Major upgrade for Well-Tel Centre benefits patients by alendar


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									  Servionews              SEPTEMBER 2008
 An OfficiAl PublicAtiOn PrOduced by rOyAl Perth hOsPitAl

 Major upgrade for Well-Tel
 Centre benefits patients
 Northam resident Kathy Balt is
 just one of many patients that                 and a laundry.
 will benefit from a major upgrade
                                                rPh executive director dr Philip
 to Royal Perth Hospital’s Well-Tel
                                                Montgomery said the upgrade would
 facility based at the Shenton Park
                                                allow more patients to use the service
                                                and also make it less likely that carers
 Kathy has Multiple sclerosis, a condition      would need to accompany the patient.
 which requires regular visits into shenton     “bench and cook tops are now lower
 Park for treatment, and the newly              and doorways have been widened so
 refurbished facilities have made her stays     wheelchair patients have better access,         Northam resident Kathy Balt with Royal Perth
 much more bearable.                                                                            Hospital nurse Jayne Battrick.
                                                uneven floors have been altered and the
 the facility allows patients to stay in        bathrooms have been modernised,” he
 self-contained accommodation rather            said.                                            require admission as inpatients to a ward
 than occupy more expensive hospital                                                             environment.
                                                he said the transitional patient complex
 beds.                                          offered many benefits for both the               Kathy said she felt like she was in a hotel
 “these facilities are a brilliant concept,”    patient and health.                              not a hospital and it allowed her to have
 Kathy said.                                                                                     more independence.
                                                “for one, Well-tel is a very cheap service
 “it makes it a more positive place to have     to run. the average bed cost per day is          “it is really nice to be in comfortable
 the rehabilitation and it doesn’t feel like    about $120 compared to a minimum of              surroundings and have the option of
 a clinical environment or have the stigma      $550 for a hospital bed,” dr Montgomery          coming with family or just chatting with
 of being in a hospital ward.”                  said.                                            others with whom you have things in
                                                                                                 common,” Kathy said.
 Patients with neurological diagnoses and       “A patient can be discharged from
 people who have had limb amputations           inpatient services and receive transitional      enrolled nurses are posted to Well-tel
 will also benefit from the facilities, as      rehabilitation and other services in Well-       and patients also receive occupational
 well as other patients with acquired brain     tel.                                             therapy and physiotherapy whilst staying
 injury and spinal cord injuries.                                                                in Well-tel. they also have access to
                                                “Other patients could be accommodated
                                                                                                 speech Pathology and social Work if
 rPh received $550,000 of commonwealth          in Well-tel in lieu of admission to a ward
 Government Pathways home funding               and our country patients can stay while
 to greatly improve mobility access,            they visit the city for outpatient clinics at    the building was previously used as
 including access to bathrooms and other        shenton Park.”                                   living quarters for shenton Park campus
 utilities such as laundry and kitchen.                                                          doctors before being run by ryder
                                                Well-tel provides accommodation to
                                                                                                 cheshire foundation which provided
 Well-tel comprises nine bedrooms, four         people who are undergoing or receiving
                                                                                                 accommodation for patients, their
 bathrooms, two kitchens, two living areas      rehabilitation or other services but do not
                                                                                                 families and carers.

