B.O. North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd.,
  1 Floor, Opp. Main Secretariat, M.G. Road, Shillong – 793 001


        H.O. North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd.
             Basundhara Enclave, B.K. Kakati Road, Ulubari,
                          Guwahati – 781 007.

                              June 2008

June 2, 2008                                                                 Shillong

Dear Sir,

As you may be aware, the North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd., (NEDFi)
was conceived as a dynamic and responsive organization to catalyse economic
development of the North East. NEDFi has been promoted by IDBI, SIDBI, IFCI, ICICI,
SBI, UTI, LICI, GIC and its subsidiaries with an authorized capital of Rs. 500 crore.

1. NEDFi has been awarded a study on “Expanding Training of Unorganised Sector
   Workers in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya” by National Commission for
   Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS), GOI, at a total outlay of Rs. 1.50 lakh
   (Rupees One Lakh Fifty Thousand only) which includes all overheads, administrative
   expenses, workshop organization, taxes etc.

2. Accordingly, Technical and Financial Proposals are invited from reputed Consultants
   for discharging the roles, responsibilities, duties and obligations as outlined in detail in
   this Request for Proposal (RFP) Document.

3. It may be noted, Consultants‟ Technical proposals would be evaluated first and the
   Financial proposals of only the qualified Consultants will be opened. The assignment
   would be awarded to the Consultant whose combined score on technical and financial
   parameters as calculated using pre-specified formula is highest.

4. The RFP includes the following documents:

Section 1 – Letter of Invitation
Section 2 – Information to Consultants
Section 3 – Technical Proposal – Standard Forms
Section 4 - Financial Proposal – Standard Forms
Section 5 – Terms of Reference

5. Last date for submission of proposal: June 12, 2008 (2.00 pm)

6. Opening of Technical proposal: June 12, 2008 (3.30 pm)

Please inform us, upon receipt that you received the letter of invitation and whether you
will submit a proposal alone or in association.

                                                           Yours sincerely,
                                                             (O.S.. Meetei)
                                                         Manager, NEDFi Shillong,

                         Section 2. Information to Consultants

                                    1. INTRODUCTION

1.1   North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd. (NEDFi) will select the
      Consultant in accordance with the method of selection indicated in this RFP

1.2   The Consultants are invited to submit a Technical Proposal and a Financial
      Proposal (The Proposal) for the consulting services required for the Assignment
      named in the Data Sheet. The Proposal will be the basis for negotiations leading
      ultimately to award of the assignment by NEDFi to the selected Consultant.

1.3   The Assignment is not proposed to be in phases.

1.4   The Consultants must familiarize themselves with local conditions and take them
      into account in preparing their Proposals.

1.5   NEDFi will assist the Consultant in obtaining permissions, if any, needed to carry
      out the study and make available relevant project data and reports.

1.6   The Consultants are expected to provide professional, objective and impartial
      advice and at all times hold NEDFi‟s interests paramount, without any
      consideration for future work and strictly avoid conflicts with other assignments.

1.7   It is expected that the Consultants observe highest standards of ethics during the
      selection process and execution of such assignments. Pursuant to this, the following
      definitions shall apply:
      (i)      “corrupt practice” means the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of
               anything of value to influence the action of a public official in the selection
               process or in assignment execution; and
      (ii)     “fraudulent practice” means a misrepresentation of facts in order to
               influence a selection process or the execution of the assignment to the
               detriment of NEDFi and includes collusive practices among Consultants
               (prior to or after submission of proposals) designed to establish prices at
               artificial, non-competitive levels and to deprive NEDFi of the benefits of
               free and open competition.
      The Consultants shall note that their Proposals will be rejected if NEDFi determines
      that the Consultant recommended for award has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent
      activities in competing for the assignment.

1.8   Consultants shall not be under a declaration of ineligibility for corrupt and
      fraudulent practices by any Competent Authority.

