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					YMCA Glengowrie
2009 Gymsports
Information Handbook
YMCA Glengowrie
2009 Gymsports Information Handbook


Welcome                                             3
Definitions                                         4
Training sessions                                   6
Payments                                            8
Rules in the gym                                    8
Parents’ Code of Behaviour                          9
Communication                                       9
Dates                                               10
Competitions - Clothing suppliers                   11
Competition dates                                   12
Competition rules                                   13
Competition entry fees                              13
Coaching and Judges courses                         14
Program progression flowchart                       15

This booklet will tell you all you need to know about competitions and
training. Keep it in a safe place for reference and mark the dates on
your calendar.

                                                  YMCA Glengowrie
                               2009 Gymsports Information Handbook


YMCA Gymnastics Philosophy

In no other sport does there exist such an opportunity to mould, develop and
enhance the lives of young people as in gymnastics. No other sport offers such
a balance of physical, psychological and behavioural development, teaching
attributes and skills that have direct ties-in with later life. Dedication, discipline,
determination, fitness and time management are but a few invaluable skills learnt
through gymnastics.

While the YMCA would like all gymnasts in our clubs to be highly successful, we
understand that not all who participate will make it through to the State or National
team level. In reality, only a select few make it this far, and hence it is not our primary
focus. In line with the YMCA’s vision of building strong people, strong families and
strong communities, we prefer to focus on the growth and development of each
individual gymnast.

Gold medals and winning is not our main focus. We don’t just develop our
gymnasts to achieve short term, performance related success. Every gymnast
participating, whether training for 1 hour or 20, is developed on a long-term basis to
develop skills that will help them succeed in all aspects of their future lives.

Gymnastics is a lifetime activity. We aim to assist parents in teaching and
developing characteristics in their children that will provide a strong grounding for
their future lives. We also hope that friendships and relationships developed over
the years of training continue past the end of their gymnastics career, and that, in
turn, they will be inspired to involve their own children in gymnastics.

                                             YMCA Glengowrie
                          2009 Gymsports Information Handbook


                            MAG: Men’s Artistic Gymnastics is composed of
                            six components: Floor, Vault, Parallel Bars, Rings,
                            Pommell Horse & Horizontal Bar.

 WAG: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is composed of
 four components: Vault, Uneven Bars, Floor & Beam.

                               TRP: Trampolining is a sport which combines
                               aerial somersaulting, twisting and various body
                               landings to spectacular acrobatic effect.

 Rhythmic: Combines dance and gymnastics
 using balls, hoops, ribbons, ropes and clubs.

                                             YMCA Glengowrie
                          2009 Gymsports Information Handbook


Recreational Gym: 7 years and over
                  5 - 6 years old
                  Juniors (4 - 5 y.o.)
                  Kindergym (1 - 3 y.o.)

                      Sports Acrobatics: A dynamic and spectacular
                      sport for men and women. It builds courage, strength,
                      stamina, coordination and flexibility.

Sport Aerobics: Involves performing continuous
complex and high intensity movement patterns
choreographed to music.

                           Cheerleading - Pom and Cheer: Made
                           famous by competitive US college cheerleading,
                           there are two forms of cheerleading within Australia:
                              • Recreational
                              • Competitive

                                                   YMCA Glengowrie
                                2009 Gymsports Information Handbook

Training sessions

Safety of participants, siblings and parents is of primary concern to the YMCA.
Gymnasts MUST wait for a coach to begin the session. Accidents occur when
the children “play” before their training session begins or after sessions have
concluded. Please take the time to read the Gym Rules overleaf with your child.
Participants must obey the instructors at all times.
Start times
It is important that the children arrive on time, to be prepared to begin and finish the
sessions on time.

