New Sports-haler™ to revolutionise lifestyle of those with asthma

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Embargoed 3 September 2007

New Sports-haler™ to revolutionise
lifestyle of those with asthma
The new Sports-haler™, a next generation asthma puffer for use by people with asthma, will enable them to pursue a
range of outdoor activities, confident in the knowledge that their medication is protected and easily accessible.

DelvTech International Pty Ltd, the company behind the Sports-haler™, recognises that having asthma can restrict a
person’s involvement in many daily activities, from sports to recreation and even work and play.

Over two million Australians have asthma and while it can often be triggered by exercise, Asthma Foundation of
Victoria CEO Robin Ould said people with asthma should not refrain from participating in sport and recreational

“Being physically active is part of a good asthma management plan and should not be avoided. It is imperative that
people with asthma have easy access to their medication at all times and the Sports-haler™ is an exciting new
development for everyone who is active with asthma,” Mr Ould said.

“The DelvTech team should be congratulated for developing the Sports-haler™. The determination to work through
all of the issues in developing a new device shows the commitment of DelvTech to people with asthma.”

DelvTech CEO David Wharton said the company’s aim is to support active people who have asthma by providing
them with an inhaler that is highly portable and easily accessible, no matter what their chosen activity.

The Sports-haler™ is a compact and reusable device that allows a person with asthma to be active with confidence
knowing that their medication is secure and protected against dirt and moisture.

As a smart alternative to the old style puffer, the Sports-haler™ is designed to take standard Ventolin™ or Asmol™
medication canisters to provide the same metered dose of rescue medication in the usual way.

However, its twist action retractable mouthpiece and flexible press cap seal prevent the ingress of contaminants such
as sand, dirt and water. The Sports-haler™ is easily cleaned and can be refilled with new medication canisters once
they are empty.

While the retractable mouthpiece allows the Sports-haler™ to be more comfortably carried in a pocket, DelvTech has
also designed a range of holders and accessories that enable the wearer to select a portable option best suited to
their chosen activity. This provides safe accessibility and peace of mind for the end user from knowing exactly where
their inhaler is at the onset of symptoms.

Quality accessories available soon will include an elastic arm and waist sports bands, bike mount, carabiner clips and
safety necklaces.

At just $19.95 RRP the Sports-haler™ “BLOWS YOUR OLD PUFFER AWAY” with its compact and convenient
design, and range of funky colours.



The Sports-haler™ is also available with a standard holder kit for $24.95 RRP so active people with asthma can
“wear it your way”. Two interchangeable, coloured covers are included in the holder kits to quickly transform the look.
Users can personalise the rugged holder so it’s not only secure and comfortable but also attractive.

Whether working in an office or facing the elements during outdoor pursuits, the Sports-haler™ and its range of
holders and accessories means those active with asthma can now go anywhere and do anything with increased

A Queensland-based company, DelvTech International has been able to develop this innovative product thanks in part
to support from teQstart investment and Queensland Government Smart State initiatives.

For further information on the Sports-haler™ go to or visit your local pharmacy from

22 October 2007.

For comment from Asthma Foundation of Victoria CEO Robin Ould phone 0417 515 948.


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