1.9   Notwithstanding anything contained in this RFP document, NEDFi reserves the
      right to accept or reject any proposal and to cancel the invitation process and reject
      all proposals, at any time without thereby incurring any liability to the affected
      Consultants or any obligation to inform the affected Consultants of the grounds of
      NEDFi‟s action.

                         2. PREPARATION OF PROPOSAL

2.1   Consultants are requested to submit their Proposal (both Technical and Financial) in
      English language.

Technical Proposal

2.2   In preparing the Technical Proposal, Consultants are expected to examine the
      documents comprised in this RFP in detailed manner. Material deficiencies in
      providing the information requested may result in rejection of a Proposal.

2.3   While preparing the Technical Proposal, the Consultants must give particular
      attention to the following:

      (i)     If a Consultant considers that it does not have all the expertise for the
              Assignment, it may obtain a full range of expertise by associating with other
      (ii)    Proposed professional staff must have at least the qualifications and
              experience as indicated in the Data Sheet.

2.4   The Technical Proposal should provide the following information using the
      attached Standard Forms (Section 3):

      (i)     A brief description of the Firm‟s Organisation/Consultants‟ Biodata and an
              outline of recent experience on assignments (Section 3B) of similar nature
              meeting the qualification criteria as given in 4.3 below.
      (ii)    Any comments or suggestions on the Terms of Reference and on the data
              and list of services and facilities to be provided by NEDFi (Section 3C).
      (iii)   A description of the methodology and work plan for performing the
              assignment (Section 3D).
      (iv)    The list of the proposed staff, speciality-wise, the tasks that would be
              assigned to each staff/team member, and their timing (Section 3E).
      (v)     Curriculum Vitae of Team Leader and proposed professional staff (Section

2.5   The Technical Proposal shall not include any information related to Financial

Financial Proposal

2.6   In preparing the Financial Proposal, Consultants are expected to take into account
      the requirements and conditions of the RFP document. The Financial Proposal
      should follow Standard Forms (Section 4).

2.7   The Financial Proposal should clearly identify a lump sum all-inclusive amount,
      including the local taxes (including service tax), duties, fees, levies, and other
      impositions imposed under the applicable law on the Consultants and their

2.8   Consultants shall express the price of their services in Indian Rupees only.
2.9    The Data Sheet indicates how long the proposals must remain valid after the
       submission date. During this period, the consultant is expected to keep available the
       professional staff proposed for the assignment. If NEDFi wishes to extend the
       validity period of the proposals, the Consultants who do not agree have the right not
       to extend the validity of their proposals.

2.10   As can be observed from Sections 4A and 4B, the Consultant is required to provide
       the Contract Price per in lump sum.

2.11   While preparing the Financial Proposal and Payment Schedule, the Consultants
       shall note that the selected Consultant shall not be eligible for mobilization advance.


3.1    The original Proposal (Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal; see para 1.2)
       shall be prepared in indelible ink. It shall contain no inter-lineation or overwriting,
       except as necessary to correct errors made by the Consultant itself. Any such
       corrections must be initialed by the person or persons who sign(s) the Proposals.

3.2    An authorized representative of the Consultant initials all pages of the Proposal.

3.3    The Technical Proposal shall be placed in a sealed envelope clearly marked
       “Technical Proposal” and the Financial Proposal in a sealed envelope clearly
       marked “Financial Proposal”. Both envelopes shall be placed in an outer sealed
       envelope bearing the submission address and marked “Proposal for Study on
       Expanding Training of Unorganised Sector Workers in East Khasi Hills District of

3.4    The completed Technical and Financial Proposal must be delivered at the
       submission address on or before the time and date stated in the Data Sheet. In case
       the date of submission is declared public holiday by the Government, then the
       Proposals may be submitted on the next working day at the venue given in the Data
       Sheet. Any Proposal received after the closing time for submission of proposals
       shall be returned unopened.

