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									  Where is the bear and
  what should he wear?
           Year R                     2009
                             Spring 1 2009
Communication, Language and Literacy                       Problem Solving, Reasoning and Number
A walk in the woods. What have we found?                   Our curricular target this term will be to understand
A little bear holding a bag of objects and a story book.   more and less in number. The children will continue
We will share his story and investigate the objects        to develop their counting skills through using a
from his bag.                                              number line to count on and back from different
We will read a range of teddy bear stories and learn       numbers and to identify numbers between, after and
how to make a story map to retell a story. The children    before other numbers.
will be developing their writing skills through writing    The children will learn how to put objects in order
labels and captions for their teddy bears. We will also    according to their size. They will develop their
be writing instructions for making sandwiches for          understanding of 2D and 3D shape by identifying
teddy bear’s picnic.                                       their features (such as corners, edges, sides and
We will continue to develop the children’s reading         ability to roll) and will also look at ways of sorting
skills through the Letters and Sounds Phonic scheme        and grouping shapes by these features.
and group reading.
Knowledge and Understanding of the World                   Creative Development (Art, Music, Drama)
(Science, Geography, History and ICT)
History: We will investigate similarities and              Art: The children will look at bear illustrations in a
differences through looking at old and new bears. We       range of story books and talk about their likes and
will learn how the teddy bear got its name and we will     dislikes.
be finding out about some famous teddy bears.              We will be experimenting with paint by adding
                                                           different materials (ie paint mixed with sand) The
Science/Technology: The children will be making            end result will be a painting of a bear that shows
porridge for the three bears in the story of Goldilocks.   different types of texture.
We will focus on different kinds of materials and their
properties through the bear and the contents of his        Drama: Our role play area will be set up as the
bag. Through using the TASC wheel the children will        journey of ‘Were Going On a Bear Hunt’ for the
design and make an umbrella for their bear using the       children to re-enact the story in the correct
most suitable materials.                                   sequence.

ICT- The children will be introduced to using a            Music: The children will continue working with Mrs
keyboard in order to type and process simple text          Fiona Orton following the ‘Music express’ schemes.
(such as typing their name, words and simple               We will also become increasingly familiar with a
sentences).The     children   will  use     additional     range of percussion instruments.
programmes to aid and enhance their learning within
other areas of the curriculum such as literacy, maths
and knowledge and understanding of the world.

Physical Development                                       Personal, Social and Emotional Development
(PE)                                                       (including Religious Education)
                                                           PSED/SEAL - Our new SEAL topic will be ‘Going
Gymnastics- Children will be given the opportunity to      for Goals’ where the children identify something
further develop their travelling, turning, jumping and     they would like to get better at. We will also be
balancing skills on and off small and large apparatus.     looking at the diversity of the world and differences
                                                           in cultures and beliefs.
Dance – We will explore how our bodies can move by         We will continue to talk about healthy eating which
listening and responding to different types of music.      will result in the children making healthy sandwiches
                                                           for the Teddy Bear’s picnic.
                                                           RE – During this half term, we will be looking at
                                                           ‘Jesus as a storyteller’ and the children will hear
                                                           stories that Jesus told.

Visits this term:
A visitor from the church community will come to tell the children some of Jesus’ stories

       Glenfield Infant School – Learning forecast
You can help your child by:
   • Continue supporting your child to complete all homework activities including science homework sent
       out every week.
   • Sharing and listening to your children read books and helping them record this in their green reading
       record books.
   • Playing number recognition and counting games e.g. Snakes and ladders, number bingo, Ludo and
       number snap.
   • Saying number names in order to 10 or 20 and beyond, spotting numbers in everyday situations eg.
       in the supermarket, and singing number rhymes together.

      Glenfield Infant School – Learning forecast

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