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Commitment Phobia

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Commitment phobia is the fear and avoidance of having to commit to
anything, relationships in particular.

Usually the sufferer will be overly critical of the other partner in the
relationship. They will set out to annoy or hurt the other person, thus
sabotaging the relationship even if its thought to be going well.

Sometimes the commitment phobic will reject others from the word go, thus
not allowing a potential relationship to develop and keeping themselves
at a safe distance. Other commitment phobics can be flirtatious and
affectionate and appear to want a relationship until the fear wins out
and the other person is pushed away, broken hearted.

Some commitment phobics genuinely want to meet Mr or Miss Right and get
married, but will often have somewhat unrealistic ideals regarding
possible suitors. They may fall in love with someone who they know isn’t
interested in a long-term relationship. This way they can deliberately
choose a person who can’t/won’t commit to them, therefore leaving them
“safe” from long-term commitment.

The causes of this phobia are sometimes associated with a loss or trauma
of some kind such as parental separation or bereavement. Maybe as a
child they had poor role models or witnessed/were victims of abuse. This
can have an effect on their approach to adult relationships. Often, at
the heart of the fear, is the fear of rejection by others. To pre-empt
this they will reject first, impose distance between themselves and
others and thus feel safe.

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