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									                                                      Volume 14 Issue 11     September 2006
                     Newsletter of the Association of Directory Marketing, Inc.
                                Marketers Call for Online Ad Audits
 F        Eight major marketers, including Colgate-Palmolive, Ford and Visa, demanded that
          online publishers provide audited advertising figures based on industry guidelines by
 L        mid-2007. The companies also called for publishers to certify that their underlying
          ad-counting process is consistent and reliable by 2008. They warned that only
 A        audited and certified numbers would be used for payment against their interactive
          marketing campaigns. MediaPostPublications.com, 8/10/06.
                                          Drop in Ad Spending
 H        U.S. measured ad spending declined 0.3% in May vs. a year earlier, according to TNS
          Media Intelligence. This was a small slip, but it’s the first comparable period monthly
          decline since the post-recession ad recovery began in May 2002. Spending was
          depressed by a drop in newspapers and network TV. Ad Age, 8/21/06.
                                   YP Users Ready-to-Buy
The 2006 Knowledge Networks/SRI Industry Usage Study reports consumers are ready-to-buy.
Eighty-seven percent of print yellow pages users and 68% of Internet yellow pages (IYP) users
made or intended to make a purchase after referring to the yellow pages. Additionally, 58% of
IYP users and 39% of print yellow pages users were new customers to the businesses they
chose. Source: YPA press release.
                           Paid Placements Gain in Popularity
Spending on paid product placements worldwide will reach $3.1 billion this year, the PQ report
forecasts, compared with $2.2 billion in 2005. Advertisers remain enamored with placing
products wherever they can – in movies, television and radio shows, web sites, in video games,
lyrics, in newspaper and magazine articles and even plots of novels. The U.S. led last year with
$1.5 billion in paid placements followed by Brazil, Australia, France and Japan. NYT, 8/16/06.
                          Newspapers Brace for Spending Cut
Federated Department Stores is newspaper’s largest advertiser, currently spending $830 million
annually. On September 9, Federated’s bevy of store brands will be officially reborn as Macy’s.
The national branding campaign is expected to favor national TV and magazines and eliminate
$200 to $425 million of newspaper spending. Ad Age, 8/7/06.

                          Cable TV Gains. Satellite TV Loses.
A decade-long growth spurt for U.S. satellite-TV broadcasters is sputtering. The cable TV
industry, after years of seeing satellite steal market share and customers by pitching better
service and more variety, is regaining ground. Companies like Time Warner and Cablevision
Systems are wooing customers from satellite TV by providing video, telephone and high-speed
Internet services in an attractively priced “triple play” bundle. The Wall Street Journal, 8/5-6/06.
PAGE 2                                                                 ADM FLASH September 2006

Satellite Radio Hemorrhaging. Both Sirius and XM, the two main players in the
subscription-based satellite category, are hemorrhaging money. Despite the fact that both
signed top-notch talent, increased subscriber numbers and struck deals with major automakers,
their stock prices have plummeted. The category has hurt from new, more compelling mobile
devices such as cellphones, PDAs, MP3 players and Internet radio. Adweek, 8/21/06.
Video on Demand Attracts Advertisers. An estimated 29 million households in the
U.S. now have video-on-demand capabilities – more than double the number of households
three years ago and almost reaching the same penetration as digital cable, according to Forrester
Research. Video on demand has been around for years, but growth has been slow because
there was a fee for most programming. But free video on demand has been expanding as cable
operators battle satellite competitors. Advertisers have begun to notice. WSJ, 8/28/06.
Nielsen Increases TV Households. Nielsen Media Research is increasing its estimate
of TV households in the U.S. to 111.4 million, representing a 1.1% rise over last year. Ad Age,
HD2 Expands. Hoping to speed consumer purchase of HD radio receivers, radio
broadcasters plan to multicast an additional 140 HD2 side channels in 18 markets. Mediaweek,
Consumer Reports’ Web Site Popular. Consumer Reports was afraid the web would
cannibalize its print magazine. The number of subscribers to www.consumerreports.org has
doubled, to 2.43 million, a vast majority of whom are paying $26 a year to access the
organization’s database and archive. But only 500,000 of the web subscribers were also
subscribers of the print magazine and pay $19.95 for the web site on top of their print
subscriptions. The New York Times, 8/20/06.
Technology Boosts Outdoor Ads. Outdoor advertising is reinventing itself. The
$23 billion industry, up 6.12% from the year earlier, is introducing digital technology to change
ads faster, new ways of measuring viewers and billboards that beam information to cellphones.
As a result, outdoor advertising companies – which provide billboards, posters and video
screens in public places – are seeing big gains. Outdoor is the second fastest growing form of
advertising behind the Internet. The Wall Street Journal, 8/28/06.
London Bus Ads Adapt to Location. London buses can change advertising messages
as they travel through different communities, thanks to GPS technology from U.K. directory
service Yell.com (part of Yell Group, which also owns Yellow Book). In one locale, the ad can
feature “a gym in Marble Arch” and later “a restaurant in Charing Cross.” Ad Age, 8/21/06.
Burnett Now at Alta Colleges. George Burnett, former Dex Media president and CEO
and R.H. Donnelley chairman, is named CEO of Alta Colleges, a string of technical colleges
based in Denver, with campuses in CO, CA, GA, IL, TX and VA. Denver Business Journal,
ADM FLASH September 2006                                                                  PAGE 3

                           ADM Welcomes 3 New Members!
                           ADTIME NATIONAL MEDIA LLC
                                   Lone Tree, CO
                             Michael Gannon, President
                                     Atlanta, GA
                               Kelly Turner, President
                           AMERICAN DIRECTORY SYSTEMS
                                     Malvern, PA
                               Scott Sawin, President

RHD Companion Directories. RHD is launching a Dex Plus directory in Billings, MT --
close 10/21/06, co-delivered with Billings main directory in 1/07. The Boise Nampa-Caldwell,
ID Plus Directory is now called Treasure Valley Plus, comprised of two previous Plus products
– Nampa-Caldwell and Boise. Close 10/4/06; pub 1/07.

