Portable Earth Set Tester

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					                       Portable Earth Set Tester
                        Field Testing of Portable Earths

The GET-40 is an easy to use and accurate
Portable Earth Tester using an exclusive, low
current technique.
The GET-40 is a portable instrument equipped
with a micro-ohmmeter with a very wide
measuring range.
Battery-powered for portability, the GET-40 is a
one-touch instrument which is easy to use.

      Guarantees your portable earth set integrity
      Measurement includes clamps, contacts, and connector lugs
      Works with all types of clamps
      Adaptable to other type of clamps or connectors
      Full automatic, microprocessor based
      One-touch reading, no calculation required
      Portable, battery operated
      4 digit display for high precision
Technical Specifications:
      Precision: 0.1% of the reading
      Measurement Range: 0.01µΩ to 200Ω
      Resolution 4 3/4 numbers
      Standard rechargeable NIMH batteries
      Rechargeable Battery endurance: + 5000 measurements at 5A
      Display: Liquid crystal 128 x 64 dots, 2 back-light intensities
      The GET-40 to read Portable Earth Set Tester uses the four terminal
       measurement method
      The GET-40 electrodes interface with the DRM-40 micro-ohmmeter in a
       manner to provide you with easy “point to point” Portable Earth Set
       resistance measurement
      DRM-40 micro-ohmmeter can be used for general four terminal resistance
       measurement applications

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