3.5    After the deadline for submission of proposals, the Technical Proposal shall be
       opened. The Financial Proposals shall be opened after evaluation of Technical
       Proposal and upon suitable intimation to the participating Consulting Firms.

                               4. PROPOSAL EVALUATION


4.1      From the time the bids are opened to the time the assignment is awarded, if any
         Consultant wishes to contact NEDFi on any matter related to its proposal, it should
         do so in writing at the address indicated in the Data Sheet. Any effort by the
         Consultants to influence NEDFi in the proposal evaluation, proposal comparison or
         assignment award decisions may result in the rejection of the Consultant‟s proposal.

4.2      Evaluators of Technical Proposals shall have no access to the Financial Proposals
         until the technical evaluation is concluded.

Evaluation of Technical Proposals

4.3      Technical Proposals of only those Consultants, which qualify the following criteria
         will be considered responsive to the Terms of Reference as stipulated in this RFP

      (1) Consultants should have experience in conducting similar studies;
      (2) Consultants who have been involved in projects on employment generation,
          livelihood and labour issues etc.;
      (3) Consultants should be well versed with issues of the unorganized sector;
      (4) Consultants should be well versed with the project area;
      (5) The completion period of the report is one month from the date of inception.

4.4      NEDFi will carry out the evaluation of proposals on the basis of their
         responsiveness to the Terms of Reference, applying the evaluation criteria and point
         system specified in the Data Sheet. Each responsive proposal will be given a
         technical score. A proposal that is considered unsuitable shall be rejected at this
         stage if it does not respond to important aspects of the Terms of Reference or it fails
         to achieve the minimum technical score indicated in the Data Sheet.

Public Opening and Evaluation of Financial Proposals

4.5      After the evaluation of the Technical Proposals, NEDFi shall notify those
         Consultants whose proposals do not meet the minimum qualifying mark or were
         considered non-responsive to the RFP and Terms of Reference, indicating that their
         Financial Proposals will be returned unopened after completion of the selection
         process. NEDFi shall simultaneously notify the other consultants the date and time
         set for opening the Financial Proposals. The notification may be sent by registered
         letter, facsimile, or electronic mail.

4.6      The Financial Proposals shall be opened publicly in the presence of the
         Consultants‟ representatives who choose to attend. The name of the Consultant and
         the proposed prices shall be read aloud and recorded when the Financial Proposals
         are opened. NEDFi shall prepare minutes of the public opening.

4.7   The evaluation would be based on the total cost to NEDFi which shall include the
      cost of carrying out the services as well as those taxes, duties, fees, levies and other
      charges imposed under the applicable law as follows:

      (i) The lowest financial proposal (FP Min) will be given a score of 100 points. The
      financial scores of the other financial proposals (SF) will be calculated as:

      SF = 100 x FPMin /FP

      SF = Financial score of other financial proposals
      FP Min = Price of lowest financial proposal
      FP = Price of the proposal under consideration

      (ii) The weights given to Technical and Financial proposals are W T = 0.75 and W F =
      0.25 respectively.

      (iii) Proposals will be ranked accordingly to their combined technical and financial
      scores using the weights mentioned above

      S = ST x WT + SF x WF

      S = Final combined score
      ST = Technical score
      WT = weight given to technical score
      SF = Financial score
      WF = weight given to financial score

      (iv) The Consultant achieving the highest combined technical and financial scores
      would be called for negotiations.

      (v) In the event of a tie in the final combined scores, the Consultants having the
      lower financial quote amongst the two would be given preference and would be
      called for negotiations.

                                      5. NEGOTIATIONS

5.1   Negotiations will be held at the address indicated in the Data Sheet. The aim is to
      reach an agreement on all points.

5.2   Negotiations will include a discussion of the Technical Proposal, the proposed
      methodology (work plan), staffing and any suggestions made by the Consultant to
      improve the Terms of Reference. NEDFi and the Consultant will then work out the
      agreed final Terms of Reference, staff, periods in the field, logistics and reporting.
      The agreed work plan and final Terms of Reference will then be incorporated in the
      “Description of Services” and form part of the assignment award. Special attention
      will be paid to optimizing the required outputs from the Consultant within the
      available budget and clearly define the inputs required from NEDFi to ensure
      satisfactory implementation of the Assignment.

