What to do when nothing is working out for you by snoopdoggywuf


What to do when nothing is working out for you...

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Why do we land ourselves with a mindset that nothing works for us and how
to bring ourselves closer to success

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If you are one of   those people for whom things are just not going the way
they want .... if   you think that things work out wonderfully well for
everyone else BUT   you, then you should sit back, relax and ponder upon
your situation in   this light:

We have all been brought up "in comparison" to others. There is an ideal
time to go to school, finish college, get married, make money, have
children etc and then everything HAS to repeat itself the same way for
our children and so on!

If we are ever "behind" anyone (or everyone) in achieving a certain goal,
a lot of anxiety and despair comes rushing into our lives. We then
desperately try all kinds of things to get to that goal, all the while
worrying that it will not happen for us...and what is the result? It
actually doesn't! The more you despair for something, the more of these
"wanting" vibrations will be released into the Universe and you will end
up with more of "wanting" and no "gaining".

I want you to remember that it is always a BIG mistake to judge your life
by comparing it with others. Your circumstances are completely different
from them.... plans and things that work for them cannot work in exactly
the same way for you. By worrying about why things are not working out
for you in the same way, you CREATE a reality for that time; that those
things or plans are not working for you. It is all because you are
defining your reality by comparing it with someone else. Some one else's
reality does not have anything to do with your reality.

Here is a better way of thinking and putting things in perspective: First
and foremost, realise completely how you have acqired this state of mind.
Accept that you have been comparing your reality with others and that is
not taking you anywhere... they have a completely different path in life
than yours. Love yourself the way you are, love your circumstances and
accept that things at present are exactly as they should be. Also, allow
yourself to believe that you WILL succeed although not in EXACTLY the
same way that you want to. Perhaps God/Universe/Spirit wants to take you
through a different path, but you WILL get there. Trust that although
things may or may not turn out to be the way that you want them to, they
WILL turn out in a way that is best for you. You have to be relaxed and
non-judgemental for things to start working in the direction of your
success. Set your OWN definitions of success, and do not base your
happiness on how everything is working out for others.

Take action, but do not struggle to control each and every event in your
life. Try to do all that you can to make things right and then trust in
God/Universe/Spirit to take you to your goal. You will be happier, more
secure and will have peace and love in your heart and best of all,
eventually things will start going your way.

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