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					(Draft) Minutes of Barton Parish Council meeting on Tues. 7th November 2006 at 7.30pm

Present: Councillors Patrick DeBacker (Chair), Hugh Greenfield, Richard Newstead,
Margaret Penston, Mike Radford, Keith Scott, Joan Spencer, Fred Trotman, Mary West and
the Clerk John Boocock.
Prior to the meeting Mrs Walker, having noted ‘wind turbine’ on the agenda, asked that the
village be fully consulted. She was assured this would happen if the idea progressed beyond
the present ‘technical investigation’ stage. She also asked about repairs to cyclepath over
motorway. RN would report latest status to her.

1. Minutes of 3rd October 06 were approved and signed after two corrections.

2. Items Reported.
      Land behind High Street. Awaiting response/visit from SCDC advisor (MP).
      Notice Board. In progress by Jason Moore of Comberton. Cork/rubber combination
        pin board to be sourced as needed on all our open fronted boards(JB).
      Footway lighting. Notification received of cost of £1,108.74 for ‘our’ 34 lamps.
        Details, with a view to transfers of responsibility, still being worked on (JB).
      Light Pollution. PD to arrange a ‘searchlight’ party one suitable night (PD).
      Quality Status. Clerk completed two day training and enrolled for CiLCA
        (Certificate in Local Council Administration) portfolio (JB).
      Parish Plan Review. PD reported meeting with Melanie Baker of ACRE. Standing
        group to review progress on key aspects of Action Plan (PD).
      Footway signs. Temporary ‘pedestrians have priority’ signs erected. HAG to

3. Items for Discussion

Financial Review. Figure sheet received. Explanations made on street lighting charge,
electric supply to & from meter box on recreation ground and, clerk’s salary. Last point
linked to letter concerning revised salary scales and hours. NALC/SLCC current year
recommendation would be on scale SCP26 (£10.86/hr). CALC now considers nine
hours/week to be minimum requirement for any parish clerk. Chair led discussion and
Council voted unanimously to accept above rate, and pay @ 9hrs/wk wef 1Nov 06.

Budget for 2007/08. Draft figure sheet presented. Street lighting and clerk salary change
incorporated. Projected budget deficit £1,005 if Precept only raised by £500 to £11,500.
Proposal (FT,RN) to set at £12,000 defeated 3:6. Proposal (MP,KS) for £11,500 passed 5:3
with one abstention. Time left for modification if needed as precept request not sent in till
January 2007.

Wind Turbine. MR raised the thought of a village facility (examples Wood Green,
Swaffham, Norfolk). MR & KS to make technical investigation and report back (MR, KS).

Civil Protection. (Emergency Planning) PD referred to County website and will enquire what
is suitable for village level (PD).

Care Network. JS suggested a parallel organization to the Car Scheme could enhance chance
for ‘quality council status’. Discussion concluded: current good neighbours, church or other
group caring suffices at present in place of a PC organized scheme.

4. Committee/Group Reports

Planning. Consent noted for Miles garage, 55 Wimpole Road.
Appeals: Parker house on infill plot adjacent 43 Wimpole Road. Confirm objections.
Jones/Osborne 2 College Farm Court fence to High Street. Confirm no objection (JB).
Application: Kaminski, 90 High Street, extensions. To site meet 11/11 pre decision (MP).

Recreation Ground. Estimates for electricity being pursued. Committee to be called (HG).
Toilet door catch needed. Meter box to be invoiced (JB).

Highways. HAG meeting to be arranged [set 22 Nov at RNs. On agenda: bus stop/sign,
layby damage, cyclist/pedestrian signs, consultation form].

Footpaths. Nothing to report.

Other. Draft letter approved re SCDC housing tenancy queries in High Street (JB).

5. Clerk's Report and Correspondence
        Recent reports and literature displayed on a side table. [Gipsy and Traveller
developent plan documents; work of Community Renewal Network East goes to ‘Inspire
East’ (ideas and actions for sustainable communities) and ‘COVER’ (community and
voluntary forum); CPRE Cambridgeshire Voice newsletter and ‘saving tranquil places; guide
to driving near water; SCDC Biodiversity Strategy approval; EEAPTC (East of England
Association of Parish and Town Councils) News; Cambridgeshire Rural Forum Strategy
2006-10; SCDC Community Strategy Workshop (15 Nov at Cambourne); County Council A-
Z of Services; Cambridgeshire Scrutiny (!); COPE (Cambridge Older People’s Enterprise)
Newsletter; Cambs Minerals & Waste Preferred Options Consultation (9 Nov Trumpington
VH, 15 Nov Hauxton VH); Community Mediation Service invitation to AGM (17 Nov
Stoneyard Centre); Countryside Alliance ‘Love your Post Office’; CALC/ACRE Community
Planning Evening (14 Nov Meadows centre, Kings Hedges); Tackling Traffic Congestion
meeting (14 Nov Shire Hall)]
        PD reported his attending the CALC AGM at Bluntisham Village Hall: location
impressive but business pedestrian.
        Grateful that Wallace Badcock’s historical notes/records on Barton have been offered
to the Council when part sorted by his daughter.
        Letters re hedge or tree overhangs sent to locations in Church Lane and New Road.
        13 of 40 oaks planted in February may not have survived, despite watering efforts.

6. Financial Matters
     Receipts: Bank interest Jul-Sep quarter £172.95
     Current payments (JB):
To                   For                           Cheque          Sum
CALC                 Clerk training                526             75.00
SLCC                 CiLCA Registration            527             70.00
Mrs C Friend         Bus shelter clean (Jul-Sep) 528               55.00
MD Landscapes        Verges cut (final two)        529            564.00 VAT 84.00

7. Items for Agenda of next meeting, 5th December 2006
       No new items yet.
The meeting closed at 10.10pm

Signed …………………………………. Chairman …………………….. Date