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How to Create a Professional Ebook Design

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After a writer writes a book, he ends in a fix, in deciding how to get
the manuscript formatted and compiled into an e-book. After trying to do
it on your own, you decide to get professional help when the page you get
turns out to be a printed page, but not actually what you had in mind!
When you publish your e-book, you want it to stand out and look
professional enough to command the best possible price. You want to look
at your creation with pride as it brings increased sales.

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When you publish a book, one of the most important parts of the e-book is
the e-book cover design. It has to interest the potential reader to buy
and read the book. To do this, you can either enlist the services of a
graphic design compiler, or pay him a sum of money, or struggle with the
different templates available in the internet. The best buy would be to
use the Cover Factory Version 2 windows program that allows anybody to
create a beautiful e-book cover design in minutes.

There are many services and people around to help you in building an e
book. In building, it means giving the final touches to the e-book. They
help in the proofreading and minor editing of the e book, in the choosing
of the appropriate typestyle for the book and to create a unique e-book
layout for the book that is as unique as the writer is. They also help in
adjusting the paragraphs into smaller paragraphs to make onscreen reading
easier and to format the e-book with the best quality of layout, graphics
and type. All you have to do is to send the manuscript to them as an
attachment to an email in any text or word processing format. In
addition, it is best for you to the least formatting to the e-book as it
is easier for them to start formatting on a clean slate. Depending on the
amount of the work needed, the e-book is completed in a matter of 7-10
days. Discounts are available, while you get to choose the appropriate
design within two or three days of the receipt of the manuscript. Changes
in the design and e-book due to their mistakes are not charged to you
whereas any changes you make are charged to you.

Once the e-book is done, comes the marketing of the e-book. There are
quite a few marketing strategies around for you to try. You could list
the e-book on the many free e-book directories available. You could also
use the over 100 pay per click search engines to test and market the e-
book. Alternatively, you could enlist the services of an e-book marketing
firm to help market your book at a price!

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