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									                    St Peters Sport
                 Gymnastics Handbook

                             GIRLS Yrs 8-12
                                Prepared by the St Peters Sports Department

   The information contained in this booklet (accurate at the time of printing), may be subject to change.

The latest draw updates will appear in the weekly Sports Bulletin and on the Portals of the St Peters website.
From the Head of Girls Sport

Dear Gymnasts, Parents and Supporters of St Peters Sport

                 elcome to the 2009 Girls Gymnastics Season at St Peters Lutheran College.
                 As I look forward to the year ahead I would like to welcome all St Peters gymnasts,
                 parents, coaches and supporters to the 2009 Gymnastics Season.

Congratulations to all of the girls who have been selected in a St Peters Team for this year. The
opportunity exists to compete in two different competitions within the Queensland Girls School Sports
Association: Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics. The QGSSSA competitions afford students
the opportunity to compete for their school against other schools in the Artistic Gymnastics Competition
and/or the Rhythmic Gymnastics Season. Where possible St Peters will field teams in Opens, Senior A,
Graded teams and a special Year 8 competition, so we look forward to an enjoyable and competitive

      Terms 1 & 2              Artistic Gymnastics           QGSSSA comp 6th and 7th May
      Terms 2 & 3              Rhythmic Gymnastics           QGSSSA comp 7th August (Term 3 week4)

As a representative of the college you and your family will have a responsibility to fulfill the team
requirements listed within this booklet. Please take the time to read the following pages and contact the
sports office or the coordinators for Gymnastics if you have any concerns.

Once again congratulations on your selection and I look forward to meeting you during the competition
season and hope to share in your successes as a St Peters sports representative.

Yours In Sport

Kelli Orford
Head of Girls Sport

Head of Girls Sport                Artistic Gymnastics Coordinator       Rhythmic Gymnastics Coordinator
Miss Kelli Orford                  Mrs Elizabeth Riley                   Mrs Gabrielle Baker
Sports House (Schneider Block)     Mews (near Shop 45)                   Technology Staffroom (TE.24)
St Peters Lutheran College         St Peters Lutheran College            St Peters Lutheran College
Team Responsibilities

Term 1 and 2 — Artistic Gymnastics competition at Moreton Bay College on the 6th and 7th of May 2009
Term 2 and 3—Rhythmic Gymnastics competition at Moreton Bay College on the 7th of August 2009
Many girls compete in both gymnastic codes so training days are scheduled to allow for the overlap of
seasons. Both codes promote fitness, strength and flexibility although skills and training vary considerably.

Rolls are kept in order to monitor the commitment of the girls throughout the season and will become a
record of their participation and eligibility for various awards, team photographs and so on.

It is therefore essential that girls advise their coach and coordinator PRIOR to the session of any absences
that will occur during the season. This includes absences due to illness, injury, music, drama and other
school commitments and applies to both TRAININGS and competitions.

Failure to attend trainings without a satisfactory explanation may result in girls not being allowed to
compete. Dedication and enthusiasm of all the girls who have been chosen in the team will mean that
this situation will not arise. Good practice can only occur when all members of a team are present,
especially nearing QGSSSA competition dates.

Girls selected to represent St Peters have made a commitment to their team members and themselves and
they will be expected to:

      Give 100% effort and commitment to team members and coaching staff at all times.
      Attend training sessions each week during the season.
      Support fellow team members in their competition.
      Take responsibility for communicating training times and transport arrangements to their parents
      and guardians, so that their family can effectively support team members.
      Bring all necessary equipment and meet uniform requirements for all trainings and competitions.
      Teams are selected early in the season based on levels of skill, commitment and interest. Skills,
      flexibility and strength develop through commitment.

Medical Forms
Parents/guardians are asked to ensure the college has updated student medical details. This information
will be obtained and kept confidential by the coach/coordinator to assist if there is an accident. All
accidents and injuries will be reported to the college on Student Accident Report forms by the authorities
in-charge at the time of the incident. They will be lodged by the coordinator to the St Peters Human
Resources Manager for future reference.

Water and Food
It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that they have their own water bottle. It should not be
shared and all necessary precautions must be taken in this regard. Girls will need to bring a snack and
drink if they require food before or after training. Boarders will need to arrange dinner requirements with
the boarding staff to suit training and competition times.
Team Responsibilities

Training for Artistic gym will be at Y-West Gymnastics in Jamboree Heights on Wednesday afternoons
between 4pm and 7pm.         All Rhythmic gym training will be in the SPLC Senior gymnasium on
Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Additional trainings may be called prior to competition
for some teams. Up to date information will appear as required in the Girls Weekly Sports Bulletin in the
ROCK, on school Girls Sport PORTALS and personally to all gymnasts at training.

Girls will leave the bus shelter (3.20pm) on Wednesday afternoons for Artistic gym training and will have
to organise their own transport from the venue at the conclusion of the training session. Girls should have
their gear and be dressed, ready to warm-up as soon as they arrive at the venue. Girls must inform their
coordinator if they will not require transport. St Peters buses take competitors to venues for the QGSSSA
competitions at the end of the season.

