PanAmSat Adds Artear to Latin Americas Satellite Television by forrests



Top Argentine Independent Media Group “Grupo Clarín” Turns to PanAmSat
for Latin American and European Distribution of its TV Channels

CORAL GABLES, FL, November 16, 2005 -- PanAmSat (NYSE: PA) announced today
that Artear, a Grupo Clarín company, has selected PanAmSat to distribute its full
scope of television channels. A subsidiary of the number-one media conglomerate in
Argentina, Artear, a long-time PanAmSat broadcast services customer, will use the
PAS-3R Atlantic Ocean Region satellite as the distribution vehicle for its high-profile
Canal 13 as well as numerous other channels.

“Grupo Clarín has been an outstanding leader in the Argentine communications
media industry. This new agreement with Artear brings to our business a wide
variety of programming that will reach the vast community of cable operators in
Argentina and the rest of Latin America through the capabilities of our PAS-3R
satellite,” said Carmen Gonzalez-Sanfeliu, vice president of Latin America
Operations, PanAmSat. “Artear joins other leading broadcasters such as Mexico‟s TV
Azteca, Chile‟s TVN and Venezuela‟s Venevisión Continental on our fleet. This new
agreement with Artear brings a powerful Argentinean television magnet to our
customer list. Using PAS-3R, Artear will reach more than 900 cable head ends and
operators in Argentina alone and will be welcomed by cable operators across the
PAS-3R Latin America neighborhood. We are very pleased that another premier
broadcaster like Artear will rely upon PanAmSat‟s industry-best satellite reach as well
as our unrivaled technical expertise and resources to support their business.”

Grupo Clarín is the dominant media group in Argentina and one of the largest in the
Spanish-language media world. Artear, one of the companies of the Group, won a
tender in 1990 to operate Canal 13, one of four broadcast TV channels in Buenos
Aires. In addition, Artear has launched:
• TodoNoticias (TN), a news network with 24-hour coverage, leading the credibility
ratings in the country.*
• Volver, is a channel that transmits old Argentine films, current videos and films,
soap operas and has access to the largest film and video library in Argentina. It
exclusively runs all Argentine produced content dating from the 1960s up to the
present time.*
• Magazine, a variety channel with programming for all audiences
• TyC Sports and TyC Max, the sporting events channels

“As a leader in the local market, Artear is always looking at the best options to reach
the largest number of cable operators and viewers. We have been working with
PanAmSat for many years and have seen them provide creative solutions and top-
notch customer service. PanAmSat is a recognized long-standing leader in the video
distribution business, offering excellent cable penetration throughout the Americas,”
said Eduardo Bayo, technical manager for Artear. “PanAmSat has offered us an
integrated solution which gives us the opportunity to grow in the Argentine market
as well as in other regions. We have a unique group of signals, each with excellent
ratings. We‟ve been a leader in Argentina for many years and we know this
relationship with PanAmSat will strengthen even more our position in the local
market and abroad.”

PAS-3R is part of PanAmSat‟s cable distribution platform for the Americas and carries
primary content from first-rate media conglomerates such as HBO, Fox Sports,
Disney, Televisa Networks, Turner and Discovery. The Boeing 601 satellite has a
communications payload consisting of 16 C-band and 16 Ku-band transponders. The
spacecraft offers comprehensive coverage spanning the Americas, Europe and Africa.
PAS-3R‟s 32 transponders offer expanded and enhanced video and data broadcasting
capabilities as well as broadband Internet services. PAS-3R has unique path
capabilities that enable broadcasters to uplink in C-band out of Latin America and
downlink in Ku-band in Europe and vice versa. PanAmSat pioneered the concept of
the international satellite cable neighborhood in the late „80s with the launch of PAS-
1. PanAmSat‟s satellite cable neighborhoods in Latin America are the most coveted
delivery vehicle for programmers who want to maximize their reach and penetration
to thousands of cable systems.

About Grupo Clarín
Grupo Clarín is the leader in the communications media industry in the Spanish-
speaking world playing an outstanding role in the newspaper industry, broadcast TV,
radio, audiovisual content production, cable TV, telecommunications and digital
contents. It employs approximately 8,000 people among all the companies of the

In 1945 Roberto Noble founded the Clarín newspaper in Buenos Aires. In the 1990s,
the Group started diversifying horizontally by developing businesses in radio and
television. Grupo Clarín and its companies undertake a daily commitment to supply
honest and independent communications.

About PanAmSat
Through its owned and operated fleet of 26 satellites, PanAmSat (NYSE:PA) is a
leading global provider of video, broadcasting and network distribution and delivery
services. It transmits 1,991 television channels worldwide and, as such, is the
leading carrier of standard and high-definition signals. In total, the Company's in-
orbit fleet is capable of reaching over 98 percent of the world's population through
cable television systems, broadcast affiliates, direct-to-home operators, Internet
service providers and telecommunications companies. In addition, PanAmSat
supports the largest concentration of satellite-based business networks in the U.S.,
as well as specialized communications services in remote areas throughout the
world. For more information, visit the Company's web site at

*This pay TV network is distributed through Multicanal, one of the two largest cable
systems in Latin America.

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