
One interesting article, En"LIGHT"ening Geometry for Middle School Students, has been
printed for you to see.

Online Activities for Optics                                               Conference Day 2008
                           Video – Bill Nye the Science Guy

Most of us are familiar with Bill Nye’s science programs. The Media Library at Learning
Resources and Technology Services has several of the Bill Nye titles in its collection.

The video showing today contains two of Bill Nye’s programs – Electrical Current, and Light
Optics. This video is available for loan from LRT and its order number is 23116.

You can order it online at Choose Media Library in the left menu.
When the menu opens, go to Order Videos, and then choose Loan Request Form. We send
the videos out by priority post, and can usually get them to you within two to five business
days. We also send prepaid mailing labels for you to return the videos to us.

Video: Bill Nye – Electrical Current and Light Optics                       Conference Day 2008

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