Uniform—Competition Day
As an ambassador to the college the sports uniform and tracksuit should be worn with pride and in the
correct manner at all times. All uniform requirements should be organised early in the season. Team
leotards sometimes vary, depending on team selections. Girls bodies sometimes change dramatically from
one year to the next, so the school will purchase competition leotards back if they are returned within two
(2) weeks after the QGSSSA competition. They are worn for two trainings and one competition day only.
Payment will depend on the condition of the leotard which should be returned clean and on a hanger . It
must be clearly named with a tag bearing the students name, class and contact phone number.

Gymnastics Team
      Comfortable clothes for training, bike pants or SPLC sports uniform
      SPLC gymnastics team T shirt—Shop 45
      SPLC tracksuit (if the weather is cold)
      Competition leotard (Rhythmic Gym has a hire scheme)

Care of School Leotards
Competition leotards will be worn for two practice sessions prior to the competition, then on the day of
competition. The leotard should be hung and aired after training then HAND-WASHED with a gentle soap
once (not soaked) and dried flat on a towel after the competition.

School Competition
Girls compete in the Queensland Girls Secondary School Sports Association interschool competition
(QGSSSA). Finals for both Artistic gym and Rhythmic gym are held at Moreton Bay College. Gymnasts
can compete in one or both of the competitions—(both is encouraged).

      Artistic QGSSSA finals              6th and 7th May 2009
      Rhythmic QGSSSA final               7th August 2009—all day
                               SPORTS ASSOCIATION INC.

                                    CODE OF BEHAVIOUR
The QGSSSA has been established to serve our member schools by arranging sporting fixtures and
promoting a healthy approach to sporting activity.

The changing attitudes to sport in the community, and the pressure and commercialisation associated
with sports in many spheres, have led the Association to feel that its aims and objectives need to be
clarified and set out.

We, as an Association, believe we should encourage good behaviour and sportsmanship and consider that
the following directions should be observed.


1.    Conduct all competition in friendship and with fair play and uphold the spirit of the rules.
2.    Be aware that competitive sport is for enjoyment and that winning is only part of the process.
3.    Observe the special position of a host school and a guest school.
4.    Be aware of the fundamental philosophical differences between the games played and professional
      games shown on television. The professional is an entertainer and a wage earner whose play often
      reflects these facts.


1.    Maintain a high standard of conduct at all times. Each and every player should be an example of
      good sportsmanship.
2.    Appreciate the good play of opponents and accept the mistakes made by fellow players.
3.    Compete with commitment to your team, but never unfairly.
4.    Never show ill-temper or spite. Give assistance to opponents where it appears desirable.
5.    Meet the coach and captain of an opposing team when necessary.
6.    Give congratulations, thanks and cheers, as appropriate, to captains and/or players of opposing t
7.    Obey the orders or instructions of the judges, teachers or designated officials, quickly and cheerfully
      and accept any decision, however unfavourable, without question.
8.    The use of drugs, including pain-killers, to improve or maintain the performance of any individual
      player or group of players is contrary to the philosophy of this code.
9.    Contribute to the team effort as well as to one’s personal performance.
10.   Use barracking to encourage but not to hinder.
                               SPORTS ASSOCIATION INC.

                                     CODE OF BEHAVIOUR


1.   Remember that children learn best by example. Always applaud good performances by the visiting
     teams as well as your own. Never use profane language or harass coaches or officials - this may
     ultimately work against the gymnasts performance results and the school reputation.
2.   Teach your child that honest effort is as important as victory so that the result of competitions are
     accepted without undue disappointment.
3.   Help your child work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship. Never ridicule or yell at
     your child for making a mistake or losing a competition.
4.   Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children’s sporting activities.
5.   Recognise the value and importance of coaches and coordinators. Support them in their decisions
     and do not ‘coach’ from the sideline.
6.   Support all gymnasts equally.


1.   Be reasonable in your demands on the gymnasts time, energy and enthusiasm. Remember that they
     have other interests and commitments.
2.   Accept the decisions of referees and umpires; this does not preclude rational clarification of
     decisions at a subsequent time.
3.   Teach competitors that rules of sport are mutual agreements which no-one should evade or
4.   Under no circumstances is there to be deliberate bending of the General Competition Rules and By-
     Laws for the various sports. Discourage time wasting and time-wasting actions, over-vigorous play
     and deliberate use of illegal tactics.
5.   Develop team respect for the ability of opponents as well as for the judgment of officials and
     opposing coaches.
6.   Remember the children need a coach they can respect. Be generous with your praise when it is
     deserved and set a good example.
7.   Follow the written or direct verbal advice of a physician when determining when a gymnast is ready
     to compete as part of a team.
8.   Ensure the equipment meets Gymnastic Queensland requirements and facilities meet safety
9.   Ensure the head coach is qualified to lead the team to competition.
St Peters Code of Behaviour Agreement

  In General
      Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.

