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									   FALL 2009 REGISTRATION
 MAIL TO: 7 Windrock Drive, Bedford, NS B4A 3E5
     Ph: (902)492-3677 Fax: (902)446-9590         Dance with Ribbons, Hoops,
                                                      Balls and Ropes at
Name: ___________________________                     ILLUSIONS Rhythmic                    Programs for
                                                       Gymnastics Club.
DOB: ___________ Age: ____________

Parent’s Name: _____________________

Mailing Address:

Home Phone: _______________________
Work Phone: _______________________
Email: ____________________________
                                                  about rhythmic gymnastics
Medical Concerns:
_________________________________                 Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport which
_________________________________                 combines the flexibility, strength and
                                                  athleticism of artistic gymnastics with
Previous Dance/Gymnastics Training:
                                                  the grace and beauty of dance. The
                                                  gymnast performs jumps, leaps, balances
CLASSES                                           and pivots in a choreographed routine
Competitive Program                               set to music while manipulating one of
       Wednesdays (6-8:30pm)
                                                  five hand-held apparatus: RIBBON,
       Fridays (6-8:30 pm)
       Sundays (2-5pm)                            BALL, ROPE, HOOP or CLUBS.
Pre-Competitive Program
       Fridays (6-8:00pm)
Recreational Program                                     Classes are offered at
       Wednesdays (6-6:45 pm)                               Ecole Carrefour
       Fridays (6-6:45 pm)
                                                     (Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays)
Fee Schedule                                  Competition Schedule-2009/10            about ILLUSIONS…
Payments for the Fall Session will be due
on Sept.11, 2009.                                                                            ILLUSIONS is a well-established
                                                –   Classes start on Wed. Sept. 9,    Rhythmic Gymnastics Club existing in the
                                                    Fri. Sept 11, and Sun. Sept 13    Halifax-Dartmouth area since 1995.
Illusions Annual Registration Fee
                                                                                             Throughout the year we offer
Individual $30
                                                –   Interclub Fun Day                 recreational, and pre-competitive classes.
Family $45                                          Sunday Dec 6, 2009                We also have a competitive program in which
                                                                                      we train provincial and national level
Family Discount: Two kids - discount            –   Interclub Competition             gymnasts.
10% from class fees.                                Sunday February 7, 2010                  At ILLUSIONS our vision is to
                                                                                      create a positive, fun environment where
FALL 2009 TERM FEES (Sept-Dec)                  –   Provincials March 6, 2010         the emphasis is placed on personal
Recreational Fees (45 minute class)                 (all Illusions gymnasts)          accomplishments and having a lasting
                                                                                      experience through sport.
                                                –   Atlantics April 2010 (Halifax)-
                                                    Competitive athletes only
Pre-Competitive Fees (2 hr class)                                                     about ILLUSIONS coaches
$160                                            –   Eastern Regionals May 2010
                                                    Competitive athletes only
Payment Options                                                                       Julie Jeffery, Meghan Milloy, Jillian Wilkins,
                                                                                      Kaylee Rawding and Janaya Bishop are
   1. 100% of term with cheque:
                                                                                      experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to
      Sept 11, 2009
                                                                                      ILLUSIONS and the sport of rhythmic
   2. 50% of term with cheque:                                                        gymnastics.
      Due Sept 11, 2009
                                                                                             We are very enthusiastic and eager
      50% post date cheque:
                                                                                      to share our passion for the sport of
      Due Nov. 6, 2009
                                                                                      rhythmic gymnastics with you!
*post dated cheque required at time of reg.

Total Fall Fees:                                                                           Come and join in the fun next Fall!
Class Fee               __________
                                                                                      If you have any questions or would like more
Registration Fee        __________                                                     information about our Fall 2009 programs,
Family Discount (10%)   __________                                                    please contact Julie Jeffery [492-3677] or
Total:                  __________                                                            Meghan Milloy [445-9440].

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