5.3   The financial negotiations will include clarification of the Consultant‟s tax liability
      (if any), and the manner in which it will be reflected in the assignment award; and
      will reflect the agreed technical modifications in the cost of the services, if any.

5.4   The negotiations will conclude with a review of the draft form of the award of the
      assignment to the Consultant. To complete negotiations NEDFi and the Consultant
      will initial the agreed award of the assignment. If negotiations fail, NEDFi will
      invite the Consultant that has submitted the next lowest financial quote for
      assignment negotiations.

                            6. AWARD OF ASSIGNMENT

6.1   The assignment will be awarded following negotiations. After negotiations are
      completed, NEDFi will promptly notify other Consultants on the shortlist that they
      were unsuccessful and return the Financial Proposals of those consultants who did
      not pass the technical evaluation (Para 4.3)

6.2   The Consultant is expected to commence the Assignment on the date and at the
      location specified in the Data Sheet.

                                7. CONFIDENTIALITY

7.1   Information relating to evaluation of proposals and recommendations concerning
      awards shall not be disclosed to the Consultants who submitted the proposals or
      other persons not officially concerned with the process, until the winning
      Consultant has been notified that it has been awarded the assignment.

                   Data Sheet – Information to Consultants

1.1       The name of the Client is        :       North Eastern Development            Finance
                                                   Corporation Ltd. (NEDFi)

1.1        The method of selection is      :       Quality and price based

1.2        Name of Assignment              :       Preparation of Detailed Study Report on
                                                   „Expanding Training of Unorganised Sector
                                                   Workers in East Khasi Hills District of

1.3        The Assignment is phased        :       No

2.1        Proposals & Reports should :            English
           be submitted in the following
2.3        Minimum required              :         (1) Team Leader: Post Graduate degree in
           qualifications and experience           any discipline, preferably economics, social
           of proposed key staff                   sciences. Experience in conducting similar
                                                   studies in employment generation with
                                                   exposure to projects aimed at capacity
                                                   building and training.
                                                   (2) Research Analyst: Graduates in any
                                                   discipline, preferably in economics,
                                                   statistics with experience in similar studies.
                                                   (3) Data Collectors: Graduates in any

2.3        Estimated number of staff       :       Consultant to estimate based on Scope of
                                                   Services in TOR

2.4        Workshop will be organized :            Will be arranged by NEDFi.
           approximately two week
           after inception of study.
2.7        Taxes                      :            All taxes to be borne by the Consultant and
                                                   included in the Financial Quote

2.9        Proposals must remain valid     :       6 months after the submission date

3.4        The address for                 :       North Eastern Development Finance
           communication and Proposal              Corporation Ltd., 1st Floor, Opp. Main
           submission is                           Secretariat, M.G. Road, Shillong – 793 001,
                                                   Meghalaya, Telefax (0364) – 2504 814
3.4        Proposal must be submitted :            June 12, 2008
           not later than the following
           date and time                     1400 hrs
4.3        The number of points to be given under the technical evaluation criteria are:
      Consultant‟s relevant past experience                                 30
      Methodology and its compliance with ToR                                50
      Key personnel (**)                                                     20

      TOTAL                                                                 100

      (**): For each key staff, the points shall be disaggregated as follows:

      General qualification: Upto 40 points
      Relevant work experience: Upto 60 points

      The minimum Technical Score to be obtained for opening of Financial Proposal
      shall be 70 points.

6.2   Expected date and place of commencement of assignment: Immediate on award
      of assignment.


3A. Technical Proposal submission form.
3B. Consultant‟s reference
3C. Comments and suggestions on the Terms of Reference and on data services and
     facilities to be provided by NEDFi.
3D. Description of the methodology and work plan for performing the assignment.
3E. Team composition and task assignments.
3F. Format of Curriculum Vitae of proposed Team Leader & Professional staff.


