North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System — Emergency

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					North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System
New Hyde Park, NY

Client                                  Bovis Lend Lease has worked with the
North Shore Long Island Jewish Health   North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health
    System                              System since 2001, successfully
                                        completing numerous projects on both the
                                        New Hyde Park and Glen Cove campuses.
US$204,000,000 — Completed
US$220,000,000 — Under                  New Hyde Park Campus
2011                                                                                  Schneider Children’s Hospital
Assignment                                                                            Bovis Lend Lease provided pre-
Construction Management                                                               construction services for this five-story,
                                                                                      110,000 square foot in-patient building; the
                                                                                      new building will link to the existing
                                                                                      hospital and will include a pediatric
                                                                                      emergency department, a pediatric bed, a
                                                                                      PICU and a general pediatric floor, along
                                                                                      with a new emergency medical services
                                        Katz Women’s Hospital                         entrance. (US$70,000,000; 2009)
                                        Bovis Lend Lease is managing the
                                        construction of the 291,325 square foot,      Main Building Decanting
                                        nine-story, oval-shaped Katz Women’s          The 18,000 square foot interior renovation
                                        Hospital at Long Island Jewish Medical        included abatement and demolition, while
                                        Center. The new building will provide a       the adjacent areas remained occupied. A
                                        main entrance, two-story lobby, meditation    new temporary entrance, patient drop off
                                        room with reflecting pool and retail space,   and canopy were provided along with
                                        and will provide 14 labor/delivery rooms,     several new spaces including security,
                                        16 ante partum rooms, 60 post partum          respiratory, medical records, dentistry,
                                        rooms, 12 gynecological rooms, four           nursing administration, chaplaincy and a
                                        caesarean section operating rooms, a          surgeon’s lounge. (US$9,091,000; 2008)
                                        neonatal stabilization area, a well baby      Roadway Upgrade
                                        nursery and shell space for future            The multi-phased roadway upgrade
                                        expansion.                                    included both resurfacing of the existing
                                        The project also includes 5,240 square        roadway and parking area, and
                                        feet of renovations for examination/          construction of a new roadway, sidewalk,
                                        treatment rooms, patient preparation/         drainage and exterior lighting.
                                        receiving offices, family waiting rooms and   (US$4,000,000; 2008)
                                        staff support space; the second and third     Emergency Department and Intensive
                                        floors will connect with the main hospital    Care Unit Overbuild
                                        tower. (US$190,000,000; 2011)                 A multi-phased, construction/renovation
                                        Hematology and Oncology — Fourth              project providing 74 new/updated beds,
                                        Floor Fit-Out                                 office space, four resuscitation rooms
                                        The 5,000 square foot build-out of fourth     including two pediatric trauma rooms, 27
                                        floor shell space provides a 300 square       examination rooms with designated areas
                                        foot pharmacy, approximately 3,000            for pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology,
                                        square feet of clinical space for             otolaryngology, ophthalmology, orthopedic
                                        hematology and oncology outpatient            surgery and minor surgery.
                                        services, and staff office space and a        (US$28,000,000; 2008)
                                        reception area. (US$2,200,000; 2009)
North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System
New Hyde Park, NY

