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Planning your Disney Cruise

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Whether you are first time cruiser or seasoned veteran Disney passenger,
plan ahead and budget and you can save alot of money on your next Disney

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You are about to take voyage aboard one of the most beautiful and
celebrated Cruise Lines in the world, the Disney Cruise Line. Disney is
known for their legendary service, stunning decor and wonderful
activities suited for the whole family. That is why the Disney Cruise
line is considered to be the best for families. As a result, many first
time Cruisers are drawn to the Disney Line.

Some first time Cruisers worry that they won’t fit in with the wealthy
cruisers. We’ll there is no need to worry, Disney is known for their
casual family atmosphere. Disney has taken all the needs of the first
timer in mind, so relax, and have fun!

What is included in your Disney Cruise?
Cruise fares, onboard accommodations, meals, entertainment, and
activities are all included. There are a number of expenses that are not
covered however. Airfare to your port of embarkation and debarkation is
usually not covered. As well as, hotel stays before and after your
Cruise. Gratuities, taxes, and trip insurance are extra as well. Don’t
forget to plan for your shore excursions, alcohol, laundry, telephone
calls, beauty and spa services and babysitting. They are all going to
cost you more money, so be prepared. At one time, Cruising was reserved
for the affluent. However, today Cruising has become much more

Here are some of the ways to save money on a Disney Cruise:

Book your Cruise early
Booking up to 18 months in advance could save you anywhere from $30 to
$890 per stateroom.

Promotions and Discount
Disney has offered off-season discounts in the past. (From February-May
and September to December). These discounts have been up to 40%. To learn
more about Disney promotions and discounts visit MouseSavers and

Call a Travel Agent
Travel Agents are good at finding the best deal. Some Travel agents are
able to book blocks of staterooms in advance, locking in discounts for
you for you to grab later on.

Save with Onboard Booking
When you book your next Cruise onboard your Cruise ship, you can receive
special pricing.

Florida Residents
Florida residents may qualify for 50% off discounts on selected Cruises.
Call the official Disney Cruise Line phone number or visit

There are also special rates for special people
Infants and kids under 12, AAA and Costco members, the Disney vacations
club, annual Passholders, Canadian residents, Military personnel and
repeat Cruisers all may receive special discounts.
For more information, and to receive the free booklet and video/DVD,
contact the Disney Cruise Line.

Enjoy your Dream Disney Cruise!

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