51 Ways To Report On A Book by armedman1


									Dr. Pat Feehan                                                      March 3-4, 2008

              51 Ways To Report On A Book

   1. Write a one sentence summary about the book.
   2. Write the story from a different point of view.
   3. Write a short diary a main character might have written.
   4. Choose a character and write a sketch of the person.
   5. Rearrange a passage as a “found” poem.
   6. Write a parody of a book.
   7. Write a promotion campaign for a movie about a book.
   8. Write a letter to the author of the book.
   9. Put together a cast for the film version of the book.
   10. Write a report of related information about one topic or person
         in a book.
   11. Make a new book jacket.
   12. Make up a new story using the original book jacket.
   13. Mold plaster relief designs.
   14. Develop a book into a puppet show.
   15. Do a “You Are There” news program.
   16. Write and stage a television series episode.
   17. Prepare a television commercial about a book to sell it.
   18. Use body masks and present a scene from your book.
   19. Dramatize a scene from a book with other students taking parts.
   20. Play charades based on various books members of the class
         have read.
   21. Develop a book to a radio drama.
   22. Do a dramatic reading such as a Reader’s Theater of a scene.
   23. Make one life-sized paper-stuffed animal, person, or object
         found in a book.
   24. Make hand looms and weavings that portray a design in a book.
   25. Create batik designs with wax and old sheets of tie-dye
   26. Fashion a mobile from items related to a story.
   27. Make a “roll-movie” of the scenes or events from a book.
   28. Make an animation of a scene or an adding machine tape.
   29. Create filmstrips of a story.
   30. Print a design from a story in a book using a variety of
   31. Impersonate a character and tell an episode in a book.
   32. Discuss a book informally with another student.
   33. Interview a character from a book.
   34. Prepare 3 questions about the book.
   35. Compare biographies of a character in historical fiction.
   36. Compare version of the same story.

Dr. Pat Feehan                                                         March 3-4, 2008

   37. Have a panel or round-table discussion of books on the same
   38. Pitch a sales talk for a book.
   39. Interview a book’s author.
   40. Portray a book character through a costume.
   41. Make a talking display of a book.
   42. Draw a scale model of an item in story.

   43. Cook a food mentioned in your book.
   44. Build a relief map of the setting of a story.
   45. Design and make your own T-shirt of an illustration about the
   46. Construct a building from a story.
   47. Make a costume doll for a display of a character in a book.
   48. Complete scale drawings of rooms in a book.
   49. Learn to play a game mentioned in a book or make-up a game.
   50. Ask others in the class to design and stitch a square for a quilt.
   51. Convert the events of a story into a ballad or song.


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