      Be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others.

      Be professional in and accept responsibility for your actions.

      Make a commitment to providing maximum effort at all times.

      Be aware of and maintain adherence to the standards, rules and policies.

      Operate within the rules and guidelines which govern the sport.

  As A Team Member
      Play by the rules.

      Never argue with an official. If you disagree, have your captain, coach or manager approach the

      Control your temper. Verbal comments or deliberately distracting or provoking other teams is
      not acceptable or permitted behaviours in any sport.

      Work equally hard for yourself and your team. Your team’s performance will benefit and so will
      you. Always be on time.

      Be a good sport. Applaud all impressive performance whether it is by your team or the opposi-

      Treat all participants in your sport as you like to be treated. Do not bully or take unfair advan-
      tage of another competitor.

      Cooperate with your coach, team mates and opponents. Without them, there would be no

      Participate for you own enjoyment and benefit, not just to please your parents and coaches.

      Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cul-
      tural background or religion.

  I, …………………………………………............, have read and understood both the QGSSSA and St Peters Code of
  Behaviour and agree by its conditions. I realise that being part of a team requires me to make this a priority
  and I will endeavour to represent St Peters Lutheran College with pride at all times.
QGSSSA Gymnastics Competition

                                GYMNASTICS 2009


              Terms 1 and 2                                 Terms     2 and 3
OPEN                             Apparatus               OPEN               Apparatus
Currently competitive at
Level 6 and above                Beam        Open Group 5 per team           rope (2009)
Max 6 per team                   Bars        Open Pairs—rope, ribbon,
   4 to compete                  Floor               ball, hoop, mixed
3 scores count                   Vault
                                                                      Group Hoop (2010)

A GRADE                          Apparatus          A-GRADE                Apparatus
Level 4                          Beam        Groups—4 per team                 Rope
Max 6 per team                   Bars                                           Ball
   4 to compete                  Floor                                         Hoop
3 scores count                   Vault                                        Ribbon

B GRADE                          Apparatus          B-GRADE                Apparatus
Level 4 (lower start levels)     Beam        Groups—4 per team                 Rope
Max 6 per team                   Bars                                           Ball
   4 to compete                  Floor                                         Hoop
3 scores count                   Vault                                         Mixed

C GRADE                          Apparatus            Grade 8              Apparatus
Level 3                          Beam        Groups—4 per team              Hoop (2009)
Max 6 per team                   Bars        (QG set routine & music)
   4 to compete                  Floor       8.1 8.2 8.3 8.4
3 scores count                   Vault
                                                           Grade 8 Team:      Ball (2010)

                                             QGSSSA Schools
D GRADE/ E GRADE and GRADE 8                 Competing in Gymnastics competitions
Level 2                          Beam        St Peters Lutheran College
Max 6 per team                   Bars        Clayfield College             St Margarets
   4 to compete                  Floor       Brisbane Girls Grammar        St Hildas
3 scores count                   Vault       Moreton Bay College           Somerville Hse
                                             Brisbane State High School    St Aidans

Team Training Expectations
Changes to training times will be communicated by the coach or co-ordinator to all gymnasts through
email, student notices or the ROCK. In the event of illness or an unavoidable appointment, please
contact the coordinator via email in relation to training and fixtures. Please provide a note beforehand, or
make phone contact in extreme cases.

Coaches will endeavour to dismiss the girls from training sessions at the advertised time and will provide
duty of care by way of supervision for an additional 15 minutes only. If training on campus, students will
be directed to wait at the St Peters bus shelter after this time for parents/guardians to collect them.

Team Training Sessions
            Artistic Gymnastics                                    Rhythmic Gymnastics
            Terms 1 and 2                                         Terms 2 and 3

Venue:      Y-West Gymnastics                                     St Peters Senior Gymnasium
            86 Andaman Street
            Jamboree Heights

Times:      Wednesdays: Bus leaves SPLC 3.20pm                    Wednesday 3.15pm — 6.00pm
            Pick up from venue 7pm                                Thursday 6.00am — 7.30am
                                                                  Session to be attended depends on team
                                                                  selection, although individual teams at
                                                                  higher levels, can elect to attend both

                                Please wear clothes suited to training.
                              Bring a water bottle and food as required.

                                 GYMNASTS AND COACHES
                            SHOULD ALWAYS PARTICIPATE WITH A
                                  POSITIVE TEAM SPIRIT
                                AND A DESIRE TO PERFORM
                                TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL
Team Contact List


     TEAM MEMBER                              CLASS          PHONE        Email
     My Fellow Team Members:

     Coaches & Coordinators:
     Mrs Elizabeth Riley (Artistic gym)      Mews

     Mrs Gabrielle Baker (Rhythmic gym)      Tech

     RG—Svetlana (head coach),
     Artistic — Kate, Eliza, Emma, Donna,
     Other Useful contacts :

                                            Training Schedule and Dates

     Team Selection:

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