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					           New IBO Business Pack
           A fresh new approach to joining the AMWAY Business

Take the road to success
 A new strategy to help increase
 IBOs will be able to join the AMWAY business via three                       Option       1      Quickstart Pack
 new exciting options –                                                       Those new IBOs wanting access to AMWAY Publications and
 The objective is to offer IBOs lower and more affordable                     full access to the Amway website, have the option of joining as
 entry points into the business and provide greater flexibility               Business IBOs. New Business IBO applicants will receive the
 for product choice.                                                          Literature Pack (passes on by Sponsor) as well as the new Health &
                                                                              Beauty Essentials Product Pack.
 The sign-up process has also been simplified by significantly
 reducing the size of the Application Form. There will be a reduction         	 •			Australia	$165.00	+	$7.95	delivery	
 in the number of components in the Literature Kit. These will be                   Health & Beauty Essentials Pack
 replaced with an AMWAY Opportunity DVD.                                            Australia VS208721 PV 22.66 / BV 77.27

new AMWAY Literature Pack

 The new Australian Literature Packs include:
 • A simplified one page application form               •   An updated Business Rules Handbook
 • An AMWAY Opportunity DVD which includes              •   The latest Better Choices catalogue
   six sections:                                        •   A reply paid envelope                            make it happen
   1. AMWAY Overview                                    •   Break Free brochure
   2. The AMWAY Business Opportunity
   3. NUTRIWAY Brand
   4. ARTISTRY Brand
   5. EMMA PAGE Brand

 Simplified application form
applications                                                              Option       3     e-IBO Basic Start Pack
                                                                          For those new IBOs wishing to join the business at the lowest
                                                                          available price point. New applicants will receive the new
                                                                          Literature Pack (passes on by Sponsor) and the new Health
   Option 2 Focus Pack                                                    & Beauty Essentials Product Pack. E-IBOs will have access to
                                                                          the Amway website for ordering product, sponsoring, using
   (referred by your sponsor.)                                            Ditto, access of product information, and to update their
   The Business IBO can be guided by the sponsor as to which product      personal details. E-IBOs will not have access to a hard copy of
   pack is selected. They have the option to choose from one              the Because or other publications. Instead they can view these
   of 6 available packs. This option includes receipt of AMWAY            publications electronically on Also they
   publications and full access to the Amway website.                     will not have access to the FULL Virtual Office on the Amway
   The 6 product packs available for selection are outlined on the back   website.
   page of this brochure.
                                                                          	 •		Australia	$99.95	+	$7.95		delivery	
   	 •	Australia	$80.00	application	plus	cost	of	new	Product	Pack		 	          Health & Beauty Essentials Pack
   	 	 selection	+	$7.95	delivery                                              Australia VS208721 PV 22.66 / BV 77.27