Siblings must be supervised by parents at all times.
No child may use the equipment unless supervised by an authorised staff member.
Children involved in a competitive gym sport should train the desired training times
allocated as per their level.
If this isn’t suitable and neither child nor family can commit, you may prefer to take
advantage of other gym sports being offered that require less commitment.
Clothing should be tight fitting, but not restrictive.
Suitable Clothing:
• Leotards                  • T-shirts
• Tank tops                 • Crop tops
• Bike pants                • Stretchy soccer shorts
Boys need tracksuit pants for pommel horse training and a windcheater for parallel
bar practice.
Unsuitable Clothing:
• Jeans                  • Non stretchy pants or shorts
• Baggy clothing         • Skirts
• Shorts and track pants with a tie up cord

                                                YMCA Glengowrie
                             2009 Gymsports Information Handbook

Lost Clothing
Please ensure that your child’s property is always named. Named clothing is always
easier to find a home for!
Gym Bag and Bottle
Have a bag and plastic drink bottle that is permanently packed ready for trainings
and competitions. The bag should have loops and gloves, grips and most
importantly, a drink bottle.

Glasses of water can no longer be provided by the YMCA.

Ensure that children have sneakers for running. Your child’s coach may feel it
necessary to conduct a warm up outside. These can be packed into their gym bag.

Socks must be worn for trampolining.

Medical Conditions
For the safety and protection of the Club’s members, any gymnasts with the
following conditions will not be allowed to participate in gymnastics classes:

• Influenza
• Chicken Pox or any infectious disease
• Head lice

Injury Clearance Policy
In cases where serious injury or sickness has occurred, an injury clearance must be
obtained from an accredited physiotherapist or relevant doctor/specialist regarding
whether or not the athlete can return to training.

The injury clearance must be handed personally to the Head Coach Program
Manager who will give authority to the athlete to commence training at the level that
has been suggested by the clearance.

Training will not recommence until the club receives this document
and no exceptions can be made.

                                                 YMCA Glengowrie
                              2009 Gymsports Information Handbook

Term Fees
All term fees must be fully paid no later than week 2 of the current term. A meeting
should be arranged with the Manager in circumstances of financial difficulties. Term
fees and trial class fees are available at the front office.

Payments may be made via EFTPOS or with cash at the front office.

Additional fees for holiday trainings are applicable and must be paid in advance.

Trial Class Fees
Trial class fees must be paid on the day the class is held. The fee payable is listed
in the Term Fees Schedule.

Refunds will only be issued on production of a doctor’s certificate. In the event of
inability to complete programs paid for, make up lessons or credits may be offered
with Manager’s approval.

Rules in the Gym
• Always arrive on time for your lesson.
• Do not enter the gym until your class starts.
• No jewelry or watches are to be worn in the gym.
• Loose clothing, shoes, bags and drinks to be left in the storage area provided.
• Hair is to be tied back at all times - no butterfly clips or headbands.
• No food, drink or gum is to be taken into the gym.
• All injuries must be reported to your coach.
• When waiting for your class please keep the noise down.
• Follow all instructions given by your coach (they are given to help keep you safe).
• No running in the gym.
• Leave the gym as soon as your class has finished.
• Parents and children not involved in the class must stay in the viewing area.
• Parents are responsible for the safety of children not involved in classes.

Failure to obey these rules may lead to exclusion from activity. Please go through
these rules with your child to ensure you are both aware of them.

                                                 YMCA Glengowrie
                              2009 Gymsports Information Handbook

Parents’ Code of Behaviour
• Remember that children participate in sport for their own enjoyment.
• Encourage children to participate in sport, but do not force them.
• Focus on your child’s individual efforts, not on whether they win or not.
• Never ridicule a child for making a mistake.
• Always encourage your child to respect their coach and other officials.
• Remember that children learn best by example. Appreciate good performances
  and treat others with respect.
• Respect the decisions made by coaches and judges and use appropriate
  methods of expressing concern.
• Show appreciation for all coaches, judges and administrators - without them your
  child could not participate.
• Ensure you know the rules of the gym and teach them to your child.
• When your child returns to training after injury or illness you will be required to
 supply a medical certificate clearing them to return to training.

It is essential that there be good communication between the participant, his or her
family and the coach and club.

