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Mark Frazier


									                                         Mark Frazier
                               175 Main Street (PO Box 187)
                                Dayton, Virginia 22821 USA
                                  202.257.2574 (mobile)

Areas of Specialization

       Consultant on market-based development strategies and policy reforms in 56 countries in
        Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Americas
       Specialist in information technology-oriented technology parks, business incubators, and
        telework market studies
       Consultant on national-level ICT competitiveness and Cluster-initiated economic policy
        reform projects in Southeastern Europe, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam
       Management of multimedia on-demand learning projects for universities, international
        development organizations, and private sector organizations
       Advisor on ICT-enabled community self-help strategies, including Microscholarship
        initiatives for grassroots access to eLearning
       Project manager in offshore software development, computer graphics, transcription, and
        translation/localization services


Openworld, Inc. and Openworld Learning LLC (Arlington, Virginia USA and
Yekaterinburg, Russia)
President, 1997 - present for Openworld, Inc. (nonprofit) and President/CEO 2002-present for
Openworld Learning LLC (for-profit). Principal specializing in sustainability strategies for eCenters
and Technology Parks based on free economic zone policies; cofounder of US-Russian business
venture offering freeware/shareware tools for eLearning content creation by subject matter
specialists in partnership with microentrepreneurs. Recent project experience includes:

       Author of guidebook on private sector-led business park development; advisor on land grant,
        international tendering, and local business climate improvements for Bulgarian municipalities
        (VEGA for USAID)
       Advisor to Regional Competitiveness Initiative for Southeastern Europe on strategies to
        expand access to online free markets through creation of a “virtual business incubator)
        (Segura/IP3 Partners for USAID)
       Producer of sustainability strategies and multimedia presentations on public-private
        partnerships for eCenters, ICT Parks, and community Microscholarship Funds (Academy for
        Educational Development for USAID-Kyrgyzstan)
       Producer of multimedia resources on public-private partnerships for eCenter and Technology
        Park development in economically-lliberalized areas (MSI and J.E. Austin Associates for
       Lead investigator and author, study on Digital Donations as Catalysts for Nonprofit
        Sustainability, with a focus on Open World Zones as an asset-building strategy (for Sabre
        Foundation with funding by John C Whitehead Foundation, published in Q3 of 2005)
         Funder of microscholarship initiatives for multimedia course creation at the HorizonLanka
          Academy ( in Sri Lanka
         Producer of virtual workshop on Business Incubator Sustainability for knowledge industries in
          Thailand (Kenan Institute-Asia)
         Manager of global outsourcing teams for software development, transcription, translation, and
          creation of digital content (J.E. Austin Associates)
         Producer of multimedia CD-ROMs on Vietnam Export Sector Competitiveness (J.E. Austin
         Advisor on virtual learning and and sustainability strategies (Horizon Lanka Academy, Sri
          Lanka ( and

Development Informatics, Inc. (Arlington, Virginia USA)
Chairman, (1997 – 2004) Cofounder of joint venture of Openworld Inc. and the international
consultancy of Harvard Business School Professor James E. Austin & Associates, specializing in
on-demand learning and strategic consulting services to development institutions. Recent project
experience includes:

         Digital Content Cluster Strategist and Market Analyst, Thailand Competitiveness Initiative,
          (Kenan Institute/J.E. Austin for USAID)
         Advisor on Competitiveness Reforms and Technology/Business Parks, Croatian
          Competitiveness Initiative (USAID)
         Information and Communications Technology Strategist, Bulgarian Cluster development, (MSI
          for USAID)
         Information and Communications Technology Strategist, Sri Lankan Cluster development,
          (J.E.Austin Associates for USAID)
         Teleservices Market Development Specialist, Vietnam ICT Cluster development, (J.E.Austin
          Associates for USAID)
         E-Learning Courseware Development Support, Africa Bureau of World Bank and Multilateral
          Investment Guaranty Agency (MIGA)
         Workforce Development Specialist, Egyptian ICT Cluster development,
          (PricewaterhouseCoopers for USAID)
         Principal reviewer of strategy for Egyptian ICT sector promotion
         Technical specialist for Quality Assurance Group review of information industry and
          telecommunications sector reform projects in Eastern Caribbean (World Bank)
         Production director responsible for e-learning course development (USAID Global Bureau)
         Technical manager of demonstration project web- and CD-ROM delivery of Harvard Business
          School best-practice guidance on sector reform (InterAmerican Development Bank)

Openworld Partnership LLC (Arlington, Virginia, 1993 – 2001)
Founder and President of Openworld Partnership group of international information industry
consulting, software development, and technology-oriented free zone development ventures
active in onshore and offshore markets, including Openworld, Inc., an organization specializing in
on-demand learning, electronic commerce, and real estate/telecommunications development
strategies for eCenters, free zones, and technology training programs.