                        Greetings from the Executive Director
                        from the executive      especially to dr Paul Mark, who acted            meet these demands. despite everything
                        directors desk          for me during this time, and to the team         the place still runs and provides a great
                        it is good to be back   who supported him. Many projects and             service, something we can overlook
                        in the chair again      changes have come to fruition which              unless we take a step back from time to
                        after 6 months          Paul referred to in the last edition of          time, which i got the opportunity to do.
                        break, the last 3       serViO. some things haven’t changed              having just got back there is not much to
                        of which was long       such as the extreme pressures upon our           report so i will keep this piece brief.
                        service leave and       emergency services, bed availability,            One significant new policy is the smoke
                        travel. My thanks       waitlist imperatives, budgets and the            free policy, which seems to have been
Dr. Philip Montgomery
                                                hard working culture hospital wide to
                                                                                                                             continued on page 3 >
Just for kicks
                                                  While some of the drop punts                    sport and getting some exercise.
                                                  may have gone down on the stats                 Others even suggested Kick Around
                                                  sheet as “clangers” there was no                Australia day should become an annual
                                                  doubting the enthusiasm of those                event.
                                                  who took part in Kick Around                    the footballs were signed by chris
                                                  Australia Day last month at Royal               Tarrant and Luke McPharlin with the five
                                                  Perth Hospital (RPH) Wellington                 footballs raffled and given away to lucky
                                                  Street campus.                                  staff.
                                                  the national day was held to mark 150           the hospital executive thanks the
                                                  years since the first recorded game of          fremantle dockers, the WAfl, and the
                                                  Australian “Aussie rules” football was          West coast eagles who contributed the
                                                  played.                                         footballs, for making the event such a
                                                  the lawn outside Ainslie house was              success.
                                                  transformed into a footy field and
                                                  fremantle dockers players chris tarrant
                                                  and luke McPharlin dropped in to meet
                                                  staff and sign autographs.
                                                  docker devotee and patient trevor
                                                  everett, who was recovering at rPh after
                                                  swallowing a chicken bone, also came
                                                  down to join in the fun.
   Fremantle Football Club’s Chris Tarrant and    he said it was great to see so many
Luke McPharlin have a kick with hospital staff.   people out enjoying the national winter

 The Heritage                                     Acute                                          medical patients, where senior clinicians
                                                                                                 and a multi-disciplinary team then decide

                                                                                                 appropriate treatment and discharge -

  Committee                                                                                      either to home or to other hospital wards
                                                                                                 - in a timely manner.”