We will do our best to keep you informed of:
• Upcoming events, especially competitions and other relevant information e.g.
meetings, uniform requirements etc
• Any injuries and the treatment given
• Your child’s progress.

We need you to inform us:
• Of any problems your child may be having
• If your child will not be available for a competition. Entries have to be in to Gym SA
a month in advance, and unless we are notified of your child’s inability to compete,
they will be entered and a cost will be charged to you.
• If your child is going to be absent from a class for any given reason

NOTE: Make up classes are not available without specific Manager’s

                                                 YMCA Glengowrie
                              2009 Gymsports Information Handbook

We work on state school terms, including the Saturday of the last week.

Term 1:   27th Jan - 9th April
Term 2:   27th April - 3rd July
Term 3:   20th July - 25th Sept
Term 4:   12th Oct - 11th Dec

Public Holidays:
January:      1st & 26th
March:        9th
April:        10th, 11th, 13th & 25th
June:         8th
October:      5th
December:     25th & 28th

Holiday Trainings
Training will be held on Monday and Fridays for all levels if demand is sufficient,
except on public holidays. Additional fees for Holiday Training will be charged.

2009 Glengowrie Gymsports Display Night
25th September

Adelaide Christmas Pageant
7th November

Glenelg Christmas Pageant
22nd November

Competition Venues

All gymnastics competitions are held at the Marion Fitness and Leisure Centre,
corner of Oaklands Road and Rosedale Avenue, Morphettville. (Opposite Warradale
Army Barracks).

Trampoline competitions are held at the Blackwood Recreation Centre, 1 Northcote
Road, Eden Hills (off Shepherds Hill Road).

                                                YMCA Glengowrie
                             2009 Gymsports Information Handbook

• Competition leotard: available from Goose Leotards
• Club tracksuit: available from Kathy Lusty
• PLAIN WHITE ankle socks.

Competition Leotard: available from Goose Leotards
Tracksuits: available from Kathy Lusty.

Competition leotard and competition shorts: available from Sylvia P Sportswear
Tracksuits: available from Kathy Lusty.

Gym Bag
This should be a backpack big enough to fit:
• Competition and/or training attire
• Sneakers and socks
• Healthy snack
• Plastic drink bottle
• Hankie / tissues
• If necessary, grips, wrist bands and loops.

Suppliers’ details
Girls’ Leotards                     Boys’ Wear                 Tracksuits
Goose Leotards                      Sylvia P Sportswear        Kathy Lusty
7 Parkview Tce                      3/14 Christine Place       26 Hardy St
Lysterfield South                   Capalaba                   Glengowrie, 5044
Victoria, 3156                      Queensland, 4157           p: 8294 4265
p: (03) 9708 0809                   p: (07) 3390 2902
e:            f: (07) 3390 3673

                                           YMCA Glengowrie
                        2009 Gymsports Information Handbook

Competition Dates

Men’s Gymnastics
Sun 4th April         MAG L 1 - 5 Interclub
Sat/Sun 29th - 30th   MAG L 1 - 10 States
Sat 15th August       MAG L 1 - 5 Interclub
Sat 19th Sept         MAG L 1 - 5 TMS Challenge
Sat 31st Oct          MAG L 1 - 5 Invitational

Sun 5th Mar           TRP Inter #1
Sun 24th May          TRP Inter #2
Sun 9th Aug           TRP Inter #3
Sun 15th Nov          TRP Inter #4
Sun 6th Dec           TRP Novice

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Level 1 - 3
18th April         Millicent Invitational
25th - 26th June   WAG Interclub # 1
22nd - 23rd Aug    WAG Interclub # 2
24th - 25th Oct    WAG State Champs

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Level 4 - 5
16th - 17th May    WAG Interclub
25th - 26th July   WAG Invitational
19th - 20th Sept   WAG State Champs

Gym For All Challenge
Sun 31st May
Sun 20th Sept

Sport Aerobics
4th Mar               AEROskools workshop
16th - 17th May       Workshop for schools and clubs
30th August           Gymsports Championships
October               Nationals - Melbourne

30th August           Gymsports Championships

                                                 YMCA Glengowrie
                              2009 Gymsports Information Handbook

Competition Rules

1. Only gymnasts, coaches and competition personnel are allowed onto the
competition floor (where the blue matting starts).

