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Guide on registering your club with Gymnastics Saskatchewan !!

                 Gymnastics Saskatchewan
                1870 Lorne St, Regina, SK S4P 2L7
               Ph: 306-780-9229 Fax 306-780-9475
W            elcome to another year of artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, tumbling
             and trampoline in Saskatchewan! Please find in this handbook all the
             information you need in order to make your registration with Gymnastics
              Saskatchewan easier.

          All Clubs must submit their Club Forms and Fees by October 15, 2009.

Please note the following deadlines for membership registration:

            November 15, 2009
            February 15, 2010
            May 15, 2010
            August 15, 2010

                 Member names/information and fees must be submitted by
                   November 15, 2009 or LATE FEES WILL BE CHARGED.

For those clubs that are not starting a gymnastics program until after the above
deadlines please note that you must register by the first day of your program or LATE

Your membership fees also cover membership with Gymnastics Canada (approximately
25% of your Gymnastics Saskatchewan fee); Gymnastics Saskatchewan submits these
fees on your behalf. This money goes to support national programs and national teams
as they strive for podium performances at international competitions, the Olympic
Games and world championships.

If you have any questions about registration procedures or you require assistance in
completing your forms or registering your club, please contact the Gymnastics
Saskatchewan office @ 306-780-9229 or

2009-2010 Gymnastics Saskatchewan Registration Handbook                                 2
                         BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP

   National Coaching Certification Program               COMPETITIVE/HIGH PERFORMANCE
   Participation clinics
   Accident and third party liability insurance             See recreation & pre comp list
   Office assistance                                        Technical Committee programming & support
   Vote at AGM                                              Women’s Provincial & National programs and
   Right to participate at safe and sanctioned               materials
    meets                                                    Men’s Provincial & National programs and
   Membership Assistance Program (MAP)                       materials
    Grants                                                   T&T’s Provinical & National programs and
   Subscription to e-news                                    materials
   Target Group Initiatives programs and grants             Rhythmic’s Provinical & National programs and
   Fundraising access                                        materials
   Communication network                                    Mentorship Coaching Programs
   Membership in national organization                      Eligibility to compete in Invitational and
   Ability to run for Board of Director positions            Provincial competitions and programs
   Promotion of gymnastics ie. internet,                    Judging programs, development of materials
    demonstrations                                            and provincial programs
   National CanGym program (recreation)                     Technical assistance, staff expertise
   Resource materials for sale and loan                     Recognition of athletes, volunteers, coaches
   Development of Apprentice Coach program                  Eligible to host events
   Support/assistance with starting a new club              Record keeping
   Annual General Meeting and workshops                     Athlete camps, talent identification
   Participation development programs                       Hosting assistance
   Development of promotional materials                     Athlete Assistance Grants
   Provincial and national calendar of events               Travel subsidies for athletes, coaches, and
   Website presence                                          officials
   National Gymnastics Awareness Week                       Uniforms
   GymJam National Gymnastics Magazine                      National and international eligibility

                                                          ASSOCIATE MEMBERS
                                                             Access to target group grants, resources,
   See recreation list                                       participation clinics, school in-services
   Gym Cat, Jump Cat, & Power Cat programs                   programs, subscription to e-news
   Women’s STAR Development Program &
    Materials                                             OUTSIDE USER GROUPS/B-PARTIES
   Fitness Ability (FAB) testing
   Developmental camps                                      Liability insurance coverage
                                                             Adapted program offered by certified coaches

                                                          CLUBS THAT ARE OPERATING FOR THE FIRST TIME
                                                           WILL RECEIVE ONE FREE PARTICIPATION CLINIC

2009-2010 Gymnastics Saskatchewan Registration Handbook                                              3
                                              (No refunds)
Artistic, Non-Competitive Rhythmic &              $135 by Oct 15
T&T Recreational Club                             $185 after Oct 15

Artistic, Rhythmic & T& T                         $150 by Oct 15
Pre-Competitive Club                              $200 after Oct 15

Artistic, Rhythmic & T& T Competitive             $300 by Oct 15
Club                                              $350 after Oct 15

All Athletes – Late Fees                          Add $2/member if not submitted on or before
                                                  stated deadlines:
                                                  November 15 & February 15
                                                  May 15 & August 15

Artistic & Non-Competitive Rhythmic               $15 each
& T&T Recreational Athlete

Artistic & Rhythmic & T&T                         $35 each
Pre-Competitive Athlete

Artistic, Rhythmic & T&T                          $85 each
Provincial & Pre-Novice Stream