  new Health and Beauty Essentials Product Pack

   The new Australian Health & Beauty
   Essentials Pack includes:
   • ARTISTRY Sampler Pack
   • NUTRIWAY Omega-3 Complex 90s
   • POSITRIM Protein Bars
      1 each of Fudgy Brownie,
      Roasted Peanut and
      Caramel/Vanilla flavours
   • NUTRIWAY Daily 60s
   • XS Drinks x 3 kinds (Grape-Berry Blast,
      Tropical Blast, Cola Blast)
Product Pack Options
Available for IBOs joining on Option 2
                                                                                                                              HOME AND HEALTH PACK
                                                                                                                              PV 49.13 / BV 167.60
                                                                                                                              $193.58 Aus
As a sponsoring IBO, option 2 gives you the flexibility and control to recommend a particular product pack                    SA8 Liquid 1ltr
that will guide the prospect to focus in the area of business of your choice. There will be seven product                     Pursue 1ltr
packs to choose from covering all key areas of the business - NUTRIWAY, ARTISTRY, EMMA PAGE JEWELLERY,                        Dish Drops 1ltr
E. FUNKHOUSER NEW YORK, COSMETICS,HOME & HEALTH,                                                                              LOC Multi-Purpose Cleaner 1ltr
XS and HOMECARE.                                                               ENERGY PACK                                    LOC Aerosol Window Cleaner
                                                                                    VS208810                                  Pursue Toilet Cleaner 750ml
                                            HEALTH PACK                             PV 55.58 / BV 189.53                      Satinique Daily Balance 2-in-1
                                            Australia                               $208.49 Aus                               Glister Toothpaste 200g
                                            VS208809                                DOUBLE X 31 Day Tray
                                                                                                                              Pistol Grip Spray Bottle
                                            PV 54.53 / BV 185.97 $204.56 Aus        Protein Bars Variety Pack 16              Dispenser Pump 1ltr
                                            DOUBLE X 31 day tray                    XS Energy Drinks                          Dispenser Bottle with Cap
                                            Omega-3 Complex 90s                     6 Assorted Flavours                       XS Tropical Blast pack 6
                                            Protein Bars Variety pack 16            XS Protein Blast Shake                    XS Citrus Blast pack 6
                                                                                    1 x Chocolate - 350ml, 1 x Latte          Nutriway Daily 60’s
                                                                                    - 350ml                                   XS Bar Almond/Nougat
                                                                                    XS Energy Bars
                                            EMMA PAGE KIT                           2 x Almond Nougat - 40g,
                                            VS207757                                2 x Caramel Fudge - 40g
                                                                                                                               HOME ESSENTIALS PACK
                                            PV 53.32 / BV 181.82
                                            $200.00 Aus                                                                        VS208815
                                                                                    BEAUTY PACK                                PV 35.46 / BV 120.93
                                            Devotion Necklace Rhodium
                                                                                    PV 64.26 / BV 219.11 $241.01 Aus           $133.03 Aus
                                            Metropolis Necklace Gold
                                                                                    Hydrating Skincare VS233533                SA8 Laundry
                                            Ruby Pendant Gold                       Essentials Hydrating Cleanser
                                            Tuxedo Earrings Gold                    Essentials Hydrating Toner                 Concentrate 750g
                                            Lucky Bracelet Rhodium                  Essentials Hydrating Lotion                LOC Multi-Purpose Cleaner 1ltr
                                            Radiate Earrings Rhodium                Replenishing Eye Creme                     Dish Drops 1ltr
                                                                                    Skin Refinishing Lotion                    All Fabric Bleach 1ltr
                                            Prestige Bracelet Gold                  Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
                                            Jackie Earrings Rhodium                                                            Tri-Zyme 750g
                                                                                    Balancing Skincare VS233534
                                            Emma Page                                                                          Fabric Softener 1ltr
                                                                                    Essentials Balancing Cleanser
                                            Presentation Satchel                    Essentials Balancing Toner                 Pursue 1ltr
                                            Emma Page Jewellery Roll                Essentials Balancing Lotion                Satinique Gentle Daily 300ml
                                            Emma Page Steps to                      Replenishing Eye Creme                     Body Series G&H Lotion 375ml
                                                                                    Skin Refinishing Lotion                    Glister Toothpaste 200g
                                            Success Brochure                        Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

 Becoming an AMWAY e-IBO
 For those new applicants wishing to join the business at the lowest available price point can join as an e-IBO. They will receive the new Literature Pack and the
 new Health & Beauty Essential Product Pack for $99.95 + delivery.
 E-IBOs can only sign up via the Amway website ( and will have access to communication material via all electronic methods including the
 Amway website, email and SMS. E-IBOs will not have access to Because or other Publications and limited access to the Virtual Office on the Amway website.

 The	following	are	those	areas		         On	the	Amway	website	the	IBO	will	      At	any	stage,	an	e-IBO	can	upgrade	to	a	Business	IBO	for	an	additional	fee	of	
 that		an	e-IBO	will	not	have		          be	able	to:                             $65.	This	can	occur	in	the	following	scenarios:
 access	on	the	amway	website:            • Order product                         • At login on A prompt will appear asking the question
 • Business Reports                      • Sponsor                               • Upgrade online. The e-IBO home page will contain a permanent promotion
 • LOS Map                               • Use DITTO DELIVERY Service              providing ability for IBO to upgrade
 • PV/BV inquiry                         • Access product information            • Upgrade via telephone
                                         • Access emags
 • PV/BV Transfer
                                         • View their Business Indicators
 • Forums                                • Update personal details

 Questions & Answers                                                             Q. Does	the	Literature	Pack	Deposit	system	change?
 Q. Can	I	return	my	old	Literature	Packs?                                        A. No the current deposit system for the Literature Pack will continue for the
 A. AMWAY will not accept any returns of old Literature Packs. IBOs can still    new pack. The only change will be the deposit charge for Australia that will
 use the old Literature Packs for sponsoring. However in order to do so, IBOs    change from $15 to $20. This does not apply to Packs purchased within the
 must post the old IBO application form to AMWAY. In return, AMWAY will post     90 day satisfaction guarantee.
 a new application form back to the IBO. AMWAY will not replace any other        Q. How	will	Option	2	Product	Packs	be	sent	to	new	IBOs?
 component in the old kit, including the old Better Choices Catalogue.           A. These product packs will be sent in a standard AMWAY carton, however will
 Q. Will	the	Opportunity	DVD	be	available	for	purchase	separately?               be labelled with special ‘first order congratulatory messages” and will include
 A. Yes, the DVD will also double up as a useful sponsoring tool and will be     a letter of recognition for their first order. If options 1 and 3 are selected,
 available for sale in December on VS208847 at a cost of $3.95 Aust.             the new IBO will receive a prepackaged Health & Beauty Essentials pack as
                                                                                 shown on previous page.
 Q. Is	an	outright	Pack	available?
 A. No. Outright Packs will no longer be available.

                                                                                                                                 Prices are effective from March 1 2009.

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