        Country and Year        Description of assignment

        Russia                  Director, project to integrate pay per use royalty systems with online
        (Jan 2000-Jan 2001)     learning course delivery (Openworld, Inc.-Russian software
                                programming partnership)
     Dubai                   Negotiated alliance with Jebel Ali Free Zone to assist in planning of
     (Nov 2000-Jan 2001)     large-scale free economic zone projects in Africa (African Free Zone

     Dominican Republic      Planner, eCenter business incubator and quickstart “free zone plus”
     (Oct 1998-June 2000)    Cyberpark for teleservices exports (Office of Private Investment
                             Promotion, Dominican Republic Cyberpark)

     Dominican Republic      Advisor, Technology Scholarship Fund and Learning Center for
     (Jan-March 1999)        Dominican Republic Cyberpark initiative (Office of Private Investment

     United States           Lead designer, development project for authoring and delivery of
     (June-Sept 1999)        streaming media courses (Openworld Inc/Video Software Labs)

     Djibouti/Sao Tome and Principal Advisor, concession planning and free zone regulatory regime
     Principe              drafting for projects in Djibouti and Sao Tome and Principe (World
     (Jan-Oct 1998)        Cities Organization and African Free Zones Initiative)

     Gabon                   Advisor, free zone legislation and planning of a « Quickstart » program
     (May-June 1997)         for attraction of teleservice industries to l’Isle Mandji free economic
                             zone, Gabon (World Cities Organization)

     Yemen                   Advisor on alternative public-private partnership frameworks for
     (Nov-Dec 1996)          Yeminvest free zone project (World Bank)

     Israel               Director of telecommunications and outsourcing business development
     (Jan 1993-June 1996) for private sector-financed Israeli teleport and Knowledge Park initiative
                          (Gateway Ventures Ltd.)

     United States           Director , just-in-time learning project for MIT Center for Advanced
     (Sept 1994-Apr 1995)    Engineering Studies, converting videotapes for on-demand delivery of
                             Deming lectures on quality assurance (Gateway Ventures Ltd.)

     Zimbabwe                Project director, private investment partner search for Zimbabwe-based
     (Oct-Dec 1994)          data processing operation exporting financial back office services for
                             European market (OpenWorld Data UK Ltd.)

The Services Group, Inc. (Arlington, Virginia, 1980 -1995)
Chairman and Founder. Provided export sector-related consultancies in 40+ countries,
including field work in Australia, The Bahamas, Barbados, Cameroon, the People's Republic of
China, Cape Verde, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Grenada, Honduras, Jamaica, Hong
Kong, Mauritius, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, St. Vincent, Taiwan, Togo, Uruguay, Yugoslavia,
and Zimbabwe. International project experience focused on ICT-enabled free zones, IT parks and
teleports, on opportunities for reform of export-sector policies and programs, and on market
analyses of service sectors.

     Country and Year        Description of assignment

     Mauritius               Technical advisor to Ministry of Industry of the Government of
     (1988-1991)             Mauritius on stimulating exports of data entry, software, and computer
                             graphics services. Identified high-potential sectors for export growth
                             and recommended policy/procedural changes to assist country efforts
                             in diversifying away from apparel exports. Provided technical
                      assistance to indigenous entrepreneurs seeking to begin or expand
                      export-oriented information processing services. (USAID and OAS)

Barbados              Conducted similar project in Barbados for World Bank on
(1988-1991)           diversification of export sector into high value-added information
                      processing operations. (USAID and OAS)

Jamaica               Project manager of USAID-funded pre-investment studies for free
(1984-1988)           zone office park in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Prepared pre-feasibility
                      study and implementation plan for a new genre of export processing
                      zone, incorporating teleport services for financial back office and
                      other information processing firms. Principal of subsequent
                      telecommunications project that set INTELSAT precedents for free
                      zone access to U.S. commercial satellite services. Secured
                      investments in zone by U.S. data entry firms.(USAID, Satellite and

Caribbean/ Dominican Market and technical consultant to U.S. and Japanese corporations,
Republic (1986-1993) including data entry and computer-aided design service bureaus
                     seeking production sites, a large offshore computer graphics
                     operation assessing fast-turnaround markets, and trading companies
                     investigating Caribbean potentials for voice center operations.
                     Conducted pioneering trials of secretarial service and multimedia
                     presentation exports by Dominican Republic entrepreneurs to North
                     American markets. (USAID, NTT, CFL Data, and Manon y

