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Pride can be a difficult thing sometimes to maintain or acquire when you
have depression,that is why accomplishments that we have succeeded with
are so important no matter how insignificant they might seem to others.

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I was taught as a child that pride was a bad thing. Well, we all know
that too much pride can cause us to be full of ourselves, sell centered
and have a know it all attitude, among other negative qualities.

I wasn't taught as a child that pride can be a very good thing. I know
now that we all need to have a decent amount of pride in order to have a
decent amount of self esteem. Attaining the pride in ourselves in order
to establish a decent amount of self esteem is sometimes difficult to do
as an adult....... if it wasn't instilled in us as we were growing up.

It has been my experience the past few years to discover that trying new
things, accomplishing matter how small they may seem to
others, and succeeding in our efforts, can help us to increase our pride
in ourselves and our self esteem.

One of the things that I have been doing for approximately four years now
is learning the computer, networking, building websites and blogs as well
as posting on forums. I feel good about my accomplishments to date and I
believe the success I've had thus far will only fuel the fire for me to
learn and do more. These activities have helped me with my own self

I started selling Avon Beauty Products last October and doing so has
helped me with my self esteem too. I'm getting out among people again
and am also taking better care of myself while using and demonstrating
the products.   Taking good care of ourselves physically really has a
huge impact on our emotional state, in my opinion.

Another kind of pride I have developed in the past four years is a huge
sense of pride for my brother, David. His constant struggles with
depression/anxiety might have caused him to give up and withdraw totally
from everyone.   Instead, he has fought the battle ferociously and is
coming out on top. Of course, he has days when he mostly keeps to
himself, but he also has many wonderful days when he enjoys his time and
I enjoy the time I get to spend with him.
My therapist taught me many years ago that writing is a wonderful aid in
overcoming our problems. It really helps to express our feelings. My
brother, David, joined me in this venture of blogging on this site and I
am so proud of his continuing and increasing ability to express himself.
He is so in touch with his feelings and has so much to offer others who
suffer with depression.   He has certainly helped me with mine.   Did I
mention how proud I am of him?

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