The Royal Perth Hospital (RPH)
Heritage Committee has recently
                                                  Unit (AAU)                                     Glynis also described the operational
                                                                                                 aims, which include moving most patients
                                                                                                 out of the AAu in 12-24 hours.
                                                  ACUTE medical patients arriving
instigated action to form an                                                                     Patients assessed and admitted by
                                                  at the Hospital Emergency
incorporated body and become                                                                     AAu will have a wide range of medical
                                                  Department (ED) will experience
the Royal Perth Hospital Heritage                                                                problems and it is intended to support
                                                  shorter waits for a bed and receive
Society Inc.                                                                                     and complement the excellent work
                                                  more timely care following the
the heritage committee’s vision is to                                                            of ed in the management of medical
                                                  creation of the Acute Assessment
preserve and promote rPh’s heritage                                                              emergencies.
                                                  Unit (AAU) which is now open.
listed buildings and the social history                                                          “instead of waiting for a bed in ed those
of royal Perth hospital. in the future            the 5th floor on Q block (old burns and
                                                                                                 patients requiring further investigation
it hopes to manage the heritage listed            Plastics areas) has been refurbished
                                                                                                 and treatment can be transferred to
buildings on the royal Perth hospital             to house the AAu, a 25-bed unit,
                                                                                                 AAu and this should lessen the problem
Wellington street campus and supervise            incorporating seven single rooms, which
                                                                                                 of access block in ed as well as having
their use as a centre for WA history and          opens officially on September 15th.            beneficial` effects on patients’ privacy
heritage. As such, the committee has              Glynis Jenkins, Acting clinical nurse          and dignity”, Glynis said.
decided to form an incorporated body              specialist and Project coordinator of          “the time target for moving patients
to progress these aims and the notice of          AAu, said that a multi-disciplinary team       out of ed will be less than six hours,
intended application for incorporation            would staff the Ward and this would be         compared with the average nine-hour
was advertised on 25 July 2008.                   headed by a consultant Physician (dr           wait currently experienced by medical
royal Perth hospital (rPh) established its        Peter leman who has been instrumental          patients”.
current heritage steering committee in            in setting up the unit) together with a
January 2007. the committee is chaired            Professor of Acute Medicine and a senior
by fred Ordynski, a former rPh staff              lecturer in Acute Medicine – both of
member who now works as a volunteer               which are new appointments for rPh.
with the friends of rPh in the Museum             Glynis said the unit was a specialised
service.                                          area where patients suffering from acute
the committee also includes other                 medical illness would be assessed and
members of the volunteer Museum                   possibly admitted.
service and hospital staff including the          “the aim is to move patients who need
Museum curator, Jan bryant, as well as            further investigations to aid diagnosis out
public figures who have links with RPH            of the ed and into a ward setting”, she
and other external members representing           said.
the national trust and heritage
architects.                                       “the AAu is a safe environment for acute      Staff in the new Acute Assessment Ward.
The Doctor becomes the patient
Dr Ronan Murray is used to                                                                     experience was,” dr Murray said.
spending most of his time in a                                                                 “All the staff were so professional and
hospital at a patient’s bedside, but                                                           diligent in their care for me - everyone
he found out first hand just what                                                              from the theatre staff, surgeons, intensive
it was like to be that patient in                                                              care staff, ward staff, and orderlies, were
the bed, recently undergoing life-                                                             all attentive and helpful, i couldn’t fault
saving heart surgery.                                                                          any of them,” he said.
dr Murray has been working at royal                                                            dr Murray would have had the condition
Perth hospital (rPh) for the past                                                              since birth. his surgeon david Andrews
16 years, a specialist in the field of                                                         said it was not that common to find adults
infectious diseases and Microbiology;                                                          with Asd as it was usually picked up in
he had never himself, experienced any                                                          childhood.
serious health problems.
                                                                                               he said dr Murray’s recovery was excellent
that was until november last year                                                              and he was home just three days after
(2007) when dr Murray was treated for                                                          surgery. he is now back at work at
pneumonia. he recovered, but standard                                                          royal Perth hospital and can’t speak
tests carried out post illness found he was                                                    highly enough of the professionalism he
in fact a ‘ticking time bomb.’                                                                 encountered during his time as a patient.
the tests showed that he had an enlarged
heart and an echocardiogram was carried       Cardiothoracic surgeon David Andrews and         Greetings from the Executive Director
out to ascertain why the heart was in         Microbiologist Ronan Murray share a coffee       < continued from page 1
the state it was. it was revealed that dr     from the coffee machine donated to the
Murray had an Atrial septal defect (Asd),     cardiothoracic department by Dr Murray.          implemented in a common sense manner
or put simply, a hole in his heart.                                                            without too many hiccups. staff who
                                              the most expert care were better at rPh.”
                                                                                               want to quit will be supported with
“When i was told that i had a hole in         his open heart surgery went without a
my heart and i would need open heart                                                           nicotine replacement therapy and there
                                              hiccup and dr Murray now requires no             will be further information provided over
surgery, it was just a total shock. it was    further medical attention.
just so unexpected,” dr Murray said.                                                           the coming weeks.
                                              “Working in a hospital you become
dr Murray chose to have his surgery at                                                         by the time this goes to press the
                                              a bit blasé to things and just assume
royal Perth hospital.                                                                          election will be over and that bit of
                                              that patients are getting the care they
“i felt that in the unlikely event that       deserve, so it was nice to get first hand        uncertainty will be behind us. One things
something was to go wrong during or           patient experience, and i was pleasantly         for sure, we live in very interesting
after the surgery, my chances of getting      surprised at just how painless the whole         times.

