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Quick Tip to Clear Clutter

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This one quick tip will save you time on the weekend and help clear your
house of clutter.

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One of the best ways to put more balance in your life is to get rid of
clutter. I sincerely believe that a cluttered house or office just
creates disorder in your mind, not to mention the guilt you feel about
how you should be spending your time straightening up instead of doing
what you really want.

Start first with the mail you bring in as you come home at night. Spend
a moment right in front of the trash can or recycle bin and sort it.
Junk mail should be dumped right then. Pile all magazines in the same
place, newest ones on the bottom. This way, when you have time to read
them, you are looking at the oldest issue first.

Bills are next- who wants them staring at you in the hallway every time
you come home? Open them up immediately, check the due date, and file
them in some type of organizer that will remind you to pay them. Check
this file weekly and pay them based on when you get paid. This way, you
won’t pay them late and you won’t spend your hard-earned money on late

If you spend just five minutes a day going through your mail, this will
be one less chore that needs to be done on the weekend.

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