2. Gymnasts are not allowed to leave the competition area without permission.
If they need to leave the floor to go to the toilet they can do so but only with the
coach and team at an approved time. Participants will be asked to go to the toilet
prior to competition commencing.

3. No flash photography is permitted during the competition.

4. Anyone wishing to photograph or video their child must fill out a permission form
available from the desk upon entering competition at Marion and then only take
photographs from the seating area provided for patrons.

5. Playing on the equipment is prohibited.

Competition Entry Fees

Administration Fee
• An administration fee of $35 is payable in advance for all competitions. This
covers the cost of professional coaches being available on the day.


• Interclub competitions: $12.00 per event. Synchronised is approx. $15.00
• Novice and State Titles: $20.00 per event. Synchronised is $30.00.


• Interclub events: $15.00
• Championships: $30.00


• Interclub competitions: $20.00 per session
• Championships: $35.00 per session

If you are interested in learning to judge, please do not hesitate to
speak to your child’s coach.

                                                 YMCA Glengowrie
                              2009 Gymsports Information Handbook

Coaching and Judges Courses

These are dates that would be good to keep in mind as there is a shortage of
coaches throughout the state.

Glengowrie must be represented by a judge at all competitions where the club has
competitors. If this isn’t the case, the club will be fined and parents will be charged
additional fees.

Women’s Judges Course
Levels 1 – 3 Sunday 23rd May (day 1)
Levels 1 – 3 Sunday 24th May (day 2)

Men’s Judges Course
Level 2  14th – 15th March

Level 1 Coaches Course
Sunday 15th Feb - Day 1
Sunday 22nd Feb - Day 2
Sat/Sun 4th & 5th July - Men’s, Women’s & Kin
Sat/Sun 17th & 18th Oct.

Trampoline Judges Course


The YMCA of South Australia and YMCA Glengowrie respectfully acknowledges the
following organisations for their continued support:

• Gymnastics SA
• The Office for Recreation and Sport
• Active Club
• Gymnastics Australia

The Management and Staff also acknowledge the continued support of the families
and friends of YMCA Glengowrie who help out in many ways.

                                              YMCA Glengowrie
                           2009 Gymsports Information Handbook

Program Progression Flowchart

             0 - 3 yrs

N          miniYkids
          Kindergym plus

E            4 - 5 yrs

                                 CY Kids
                              WAG Development
                                                 CY team
                                                WAG Level 1-3
                                                                         CY team
                                                                        WAG Level 4-6

W           Recreation
                                 CY Kids
                              MAG Development
                                                 CY team
                                                MAG Level 1-3
                                                                         CY team
                                                                        MAG Level 4-6

           GYMYkids            GYMYkids                             GYMYadults
          GFA Challenge        GFA Challenge
                                                GYMYteens                   20+

 M          Level 1-3            Level 4-6
                                                Extreme Gym

 E         acroYteam           acroYteam        acroYteam

 M          Sport Acro
            Level 1-3
                                 Sport Acro
                                 Level 4-6
                                                 Sport Acro
                                                 Level 7-10

            TYteam               TYteam
 B          Trampoline
             Level 1-3
                                 Level 4-6
                                                  = proposed programs

 E        cheerYteam

 R         aeroYteam
          Sport Aerobics
                               Sport Aerobics
                                                Sport Aerobics
            Level 1-3          National A + B        Elite

 S          rgYteam              rgYteam         rgYteam
           Rhythmic             Rhythmic         Rhythmic
          RG Challenge         RG Challenge     RG Challenge

YMCA Glengowrie
Maxwell Tce and Butler Cres
Glengowrie 5044
p: 8295 1774

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