Yellow Book Expands Circulation Audits
Yellow Book USA has announced that before the end of 2006, it will begin conducting full
circulation audits on all Yellow Book directories over 100,000 circulation, or over 80% of its
total circulation. Detailed information will be provided at the zip code level. For delivery
verifications conducted on more than 500 Yellow Book directories between September 2004
and August 2005, Certified Audit of Circulations reported that Yellow Book achieved an
average delivery confirmation rate of 96%. “We believe advertisers and CMRs are entitled to
transparent, unbiased, third-party audits in order to have faith in the circulation numbers
claimed by yellow pages publishers,” said Joe Walsh, President and CEO of Yellow Book USA.
Gale Wickham Named Sr. VP – Sales. (Mr.) Gale Wickham is appointed senior vice
president – sales for AT&T Yellow Pages, replacing Rick Welday, who is named chief
marketing officer-consumer, AT&T Operations, Inc., in San Antonio. Wickham previously was
vp-sales at AT&T Yellow Pages-Midwest.
PA Yellow Book Directories. Three Yellow Book prototypes are approaching close:
                          Directory                       Close        Pub       Distr.
       Greene-Fayette Cos, PA (105033)                  9/22/06       12/06     76,500
       Altoona-Johnstown, PA (104972)                   10/20/06      1/07      202,500
       Clearfield-Jefferson Co, PA (105379)             11/2/06       1/07      62,000
Special incentives available. Go to www.nationalsales.yellowbook.com. For user name and
password, call Patti Hughes, 610-731-2530.

    To receive the ADM Flash via e-mail, contact Tomeika Slappy, ADM, at tslappy@admworks.org.
PAGE 4                                                                 ADM FLASH September 2006

Windstream Launches Online Directory. Windstream Yellow Pages (formerly Alltel
Publishing) is launching an online directory providing local information nationwide, at
www.WindstreamYellowPages.com. Windstream is partnering with Innovectra on the initiative.
YPG to Acquire MTS Media. Yellow Pages Group will acquire MTS Media from MTS
Allstream, Inc., the largest directory publisher in the province of Manitoba, for C$275 million.
Berry Company & Hawaiian Telcom CMR Sales Contest. Throughout
September, The Berry Company and Hawaiian Telcom offer a sales contest for CMRs entitled,
“The Big Mahalo Sweepstakes.” (Mahalo translates to “thank you.”) For details, contact your
national accounts manager, 1-866-342-6010 ext. 4101 or chip.spayd@lmberry.com.
Berry Kicks Off United Way Campaign. Berry Company launched its 2006 United
Way campaign with employees volunteering at 35 non-profit agencies across Dayton. Berry is a
United Way “pacesetter company,” which sets the pace for other organizations by kicking off
its campaign early.
MediaNews Using WebVisible. MediaNews Group’s West Coast newspapers are using
WebVisible’s search engine marketing product called TrafficMAX. TrafficMAX provides
advertisers with a full-service option for search engine marketing; they no longer need to create
their own keywords or monitor daily bid levels and budgets. MediaNews Group plans to
extend the service nationwide later this year.
ADM FLASH September 2006                                                                                                      PAGE 5

Date/Time                                  Meeting                                             Location
M o n ., S e p t. 1 8 -                The Kelsey Group DDC2006                          Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel
W e d ., S e p t. 2 0                  Directory Driven Commerce                         Los Angeles, CA
Thurs., Oct. 5 -                       ANA Annual Conference                              Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes
Sun., Oct. 8                           www.ana.net                                        Orlando, FL
Thurs., Oct. 12 -                      ADP Mid-Year Convention &                          Williamsburg Lodge
Sun., Oct. 15                          Publishers Trade Show                              Williamsburg, VA
Sun., Oct. 15 -                        ADM Annual Conference                              Williamsburg Lodge
Tues., Oct. 17                         www.admworks.org                                   Williamsburg, VA
Wed., Nov. 29 -                        The Kelsey Group ILM:06                            Sheraton Philadelphia City Center
Fri., Dec. 1                           Interactive Local Media 2006                       P hi l adel phi a, P A

Wed., Feb. 28 -                        AAAA Media Conference &                            The Venetian
Fri., March 2                          Trade Show www.aaaa.org                            Las Vegas, NV
Wed., March 28-                        ADP Annual Convention &                            Renaissance Austin Hotel
Sat., March 31                         Partners Trade Show                                Austin, TX
Sun., April 29-                        YPA Annual Conference                              Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Tues., May 1                           www.ypassociation.org                              Las Vegas, NV
Thurs., Sept. 6 -                      ADP Mid-Year Convention &                          The Grand America Hotel
S u n ., S e p t. 9                    Publishers Trade Show www.adp.org                  Salt Lake City, UT
Sun., Sept. 9 -                        ADM Annual Conference                              The Grand America Hotel
Wed., Sept. 12                         www.admworks.org                                   Salt Lake City, UT

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                                           by maximizing the value of directory advertising.
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