Affects of the Tsunami on tourism

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Affects of the Tsunami on tourism

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A tsunami struck out of nowhere going down in history as the most
devastating earthquake killing over two hundred thousand people.

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It was December 26,2004 a beautiful sunny day. There were vacationers all
over the gorgeous Asian beaches not a worry in the world. Certainly no
one was expecting the devastation that was about to unfold. A tsunami
struck out of nowhere going down in history as the most devastating
earthquake killing over two hundred thousand people. The coasts of South
East Asia had been building popularity with Europeans when this occurred,
understandably so tourism dwindled down after this, but not for long.
Some of the more popular vacation spots that were affected the most were
Sri Lanka, South India, Thailand, and Indonesia. After the tsunami struck
most locations started planning ideas or events to bring tourism back.
They knew the travel industry would be affected and wanted to make sure
it did not last long.

Sri Lanka one of the hardest hit places came up with an idea they called
“Io Vado A Sri Lanka”. What they did was get a group together of more
than two hundred and seventy people consisting of the Italian media, tour
operators and retailers and they toured the island. They visited all
their interesting sites on the island.

The idea was that the Italian media would share their experience on the
island and would be encouraging people to come visit at the same time.
When the tsunami struck South East Asia the tourism industry lost
billions of dollars. Immediately after the tsunami the government was
encouraging vacationers to stay away from the areas affected.

Fortunately the travel industry was not going to stand for this. They
have been working hard since the Tsunami to regain their visitors.
Shortly after the Tsunami the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
intensified their marketing to gain tourists again. They began to
encourage the government to help them assure travelers that this tsunami
was an isolated event, something that just does not happen. There was one
good thing that came out of this tragedy. With all the media coverage on
the tsunami more people became aware of these ideal vacation

One other thing the travel industry has been doing and will continue
doing is giving advisory updates. They are informing the necessary
sources of the conditions and improvements of these destinations and
encouraging people to visit. By giving updates this will help get tourism
back to 100% on the beautiful coasts of South East Asia.

Fortunately for everyone tourists have begun to realize that a tsunami of
this magnitude is rare, something that happens once maybe every hundred
years and they are not letting it scare them away from enjoying a piece
of paradise.

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