Dominican             Project manager of USAID-funded free economic zone and national
Republic/Costa        export strategy assessments for Dominican Republic, Costa Rica,
Rica/Uruguay          and Uruguay. Acceptance of project recommendations by sponsoring
(1987-1993)           governments and donor agencies in Dominican Republic and Costa
                      Rica led to reorientation of financing mechanisms from public sector
                      projects towards for-profit zone ventures, and to divestiture of
                      selected government zone properties. Organized “Crossroads”
                      Conference matching Dominican Republic free zone developers with
                      international counterparts. In Montevideo, Uruguay, assisted ICT-
                      market development initiatives by private free zone developers and
                      teleport service providers following demonopolization of public utilities
                      within designated zones. (USAID, GFN, Zona Franca Montevideo)

Africa                Director of project for Overseas Private Investment Corporation
(1988-1991)           (OPIC) appraising African free zone development potentials and
                      assessing policy reform opportunities in selected countries. Secured
                      commitments to comprehensive policy reforms by Governments of
                      Togo and Cameroon, including expedited investment approval and
                      private financing of free zones and zone-related infrastructure.
                      Subsequently elicited proposals by industrial park developers for
                      development/operation of Lomé Free Zone (international competition
                      won by Trammell Crow). (USAID and OPIC)

Other                 Reports and recommendations on land grant sustainability strategies
(1984-1990)           community-based initiatives (including studies of self-assessing
                      associations for U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S.
                      Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, and Hernando
                      de Soto’s Institute for Liberty and Democracy (Peru).
Sabre Foundation (Santa Barbara, CA 1976-1984)
Executive Director, 1976-1979 and Director of public policy programs (1979-84) for Sabre
Foundation nonprofit initiatives in domestic and overseas free enterprise zone development and
community-based self-help initiatives. Manager and principal author of study for Joint Economic
Committee of U.S. Congress (“Stimulating Community Enterprise”) on public and private sector
challenge grant strategies to catalyze formation of self-assessing property owners associations in
distressed areas. Director of Department of Interior, Department of Housing and Urban
Development, and Scaife Foundation-funded studies on urban and rural enterprise zones.
Advisor to state and local enterprise zone initiatives, including drafting of enacted “neighborhood
equity” legislation conveying public properties to self-help groups. Editor of the Sourcebook on
Enterprise Zones (1981). Author of studies on land-grant strategies for funding Technology
Development Zones, international satellite launching facilities, and satellite-based disaster early
warning systems (with support from Arthur C. Clarke).

Reason Magazine/Local Government Center (Boston, MA and Santa Barbara, CA 1970-
Publisher, Reason Magazine (1970-71) and Managing Editor, Reason (1976-79). Cofounder
and executive director of nonprofit research organization on alternative mechanisms for education
and other local government services delivery (subsequently became Privatization Center of
Reason Foundation). Manager of Local Government Center project on increasing private sector
responsibilities for skills formation. Co-editor of/contributor to More for Less, a manual on cost-
saving innovations in local service delivery. Recipient, Lehrman Institute and German Marshall
Fund grants to study private provision of governmental services in the US and Europe.

Education and Honors
Harvard University, A.B., magna cum laude in Social Studies, 1974. Thesis on outcome
measures as a means of introducing accountability in provision of tax-funded services.

Lehrman Institute, Visiting Fellow, 1978-79.


Speaker at events sponsored by US Agency for International Development, Harvard Business
School, Telecommunications Training Institute, United Nations Development Programme, White
House Fellows program, Kenan Institute-Asia, World Bank Economic Development Institute, the
International Finance Corporation, Telecon XIII, International Space University, World Bank
Foreign Investment Advisory Service, the Caribbean/Central American Action Committee, the
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, the Society for International Development,
the Cato Institute, Computer Society of Sri Lanka, the Academy for Contemporary Problems,
Space Commerce (Montreux), the National Conference of Chamber of Commerce Executives,
and the Municipal Finance Officers Association. Interviewed by authors of articles and features
for the Voice of America, Electronics Business, the Christian Science Monitor, the Associated
Press, and the Boston Globe.
Computer Skills

   Lotus Notes, NetObjects Fusion, Frontpage, Realmedia, Biovirtual 3DMeNow, Openworld
    Flash Presenter, Adobe Atmosphere, Jotspot, and SMIL authoring and programming.
   Digital video editing and production.
   Windows server administration.
   Project management of global software development and content authoring teams in Java,
    PHP, Delphi, Smalltalk, Macromedia Flash and Director

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