Police officers do not think by alendar


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                                                                                                                                          ANDY DUNN

                                                                         Police heroes
many of those of inter-             with rostered days off when a                  olice officers do not think   Police Club
state police services. It is
also consistent with existing
SAPOL practice.
  Please contact me directly if
                                    member is recalled. When a
                                    member has prior notice of the
                                    requirement to work on a PDO,
                                    an alternative PDO is granted
                                                                         P         of themselves as heroes –
                                                                                   as evidenced by the
                                                                                   comments of Police
                                                                         Association members Dean Probert
                                                                                                                   It was enlivening to see a flurry
                                                                                                                 of activity at the Police Club

                                                                                                                                                       Police Journal June 2006 journal.pasa.asn.au
                                                                                                                 during the week of the Common-
you believe the policy causes       in lieu.                             and Tara Evans in this issue’s cover    wealth Bank International Police
operational difficulty.               If, during rostered hours for      story Under Siege. But police           Tattoo.
                                    that day, a member is recalled       officers are heroes – everyday.           The tattoo, staged in Adelaide in
Programmed days off                 owing to an emergency, an            And, more often than not, they          early May, was the fourth conducted
  The association continues to      alternative PDO must be              are self-effacing about it.             since the state’s sesquicentenary
receive queries about PDOs,         programmed within 28 days.             The actions of Peter Hibbard          celebrations in 1986.
particularly in relation to how     Time worked in excess of             who, while off duty and travelling        The thin blue line certainly
they are to be taken.               the eight hours is paid at           to a school function with his           encircles the globe; and the club
  Within every period of 28         overtime rates.                      family likely saved the life of an      became quite a rallying point for
consecutive days, each employee       If a member is recalled outside    apparently errant motorist, made        many of the overseas performers
shall be notified that a working    the rostered hours for that day,     him a police hero.                      in the tattoo.
day (not being a public holiday)    overtime must be paid at the           The motorist had struck a tree          Police Association president
is designated as a PDO. Such        appropriate rate and no              on a country road and was               Peter Alexander hosted a luncheon
notice shall be given at least 28   alternative PDO granted.             trapped in his ready-to-ignite          for the visiting pipers and
days prior to the PDO and cannot      Please contact me if any           motor vehicle. Peter, at enormous       drummers of the New York Police
be changed except by mutual         queries arise.                       risk to himself, extricated the         Department’s Emerald Society.
consent of the Commissioner of                                           driver from the vehicle, freeing        And the serving and retired
Police and individual employee             markcarroll@pasa.asn.au       him from almost certain death           members of Hamburg’s Flying
concerned, or recall to duty.                                            had the wreck exploded.                 Grandpas visited the club on a
  PDOs must not be changed                                                 Peter’s heroism was recognized        number of occasions. Association
                                                                         by Commissioner Mal Hyde, who           members were able to, and
                                                                         presented him with a Police             certainly did, entertain other
                                                                         Bravery Medal at the graduation         tattoo participants at their club.
                                                                         parade of Course 75 on May 17.            The tattoo afforded many the
                                                                         He declares that he is not a hero,      opportunity – or maybe the
                                                                         that he was just doing his job.         excuse – to use the club. It
                                                                         Doing what he has been trained          needs patrons to remain a viable
                                                                         to do over many years.                  enterprise of the association. So
• New guns a danger, too (April                     A cartridge (left)
                                                                           In fact, Peter will tell you that     keep your club open – by using it.
   2005).                                         is made up of five
                                                                         he did not think about what he            Our SA Police Club is the last in
  The Select Committee of the                     components:
                                                                         did. He didn’t have to, because         Australia. It has, since 1961,
Legislative Council on the                        1. The bullet, which
                                                                         he simply responded. Peter’s            provided a wonderful service to
Staffing, Resourcing and Effic-                      serves as the
                                                                         heroism probably saved a life,          its members, and it can continue
iency of South Australia Police                      projectile.
                                                                         just as the actions of police           to do so for a long time to come.
examined the issue in 2004-05.                    2. The casing, which
                                                                         officers, hero police officers, save
                                                     holds all parts
  On April 1, 2005, a default                                            many other lives – every day – by                     editor@pasa.asn.au
notice was issued on the                                                 just doing their job.
                                    3. The explosive – gunpowder or
employer in accordance with                                                For their heroism, the Police
                                       cordite – which serves as a
section 35 (3) of the                                                    Journal congratulates association
Occupational Health, Safety and                                          members Peter Hibbard, Dean
                                    4. The rim at the base of the
Welfare Act, 1986. SAPOL                                                 Probert and Tara Evans, and all
provided further information in                                          those other police heroes who
                                    5. The primer, which ignites the
relation to research into the                                            are not formally recognized but
                                                                         who spend every day making a
matter and, at the same               The casing is the only
                                                                         vital difference.
time, upgraded many firearms        component to remain in its form
training facilities.                and undergo reuse as another
  It had been the practice to       round of ammunition.
reload ammunition for training.              Continued on page 33

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