                                                                              [Location, Date]

FROM: (Name of Consultant)

Dear Sir:

Subject:      Hiring of Consultancy Service for --------------------------------

              I/We, the undersigned, offer to provide the consulting services for the above
       in accordance with your Request for Proposal dated [Date]. We are hereby
       submitting our Proposal, which includes this Technical Proposal, and a Financial
       Proposal sealed under a separate envelope.

               If negotiations are held during the period of validity of the Proposal, i.e.,
       before [Date] we undertake to negotiate on the basis of the submitted Proposal. Our
       Proposal is binding upon me/us and subject to the modifications resulting from
       assignment award negotiations.

              We understand you are not bound to accept any Proposal you receive.

              We remain,

                                                              Yours sincerely,

                                                              Authorised Signatuare:
                                                              Name and Title of Signatory:
                                                              Name of Firm:

                     3B. CONSULTANT’S REFERENCES

             Relevant Services Carried Out in the Last Three Years
              That Best Illustrate Qualifications of the Consultant

Using an appropriate format, please provide information on qualifying assignments in line
with the criteria as mentioned in the clause 4.3 above, for which your firm/entity, either
individually or in association, was legally contracted.


On the Terms of Reference:






On the data, services and facilities to be provided by the Client








                 TASK(S) OF EACH TEAM MEMBER

1. Team Leader, Research Analyst

Sl. No.            Name              Position   Task


2. Data Collectors, Support Staff

Sl. No.            Name              Position   Task





Proposed Position:__________________________

Name: _____________________________


Date of Birth:_________________


Details of Tasks in this Assignment:

Key Qualifications:

[Give an outline of work experience and training most pertinent to tasks on assignment]

Education :

[Summarize college/university and other specdialized education of staff member, giving names of schools, dates attended,
and degrees obtained.]

Employment Record :

[Starting with present position, list in reverse order every employment held ]


Signature & Date


4A. Financial Proposal submission form.

4B. Summary of costs.


                                                                                   [Location, Date]

FROM: (Name of Consultant)


Subject:      Hiring of Consultancy Service for --------------------------------

              -----------------------------------------------Financial Proposal.

               I/We, the undersigned, offer to provide the consulting services for the above
       in accordance with your Request for Proposal dated [Date] and our Technical
       Proposal. Out attached Financial proposal is for the sum of [Amount in words and
       figures]. This amount is inclusive of the local taxes, which we have estimated at
       [Amount(s) in words and figures].

               Our Financial proposal shall be binding upon us subject to the modifications
       resulting from assignment award negotiations, up to expiration of the validity
       period of the Proposal, i.e. [Date]

              We undertake that, in competing for (and, if the award is made to us, in
       executing) the above assignment, we will strictly observe the laws against fraud and
       corruption in force in India namely “Prevention of Corruption Act 1988”

              We understand you are not bound to accept any Proposal you receive.

              We remain,

                                                                Yours sincerely,

                                                                Authorised Signatuare:
                                                                Name and Title of Signatory:
                                                                Name of Firm:

                             4B. SUMMARY OF COSTS

Name of the Assignment:

Cost proposal

Sl. No.   Particulars                              Price Quote in INR
1         Consultancy fee for preparation of
          Detailed Strategic Options, Feasibility
          and Report including all activities like
          Primary & Secondary surveys, Data
          Analysis, Report etc. as defined in the
          ToR for the preparation of the Report
          on     „Expanding       Training      of
          Unorganised Sector Workers in East
          Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya‟

                                                 Authorised Signature
                                           Name and Title of Signatory:
                                                 Name of the Firm:

                         SECTION 5 : TERMS OF REFERENCE

I Preamble

North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd. (NEDFi) has been awarded a study
by National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS), GOI titled
“Expanding Training of Unorganised Sector Workers in East Khasi Hills District of
Meghalaya”. Broadly, the objective of the study is to assess the training needs of the
unorganized sector workers in the district, present training capacities and suggestions for
future training plans.