  We are being EQuIPed
Yes, it’s just around the corner
                                              1. there are 14 Mandatory criteria (Mc)
now, countdown to accreditation
                                              within the program
has begun. The hospital uses the
                                              • these relate to safety, quality and
Australian Council on Healthcare
                                                risk issues eg. patient assessment,
Standards (ACHS) which includes
                                                patient discharge/ transfer infection
annual self-assessments and bi-
                                                control, policies, safety & emergency
annual on-site surveys. The next                                                           The Accreditation Team.
onsite survey is called a Periodic
                                              • they must be reviewed by rPh every
Review.                                                                                        way we document what we done & some
important dates are Monday 16 december        • We must demonstrate we have                    of this information will form part of a
to thursday 19 december 2008 when               achieved the MA rating level for all           package sent to each member of the
a team of four surveyors will visit             14 Mandatory criteria for Periodic             survey team to assist them to prepare for
throughout both campuses, and review            review or rPh will lose its existing           their visit to rPh.
us against the accreditation model used -       accreditation status.                          during september and October, teams
evaluation Quality improvement Program
                                              2. recommendations: At our last                  and Accreditation services are working to
(eQuiP4).                                                                                      meet deadlines,where they will send the
                                              onsite survey in 2006, we received 41
the program is a self assessment              recommendations (for improvement)                packages to the members of the survey
process, using a five level rating system     by the survey team and we are working            team.
to demonstrate our progress – lA              to have as many of these be deemed               staff can prepare by being familiar with
(little Achievement) to Outstanding           completed/ having met requirements.              what will happen. there will be poster
Achievement (OA). A Moderate                                                                   displays and information material will be
                                              for each 14 mandatory criteria there
Achievement (MA) rating level needs                                                            sent to your department this month. if
                                              is a multi disciplinary team, staff
to be met which means that we have                                                             you would like to know more about the
                                              representation of key areas, each
evaluated changes/ improvements and                                                            Periodic review survey in March 2009,
                                              team has a leader (some of those are
acted upon the changes.                                                                        you can contact Kate boyle on extension
                                              pictured). the team reviews what is
What is being reviewed for 2008:              required for that criteria & along the           42782/ 47033.
Under the Microscope - Amphetamine use and the
effect on the brain
With the illicit use of                      Medical resonance imaging (Mri) scans
amphetamines on the rise in                  on users, to see if there are signs of
the community, it is becoming                cerebral abnormalities, despite showing
increasingly important for us                no symptoms,” dr fatovich said.
to fully understand what effect              “Often users may have no obvious
amphetamine use has on the brain.            symptoms to suggest there is some brain
                                             abnormality, but this may not necessarily
this is the impetus behind a study           mean they are not at risk.
currently being undertaken by a group of
royal Perth hospital (rPh) specialists.      “it is possible that amphetamine
                                             users may have as yet, unidentified
led by dr daniel fatovich and funded by      inflammation of the blood vessels, and
a grant from the rPh Medical research        by carrying out this extra test, we will be
foundation, the study will examine           able to better understand the prevalence
patients identified as amphetamine users,    of the condition in amphetamine users,”
and screen them for signs of cerebral        he said.
abnormalities, or inflammation of the
blood vessels in the brain.                  it is estimated that one in ten Australians
                                             has tried methylamphetamine. there
A wide range of complications can arise      are approximately 102,600 regular
as a result of amphetamine use. it can       methylamphetamine users in Australia,         Dr Fatovich with the MRI machine.
cause many serious, long term effects        and of these 72,700 are dependent users.
and it has shown to cause inflammation
                                             the rPh emergency department (ed)             fatovich said.
of the blood vessels around the brain in
some users.                                  staff has a great deal of experience in       “it is more important than ever that
                                             identifying and managing amphetamine          we fully understand the implications of
dr fatovich said there is evidence to        users, and previous research has revealed     amphetamine use on the brain.
suggest that amphetamine use can affect      that 1.2% of all presentations to the rPh
the way the brain functions. this could                                                    “the results of this research in
                                             ed are amphetamine related.
be a result of blood vessels in the brain                                                  determining the extent of damage
being inflamed.                              “this is around 2.5 times more of a           amphetamines have on the brain,
                                             burden than heroin presentations were         could have far reaching public health
“the aim of the study is to obtain           when heroin use was in its peak,” dr          implications,” said dr fatovich.

