Military Saves National Partners Meeting

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					                        Military Saves National Partners Meeting
                             Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sarah Shirley, Military Saves
Dave Weinberg, Booz, Allen Hamilton
Mitch Ronco, InCharge Education Foundation
John Hoffmire, The University of Wisconsin, Madison
Kenneth McDonnell, Employee Benefit Research Institute
Tom Kurek, U.S. Dept of the Treasury
Katie Savant, National Military Family Association
Kelly Hruska, National Military Family Association

I.     Introductions were made around the room.

II.    Sarah Shirley presented the Statement of Partnership Policy. Sarah will update
       the Policy with the suggested changes and send the new Policy out.

III.   Sarah Shirley presented the Overview of the Campaign and then reviewed the
       Military Saves Operations Plan which can be found at

IV.    The partners discussed what we could do to promote the Military Saves
       Campaign. Dave Weinberg offered to follow-up with DFAS regarding savings
       messages in the LES. He also offered to talk with a friend at AAFES to discuss
       partnership opportunities with Military Saves.

V.     Tom Kurek introduced the Department of Treasury’s new public service
       campaign - “Bad Debt Hotel” – aimed at combating financial illiteracy among
       young adults. The PSAs can be found at

VI.    John Hoffmire discussed a new technology project that he thought the Partners
       might be interested in. Nets to Ladders – makes it easier for people to enroll to
       receive public benefits. A pilot program is in place at NAS Oceana in Virginia.
       BEN (Benefit Enrollment Network) and telephone enrollment are currently
       available at VITA sites. Service is free to the user, but there is a cost of $40 per
       computer/mouth for the service.

VII.   John Hoffmire also discussed the concept of incentive based savings, based on the
       research of Dr. Peter Tufano at Harvard Business School. John felt that this was
       something the Partners could pilot immediately. The Partners decided to look at
       Tufano’s work and table the discussion once we had more information.

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