Artistic, Rhythmic & T&T                          $175 each
National Stream Athlete

Artistic & Rhythmic & T&T Volunteer               $10 each

Artistic, Rhythmic & T&T                          $20 each
Apprentice Coach
Artistic, Rhythmic & T&T Certified                $47 each
Coach Any Level

All Judges - (no group fees)                      $50 each

Board Executive Group –                           $30 per group
(max of 10 in group)

Drop-In Athlete                                   $3/visit (For first 5 visits)
(Max 5 visits)                                    Clubs offering this service will receive Drop-In
2009-2010 Gymnastics Saskatchewan Registration Handbook                                              4
Outside User Groups                               $70 group fee/yr

Summer Camp Athlete                               $7 each

Associate Membership                $35/yr
for those wishing to support
gymnastics, Gymnastics Saskatchewan
and benefit from Associate Member

   We cannot stress enough the importance of having every participant and
   supporter registered with our office, both to protect your club and your
 gymnasts in an insurance situation and to maintain the level of Sask Lotteries,
        MAP, and other funding provided to the sport of gymnastics.

                                   OUTSIDE USER GROUP
If your club is offering gymnastics programs for outside user groups, (for example, birthday
parties, daycares, other sport groups) you must submit a $70 outside user group fee in order
to be covered for liability insurance for these programs. This insurance will only cover
individuals on a one-time user basis. Groups can also be registered as Associate Members
($35/group). *Associate member forms available on the GymSask website.

                  * Please note that this insurance ONLY covers gymnastics activities.

In order for your liability insurance to be in effect please ensure that you keep the contact
information of the individuals attending these programs for a 12 month period as
Gymnastics Saskatchewan may request this information. On a monthly basis please send the
number of participants using this program. Please use the outside user group form available
on the Gymnastics Saskatchewan website or send equivalent information. All statistical
analysis (i.e. MAP, AGM votes, size of club tracking) will EXCLUDE birthday party/daycare,
one time user group attendees.

                                     DROP-IN MEMBERSHIP
 Participants for a drop-in session cannot be insured as an outside user as this insurance will
only cover individuals on a one-time user basis. Participants attending, drop-in or pay as you
  go session cannot be considered as a one-time user. If you are offering this service please
  contact us to discuss the payment of these individuals as well as providing your club with
                                        drop-in cards.

2009-2010 Gymnastics Saskatchewan Registration Handbook                                      5
We require that all clubs complete the attached sheets to complete their club information (pages 7-
9). All individual membership registration will now be done electronically through the “Club Link
System” (further information on page 10).

Club Registration Form & Club Contact List & Privacy Declaration:

Fill out the club registration form, club contact list & privacy declaration, and email (credit card #) or
mail (cheque) the appropriate fees. Take note of all deadlines and late fees.

Name, phone number and email address of the club president and head coach are required.

Privacy Declaration: Gymnastics Saskatchewan collects and uses personal information for the
purpose of operating gymnastics programs and providing members with programs, services,
products, and information they require as a member with the organization. This information may
also be shared with Gymnastics Canada.

2009-2010 Gymnastics Saskatchewan Registration Handbook                                                 6
                                  GYMNASTICS SASKATCHEWAN
                2009-2010 CLUB REGISTRATION FORM
                                     1870 Lorne St., Regina, Sask. S4P 2L7
                                         Ph: 780-9229 Fax: 780-9475

                                     DEADLINE – OCTOBER 15, 2009
         This is the address and email address that ALL club correspondence will be sent to.

Club/Organization Name: _________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _______________________________________ City: _____________________

Postal Code: ________________ Phone: __________________ Fax: ______________________

Email *required: ______________________________ Website: ___________________________

Contact’s Full Name: ______________________________________

                            PROGRAMS OFFERED BY YOUR CLUB
         Women                        Men                    Rhythmic               Tumbling & Trampoline
 __ Recreational Artistic    __Recreational Artistic      __Non Competitive      __ Recreational
 __ Recreational T&T         __Recreational T&T           __Provincial           __ Fast Cat
 __ Gym Cat                  __PowerCat                   __National             __ Provincial
 __ STAR/PreCompetitive      __Provincial                                        __ National
 __ Provincial 1 – 5         __National/HP
 __ National/PreNovice/HP

                                                       CLUB FEES

 Recreational & Non-Competitive Club Only                                     $135______
  After Oct 15                                                                $185______

 Artistic, Rhythmic & T&T Pre-Competitive Club                                $150______
  After Oct 15                                                                $200______

