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     Subject       Report on questionnaire survey results

   Research methodology

Mailing questionnaire survey was carried out and it was addressed to 198 administrative
units from Lodz Region. 44 forms were returned which make up 22% of whole.

   Respondents

81% of all respondents were Local Government Secretaries, in which 70 were in the age
between 30 and 50 (see diagram 1).

                                                  AGE STRUCTURE

                           80,0%                         70,5%


                                     age <30            age 30-50     age >50

Diagram 1. Age structure of the respondents

In this group men make up 38,6% and women 61,4% (see diagram 2).



                                               men                  w omen

Diagram 2. Sex ratio of the respondents.
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60% of them had University background (MA/MSc) – see diagram 3.


                                    Sec                         20,5%
                                   Eng     4,5%
                                Msc/MA                                                              59,1%
                                  MBA 0,0%

                                        0,0%               20,0%             40,0%             60,0%        80,0%

Diagram 3. Level of education of the respondents.
53% of them were more than 5 years in their position (see diagram 4).

                                                   YEARS ON POSITION





                                  > 20 years on    10-20 years on   5-10 years on    < 5 years on
                                     position          position        position        position

Diagram 4. Structure of years on position of the respondents.

   Conclusions – respondents characteristics
     -     Majority of the target group representatives are persons younger than 50
     -     They are active professionals interested in improvement of their skills and
     -     Already experienced and still open for challenges and change;
     -     Number of women and men employed on position of Local Government
           Secretaries in Poland indicate equal opportunities in access to managerial
         positions in public
     -     Majority of the target group members have university degree (MA, MSc,BA);
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     -    They are highly qualified employees with big capacity to manage local
          administration, deal with new challenges and acquire new knowledge and
     -    They are open for new forms of training including e-learning;
     -    Majority of the target group representatives is employed on the position
          longer than 10 years;
     -    They are professionally stable;
     -    Not politically vulnerable;
     -    Devoted to their work and highly committed;
     -    Their personal future is strongly dependent on success in work;
     -    They are dedicated to improve their skills and qualifications;

  Trainings attended
Data concerning trainings attended you can see on diagram 5.

                                          TRAININGS ATTENDED

                                     on-line longer

                                   on-line 1-2 days

                       Traditional external training
                   Traditional external training 1-2
                       Traditional in-house training
                    Traditional in-house training 1-
                                  2 days

                                                       0%   20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

Diagram 5. Trainings attended of the respondents
Conclusions - trainings attended:
    -    Most of the target group representatives participated in traditional 1-2 days
         long trainings;
    -    Only one person has experienced on-line training;
    -    Symbolic participation in on-line trainings reflects poor and rather limited
         offer of this kind on the market while traditional trainings are still
    -    Taking into consideration the level of education as well as the work
         experience of the target group - introduction of on-line trainings for local
         government employees can be real alternative for traditional training and
         should well fit the market gap.
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   Topics of trainings attended

Most of the trainings attended by the target group representatives deal with subjects and
problems arising from adoption of new acts of Parliament and the need for
interpretation of newly introduced laws. For details see diagram 6.

                                               TOPICS OF ATTENDED TRAININGS

                   Public Access to
                                  Labour Law
                                       EU Law
                                      LG in EU
                                   EU Funds                                                           2005
                                Management                                                            2004
                       Public Benefit &
                              Spatial Planning
                   Public access to information
                      Personal Data

                                               0%     5%    10%    15%   20%   25% 30%    35%   40%

                         Diagram 6. Topics of attended trainings

   Preferred form of training

Majority of the target group representatives prefer access to on-line training during their
working hours / often with use of ICT equipment available in the office.
This way of improving skills and knowledge is commonly accepted in public
administration in Poland.

                                           PREFERRED FORM OF TRAINING
                                 on-line       4,5%

                            consultation               25,0%

                                  mixed                                          88,6%

                   interactive w orkshop       4,5%

                         classic lecture          13,6%

                                        0,0%      20,0%    40,0%   60,0%   80,0% 100,0%

              Diagram 7. Preferred form of training of the respondents
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   Suitable access to training

Majority of the target group representatives prefer trainings during their working hours.
Insignificant part prefer trainings after working hours with office equipment as well as
at home. Merely 2,3% prefer trainings by means of internet public access point.

                                             SUITABLE ACCESS TO TRAINING

                       60%             56,8%
                                                                               working hrs

                       40%                                                     after working hrs with
                                                                               office equippment
                                                                               at home
                                                18,2% 18,2%
                                                                               internet public acces
                                                              2,3%             point

Diagram 8. Suitable access to trainings.

   Limits of qualification improvement

Majority of the target group indicated that they face barriers in their professional
development such as:
-      limited budget for trainings;
-      limited time.

                                                                     limited budget
                                 LIMITS OF QUALIFICATION
                                      IMPROVEMENT                    limited time
                 60%                 52,3%
                                                                     lack of information

                 40%                                                 limited support
                                                                     form supervisors
                 20%                                                 motivation system

                  0%                                                 policy

Diagram 9. Limits of qualification improvement.
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Provision of on-line trainings financed from external sources with free access for
participants allow local government employees to overcome the most often encountered
barriers limiting their qualification improvement.

   Training perception

Despite of lack of experience with on-line training the target group representatives
mostly perceive on-line training as practical (72%), informative (61%), adjusted to their
needs (57%) and easy to follow (50%). For details see diagram 10.
Such positive perception of on-line training makes a good starting point for introduction
and dissemination of VUPA concept as a tool for qualification improvement of public
administration employees.

                                                      TRAINING PERCEPTION


                                         cost effective

                      adjusted to participants needs

                                                                                       ON-LINE TRAINING
                                        easy to follow                                 TRADITIONAL TRAINING


                                    practical approach

                          attractive method of learning

                                                          0%   20%   40%   60%   80%

Diagram 10. Training perception of the respondents.

   Skills

Majority of the target group representatives indicates need to improve following skills:
    -     work with the community, interest groups and associations (NGOs)
    -     project management
    -     negotiations and influencing skills
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                                 SKILLS FOR IMPROVEMENT
                               stress resistance
                               time management
                            project management
                   working with community, NGOs
                       delegation in management
                           strategic management
                             quality management

                                                   0%   20%   40%   60%    80%

Diagram 11. Skills of the respondents for improvement.

   Topics of on-line training most often indicated by the target group

Respondents indicated “most wanted” topics of on-line training as follows:
    -   Management of the Local Administrations
    -   Programmes, Initiatives and Subventions of the European Union
    -   Competitive compulsory tendering (public tenders in local government

Topics indicated by the target group are related with skills chosen for improvement.
„Most wanted” topic chosen for on-line training focuses on skills to be improved.

   Conclusions

     -    The target group training needs analysis allowed to describe their training
          needs with special focus on the VUPA LdV pilot project objectives
     -    Despite of the fact that the target group representatives seem to be open and
          ready for new form of qualification improvement - on-line trainings are not
          yet popular in Poland
     -    the target group intellectual potential and willingness to participate in on-line
          training creates positive preconditions for implementation of the project
     -    Preparation of the VUPA training content adjusted to the target group training
          needs will be the key element of the project

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