II Objectives/Scope of Study

 1. Assess the training capacity for workers in the district, including the government,
     private and NGO sector.
 2. Assess the quality and suitability of the training already available for informal sector
 3. Consult existing training providers and other stakeholders on training needs of the
 4. Suggest suitable ways for expanding training capacity in the district in order to cover
     about half the workforce by 2025. Considerations for this may include:
         (a) Expanded capacity utilization of existing institutions;
         (b) Role of public, private and NGO sector;
         (c) Role of master trainers and employers of unorganized sector workers;
         (d) Differences in training contexts, for example training in artisanal clusters and
             in the rural milieu;
         (e) Need to support the creation of new institutions, if any, keeping in mind that
             the new institutions created should have sufficient autonomy and flexibility
             and should be able to attract students from socio-economically weaker
 5. Suggest a blueprint for any new institutions that may need to be supported, including
     the role of the public and private sectors, management and governance structures etc.
 6. Indicate the nature of public finances that may be required for different purposes
     including subsidies to private trainers or training facilities, direct provisioning of
     training services, and subsidies to trainees.

 7. A workshop would be organized approximately two weeks after inception of the
     study with training providers, industry and management association to discuss
     possible blueprints.
 8. A short report would be prepared for the Commission which would provide input to
     its national analysis but which would independently also serve as a training system
     plan for the district.

III Inputs from National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector

We should define the subjects in terms of actionable proposals in different areas of the
Terms of Reference of the Commission. By an actionable proposal we mean that whatever
research that goes on behind a particular theme on the subject it should end up to justify
and promote a policy proposal and programme which can pose to the Government for
acceptance and implementation. But towards this end this study should be formulated along
the following lines:-

   (1) Explain the rationale of the proposal in terms of the theoretical and analytical study
       of the problems which the proposal addresses and why the proposal could be an
       effective solution to the problems?

   (2) A review of the history of the proposal in the sense that if some of the proposals
       have been practiced in any form in the Government either at the centre or in the
       States and the assessment of the outcomes of those attempts. If there is no precedent
       of applying those proposals in India, is there any experience in any other
       developing country which can be compared with us?

   (3) After this review of the history, the paper should point out why the current form of
       the proposal has a greater chance of success or is an improvement on the earlier
       proposals or experiences.

   (4) Describe the steps that need to be taken to implement the proposal and who are
       possible stakeholders, Ministries, financial institutions, State Government or local
       bodies and Panchayats. It will also be important to elaborate on a coordinating
       mechanism if a number of institutions or agencies are involved in the

      (5) Finally, an assessment of the costs of the proposal and suggestions about sharing
         the costs between different stakeholders and methods of financing them. It would
         surely be useful to compare the costs with some clear estimates of the benefits
         accruing from such studies.

IV Time Frame

The study would be completed within a month of submission of inception report.

V Reports

(1) The Consultant shall submit the following reports:

             (a) Inception report, within a week of signing of award of assignment, outlining
                 the proposed strategy for execution of the assignment, time frame,
                 deployment of manpower etc.;
             (b) Draft report after completion of workshop;
             (c) Final report within one month of submission of inception report.

(2) All data, analysis collection/prepared for this assignment shall be the sole property of
North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd.(NEDFi) The consultant shall not
have the right to disclose any information pertaining to the Project to third parties. The
overall responsibility for the quality of the assignment will rest with the Consultant.

VI Reporting and Payment Schedule

Sl.       Description                Time schedule from Payment             No. of reports
No.                                  date of award of                       (hard copy)
1         Inception Report           1 week             50%                 3
2         On submission of Draft 4 weeks                -                   3
3         On submission and approval 5 weeks            50%                 6
          of final DPR


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