 Artistic, Rhythmic & T&T Competitive Club                                    $300______
  After Oct 15                                                                $350______

 Outside User Groups                                                          $ 70______

 Associate Member Groups                                                      $ 35______

                                                                              TOTAL ENCLOSED $____________

2009-2010 Gymnastics Saskatchewan Registration Handbook                                                     7
                           CLUB CONTACT INFORMATION
Club Name: ____________________________________________________________

Head Coach
Name: __________________________________________
Email: __________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________City: _________________
Postal Code: ___________ Ph (h):___________________ Ph (w): ___________________

Name: __________________________________________
Email: __________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________ City: _________________
Postal Code: ___________ Ph (h):___________________ Ph (w): ___________________

         Please ensure that your President is registered and also list all individuals on
                         your Executive/Board (max of 10 in group)

             Session                            DATE BEGINS            DATE CONCLUDES
Last Day of Classes

2009-2010 Gymnastics Saskatchewan Registration Handbook                                     8
                             Must be signed & submitted by October 15, 2009

                               GYMNASTICS SASKATCHEWAN

                                       2009-2010 CLUB DECLARATION

    ________________________ (Registrar and Club Name) have obtained written consent from our
   members for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information to Gymnastics
   Saskatchewan/Canada for the following purposes:

             a. Receiving information and communications from Gymnastics Saskatchewan/Canada in
                order to provide members with the programs, services, products and information
                required as a member of Gymnastics Saskatchewan/Canada including newsletters, e-
                mail bulletins, donation requests, invoices, notification of future programs, activities,
                fundraising and merchandise sales;
             b. Establishment and management of trust funds and distribution of honorariums;
             c. Processing merchandise orders, registration, and travel administration;
             d. Athlete registration, outfitting uniforms, monitoring eligibility and team selection;
             e. In the case of medical emergencies;
             f. Media relations and media publications; and
             g. Publishing sports information.

This written consent will be retained for the 2009-2010 membership year.

     ______________________ (Club Name) will indemnify, release, hold harmless and forever
    discharge Gymnastics Saskatchewan/Canada, and its directors, officers, employees, volunteers and
    representatives for any claims, actions or costs that may arise out of, or in relation to, the collection,
    use or disclosure of personal information which was disclosed by ___________________(Club
    Name) to Gymnastics Saskatchewan, Gymnastics Canada and others. Such indemnification will
    include any amount paid by Gymnastics Saskatchewan/Canada with respect to liability and any and
    all legal fees and disbursements incurred by Gymnastics Saskatchewan/Canada.

AND I make this solemn declaration, having the necessary authority to bind___________________ (Club
Name), conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if
made under oath and by virtue of the Canada Evidence Act.

Name:            _____________________________________ (Please print)

Position:        ______________________________________

Signature:       ______________________________________

Date:            ______________________________________

2009-2010 Gymnastics Saskatchewan Registration Handbook                                                     9
                                         IMPORTANT NOTICE
        Gymnastics Saskatchewan Member Registration Process Information

Gymnastics Saskatchewan is pleased to announce a partnership with ISS - Integrated Sport Systems Inc.
for the development and implementation of online registration systems for our member clubs.

In September 2008, a new registration system was implemented which enables and requires member
clubs to register their members with us electronically. These changes to our existing system will
streamline the registration process as well as meet Gymnastics Canada’s and Sask Sport’s reporting
requirements for membership.

This new online program will allow clubs two options – to either purchase Clublink 5.4 software or use
E-Sport via the Gym Sask website. All competitive clubs currently registered with Gym Sask will be
reimbursed for the cost of their Clublink program purchase.

Clublink is the desktop software designed to manage the day to day operations of small and large clubs.
Clublink includes several useful tools, including advanced reporting tools for class schedules and lists,
ability to generate receipts, tax receipts, etc.

E-Sport is an on-line registration database that is located on the Gymnastics Saskatchewan website.
Clubs that do not have the Clublink program will be able to enter their club registration on E-Sport.
Reports will also be able to be created from this database for the clubs.

Catherine Tomczak is your main contact with Gymnastics Saskatchewan regarding Club Link, however, if
Catherine is not available please call or email Michael Morris, whom is our contact with Club Link if
you encounter any problems.

Catherine Tomczak                                         Michael Morris
Gymnastics Saskatchewan                                   Integrated Sports Systems (ISS) Inc.                            
306-780-9229                                              514-398-0766

                   To learn more about Clublink and E-Sport, please visit

2009-2010 Gymnastics Saskatchewan Registration Handbook                                               10

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