COOKING - PowerPoint by xiangpeng



   By Roberto Pesantes
               Verbs we use for cooking

•   to add               • to put               • to bake
•   to scoop up          • to chop              • to mix
                         • to cut into strips   • to peel
•    to roast
                         • to slice             • to mince
•   to grill, to broil
                         • to cover             • to fill with
•   to beat                                     • to stuff
                         • to flip
•   to heat                                     • to stir
                         • to rinse
•   to cook              • to fry               • to sprinkle
•   to steam             • to boil              • to break
•   to marinate          • to simmer            • to pour
                                                • to flame
•AE - beet / BE - beetroot        •dough           •raw
•AE - eggplant / BE - aubergine   •ferment         •red pepper
•artichoke                        •flame           •salty
•avocado                          •flour           •sauté
•bitter                           •grape           •sour
•bitter orange                    •lobster         •squid
•boil                             •marinate        •sweet
•broad bean                       •mixture         •sweet potato
•bruise                           •nutmeg          •turnip
•cauliflower                      •olive           •venison
•clove of garlic                  •oregano         •walnut
•cob                              •parsley         •wheat
•crab                             •passion fruit
•Cumin                            •peach
•flour                            •radish
English                          Spanish          English         Spanish
AE - beet / BE - beetroot        betarraga        mixture         masa (pasta)
AE - eggplant / BE - aubergine   berenjena        nutmeg          nuez moscada
artichoke                        alcachofa        olive           aceituna
avocado                          palta            oregano         orégano
bitter                           amargo           parsley         perejil
bitter orange                    toronja          passion fruit   granadilla
boil                             cocer            peach           duraznoa/melocotón
broad bean                       haba             radish          rabanito
bruise                           maca             raisin          pasa
cauliflower                      coliflor         raw             crudo
clove of garlic                  ajo (diente)     red pepper      pimiento
cob                              mazorca          salty           salado
crab                             cangrejo         sauté           saltear
cumin                            comino           sour            agrio / ácido
dough                            masa (hornear)   squid           calamar
ferment                          fermentar        sweet           dulce
flame                            flambear         sweet potato    camote
flour                            harina           turnip          nabo
grape                            uva              venison         venado (carne)
lobster                          langosta         walnut          nuez
marinate                         macerar          wheat flour     harina de trigo

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