How to be a Good Spokesman

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How to be a Good Spokesman

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To be a good spokesman one must consider a lot of things and possess a
lot of skills. If you dream of the career in politics or simply want
people to listen to your opinion, read the following article and decide
how good you are and can you make next “Kennedy”.

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A battle is won when a leader is successful. We can find a large number
of examples in World history. Today we can also see that the statement is
quite true. There will never be a result if the lead is taken by a weak
personality who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “leadership”.
Nowadays people elect their leaders considering their qualities and
thinking about the result of their choice. People usually prefer a
strong-willed, intelligent, active, ambitious person to be their leader
and perform different duties. There is no other way to show these traits
but to express them orally or on the paper to be forwarded to voters.
Once being elected you must know how to express the point of view of
others and to represent their interests properly. To do the above-
mentioned you have to be a nice orator and easily hold the attention of a
crowd. To be a good leader you are to be politically literate. There is
nothing in this life that could do without politics and this is a well-
known fact. Becoming a part of the governmental system you are to
represent the ideas of those who had voted for you. To be successful in
this field you are to be rather persuasive and very industrious in
proving your idea.

If to break a word “spokesman” apart, we get “spokes” which is, without
doubt related to the verb “to speak” and “man” that identifies a person
who speaks. The definition is – a man who expresses an opinion. One has
to be really talented, even gifted to achieve a proper result by
expressing his point of view and trying to persuade others that your
statements are true. The task of a spokesman is not only to speak out in
public, but to prepare the basic information on what you consider to be
right and to distribute it among the voters for them to get a general
idea. This is where you’ll need the skills to write a persuasive essay.
The main tasks of the essay you write is to persuade voters that your
idea, opinion or any other statement that you venture to express is worth
voting for and sticking to. For doing this you need to structure it right
and know some of the ways to highlight the main idea. You make up a
couple of statements that show the main idea and build an essay around,
using as many facts to support as it is only possible. The more
persuasive essays you write, the more experienced you become in
convincing others. There have to be no contradictions to your own words
and certainly no lies. It is pretty easy to check if the fact that you
use is true. And if it’s not, it is not going to give you a bonus in your
voters’ eyes.

It is also necessary to avoid strong verbs, though it is possible if you
use the so called “shock therapy”, so popular among some leaders to catch
a person unawares and make him think your way. Though it is considered to
be wrong to make somebody change one’s lifestyle, playing with his/her
thoughts and ways of thinking, spokesmen usually use this technique to be
sure of the effect of their creation. It is so easy to play around with
basic needs of people and the way they can be satisfied. It also can be
used in your persuasive essay. After considering some of the facts, we
can see that to be a leader and a spokesman one has to possess a lot of
skills. And one more important thing, except unique talent in writing and
being an orator; a good spokesman will never betray the hope of those who
ventured to vote for you.

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