                                               Dietary Overbuild                              Demolition
                                               A 22,000 square foot, 26-bed Intensive         Demolition of the boiler/refrigeration plant
                                               Care Unit addition, atop the dietary           after the new energy center was
                                               department (that remained operational          completed and online. (US$737,000;
                                               throughout construction); new MEP              2005)
                                               infrastructure supports the kitchen and
                                               intensive care unit suite. The addition also
                                               provided space for administrative offices, a
                                               family lounge, a pediatric holding area,
                                               conference room and staff area.
Parking Garage                                 (US$18,000,000; 2007)
The construction of a seven-story, 310,000     Emergency Department — Make Ready
square foot parking garage providing           Work included the relocation of
1,200 vehicle spaces, manager’s office         underground utilities including water, 5kv
and restroom was completed in 13               electrical services, site lighting, oxygen,
months. (US$28,000,000; 2008)                  signals and storm sewers to outside the
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit                   footprint of the new emergency                 Child Psychology Ambulatory Care
The two-story, 15,000 square foot addition     department expansion (US$2,600,000;            Pavilion
expanded the neonatal intensive care unit,     2006)                                          The Zucker Hillside Ambulatory Care
providing an additional 24 beds, and                                                          Pavilion fit out resulted in more than
                                               Site Distribution and Utilities
provided office space for faculty. The                                                        12,000 square feet of finished spaces
                                               The 52-acre distribution and utilities
courtyard was enclosed with a 50-foot high                                                    including approximately 50 psychiatric
                                               project involved an underground network
skylight. (US$15,193,000; 2008)                                                               evaluation rooms, three waiting rooms, two
                                               of steam, chilled water, high-pressure
                                                                                              new public toilets and two suite toilets.
Cogeneration Equipment Room                    natural gas, water, 5kv normal power,
                                                                                              The work, which also included interior
The project involved the construction of a     480v emergency power, copper and fiber
                                                                                              demolition, existing ductwork and portions
new cogeneration equipment room within         optic tele/data, and pneumatic tubes for
                                                                                              of the slab on grade for new underground
the Energy Center, capable of producing        both existing and planned buildings.
                                                                                              plumbing, was completed in an occupied
2.8 Mega Watts of power with heat              (US$11,000,000; 2006)
                                                                                              building on a active psychiatric campus.
recovery and high-pressure steam                                                              All deliveries were scheduled so as to not
production. The new equipment connects                                                        interfere or co-mingle with the patient
into the existing MEP services and                                                            population. (US$2,200,000; 2005)
modifies the electrical distribution in the
Energy Center. (US$6,000,000; 2008)
Emergency Generator Room
The project included the construction of a
new emergency generator room within the
existing Energy Center, the addition of a
new 2000 KW generator with associated
switchgear and provisions for a future third   Zucker Hillside Ambulatory Care
generator. The new equipment connects          Pavilion
to the existing MEP services and modifies      Demolition and construction of an 87,000
the electric distribution in the Energy        square foot building housing administrative
Center, existing generator room and            space, classrooms, kitchen/dining area
Emergency Department building.                 and a gymnasium for patient use;               Teaching Center
(US$4,000,000; 2008)                           basement area houses electrical                This gut renovation of existing area
                                               switchgear, fire pump, elevator equipment      provided space for the relocation of the
                                               and shell space, which was subsequently        hospital conference center. Work included
                                               fit-out for the child psychology suite.        construction of a new board room which
                                               (US$23,000,000; 2005)                          also serves as the hospital emergency
                                                                                              command center. (US$2,900,000; 2005)
North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System
New Hyde Park, NY

Motor Parkway                                  Six thousand tons of refrigeration             Glen Cove Campus
The project involved the construction of a     equipment, three boilers providing 104,000     Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy
new roadway and utility infrastructure,        pph of steam and a 2,000 kW diesel             The upgrade/expansion to the physical
including storm and sanitary sewers, a 16-     engine generator with all related              therapy and occupational therapy center
tank storm retention system, water service,    switchgear was installed, as well as           involved a curtain wall replacement of the
landscaping and irrigation at the Zucker       ancillary equipment including cooling          existing laboratory and the build out of a
Hillside Ambulatory Care Pavilion.             towers, pumps and heat exchangers.             new training apartment, which included a
(US$2,000,000; 2004)                                                                          full, working kitchen, display laundry and
                                               Also included within the project scope was
                                                                                              training bathroom.
                                               approximately two acres of site utility work
                                               including a new storm water retention          Boiler Room Upgrade
                                               system, sanitary connection, extension of      The boiler upgrades involved numerous
                                               water services, catch basins, roadway,         projects:
                                               and new topsoil and landscaping.
                                               (US$24,000,000; 2003)                              Electrical systems — upgrade to one
                                                                                                  of the electrical systems including a
                                                                                                  cross radial 15 kv feed to the Long
                                                                                                  Island Power Authority, a new 480 volt,
                                                                                                  below grade transformer and vault,
                                                                                                  concrete encased primary and
                                                                                                  secondary feeders, new 2,500 amp
PBX/CDF Room                                                                                      switchboards and the installation of a
                                                                                                  back feed to an existing 120.280 volt
Demolition, renovation and fit-out of a 500                                                       switchgear.
square foot telephone frame room, which
                                                                                                  Steam boiler plant — upgrade to the
included raised flooring, an eight-ton split
                                                                                                  high-pressure, steam boiler plant with
air conditioning system and five-ton
                                                                                                  three 400 bhp units and auxiliaries,
backup, new electrical and sprinkler pre-
                                                                                                  and roof replacement; completed while
action systems, and a new cable tray
                                                                                                  maintaining service utilizing two 600
raceway system connecting the new room
                                                                                                  bhp temporary units.
with the existing telephone frame room.
(US$500,000; 2004)                                                                                Chiller Plant — the chiller plant
                                                                                                  upgrade included a new 450-ton,
                                                                                                  electrical chiller and modifications of
                                                                                                  the well water system.
                                                                                              The hospital remained operational
                                                                                              throughout all construction.

                                               Radiation and Oncology Department
                                               A below grade addition to the radiation and
                                               oncology department housing a linear
                                               accelerator, dressing rooms, exam rooms
Energy Center
                                               and offices; two openings cut into the
Construction of a 20,000 square foot
                                               foundation wall of the oncology building
energy center, intended to meet future
                                               provide access to the addition.
needs at the campus, as well as provide
                                               (US$3,100,000; 2003)
for steam and water needs, and additional
emergency power capacity.

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