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Sidestepping a bad day through Distraction


Sidestepping a bad day through Distraction

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Ever have days where going back to bed and starting over is a great idea?
You get up, spill coffee all over you, your breakfast ends up in your
lap, nothing works properly (ask me about technology…), no one seems to
care, we‟ve „tried everything‟ and work is the pits.

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When life becomes a bit too much to handle and I‟m in need of some time
out I use a simple technique, that of distraction; and for me at least,
this works a treat.

When I do distraction, what I‟m actually doing is breaking a pattern of
my behavior. What this technique doesn‟t include is shopping,
telephoning or emailing friends because that‟s what I would normally do
during my working week.

I‟ve listed several suggestions below that I‟ve used in the past. Some
have been joyful experiences and some worse than the reason why I needed
a distraction in the first place.

As you read each one, write down in order of preference beginning with
the suggestion that interests you most (however remotely), to the last
which should be what interests you the least.

From this list try out the suggestions that interest you the least.
Compare how you felt when you got out of bed to doing the least favored

Humor is good, absurd humor (for me) is even better. Absurd humor works
very well for me and I have often used it successfully to distract me
from thinking about things that have the capacity to turn an average day
into a really bad day.

I remember the first time I did a public speaking gig in a large
auditorium filled to capacity. Not naturally funny, it was suggested I
open my speech with something witty. So I did. What did I hear?
Crickets! I responded with “Well moving right along now…”

Some may find experiences such as this uncomfortable; I found it hugely
funny and still do. Moral of this story for me is to stop trying to be
funny because I‟m not – and I think that‟s hugely funny in itself.
To distract thoughts that have the potential to produce an unresourceful
state, try one of the following suggested distractions (for men and
women) … better yet, try all of them if you haven‟t already:

•     Try out a new, intricate and complicated recipe – this will keep
you going for awhile especially if you need to source obscure

•     Start an embroidery project, one with lots of different colored
embroidery cotton.

•     Read an autobiography – you may find their „real‟ life experiences
are much like ours, and sometimes worse!

•      Complete a 2,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of water scenes or the night

•     Read the white or yellow telephone pages – this will keep you busy
for days on end.

•     Choose a small area of garden and count the number of ants, and the
species (apparently there are thousands), that run through in a four hour

•     Count how many tiles you have in the bathroom and kitchen, and then
do the same thing backwards.

•      Start a knitting project.

•      Start a sand art project using either bottles or paper.

•      Paint your garden pots – better still watch paint dry!

•      Bake a cake.

•      Polish all your shoes and replace all shoe laces.

By distracting your self before plunging fully into an unresourceful
state, you may find that good things have the potential to come to pass.

Your knitting or embroidery project could be a winner if entered in
competitions, you could invite friends to share your newly baked cake or
taste your intricate recipe, maybe you discover another species of ant,
and your sand art project could just be the perfect gift for someone

<a href="">Michaela Scherr, Transformational

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