2008/09 SHRAC Research Grant Recipients
Research Director Professor Peter
                                             is investigating the utility of change        “i look forward to hearing of the
Leedman congratulates all of                 of venue for transitional management          innovative advances from their research
the Royal Perth Hospital (RPH)               of inpatients requiring neurological          endeavours, and the important outcomes
recipients who received funding              rehabilitation.                               for the health of the WA community,”
from the Department of Health                                                              said Professor leedman.
                                             dr Glenn Arendts, who has recently
for SHRAC (State Health Research
                                             relocated to rPh, will be predicting
Advisory Council) Translation

                                                                                           National Walk
                                             admission and representation after
Projects for 2008/09.                        discharge in older persons that undergo
A total of $2 million was awarded to         ed assessment.
16 projects in rural and metropolitan
settings, ranging from $65,000 and
$176,000. chief investigators from rPh
                                             Associate Professor richard Prince from
                                             QeiiMc and rPh colleagues are studying a
                                                                                           to Work Day
                                             targeted community program of vitamin d
are involved in many of the grants. these
                                             treatment to reduce hospital admissions
include:                                                                                   Friday 3 October is national walk
                                             for falls, fractures and other disorders.
Mr dale edgar, from the rPh burns unit,                                                    to work day and this year Royal
                                             dr helen slater from curtin university
will be studying application of tailored,
                                             along with some rPh colleagues, is            Perth Hospital is hoping to get a
self-management packages in a novel                                                        record number of people involved.
                                             examining increasing the uptake of
model of burn care. the team’s focus is
                                             evidence-based clinical guidelines in the     national walk to work day is an event
on developing sustainability, efficiencies
                                             management of acute non-specific low          where all Australians are encouraged to
and cost reduction while maintaining
                                             back pain in primary care: a targeted GP      walk all, or part of the way to work, or
optimal patient outcomes.
                                             education program.                            even just go for a walk on a lunch break.
Ms erin Godecke, from the rPh stroke                                                       the message is ‘better health – cleaner
                                             Professor fiona Wood is conducting a
unit, will be evaluating the cost                                                          air.’ rPh is organising a lunch time walk
                                             prospective randomised clinical trial
effectiveness of early intensive aphasia                                                   on the day.
                                             to investigate and evaluate patient
therapy following first ever ischaemic
                                             outcomes and cost effectiveness of            registration is free so go to www.
stroke.                                      biobrane biosynthetic wound dressings there will be giveaways
Associate Professor Garry Allison from       with and without autologuous cell             available to participants on the day. so
curtin university who works at rPh,          suspension in paediatric scald injuries.      get your walking shoes on!
RPH staff paid to better their education
There are many benefits to being           development was an important part of
a Royal Perth Hospital (RPH)               rPh’s ethos.
employee, including having access          “currently the committee can grant up
to the Joseph Griffith Educational         to a maximum of $500 per application
Fund, set up for the purpose of            and this can be a real benefit to staff,”
giving financial assistance to             Ms draydon said.
staff who want to further their            the level of funding a person may
education.                                 receive is dependent on how long a
named after former hospital                person has been employed at rPh and
administrator Joseph Griffith, the fund    whether or not they are a fund member.
was established in 1968 and is available   “the longer a person has worked at
to all staff who want to further their     rPh, the more money they are eligible
education or pursue certain recreational   to receive, and similarly members will
pursuits.                                  receive more funding than a non-
funding can be used to pursue various      member,” Ms draydon said.
avenues such as fees for language          there are currently 130 members of the
courses, conference registration fees,     Joseph Griffith Educational Fund. To be
music lessons or even latin dancing        a member you simply need to make a
courses.                                   regular donation to the fund.
One rPh staff member even received         “At a minimum of one dollar per pay to         Former hospital administrator Joseph Griffith.
funding to attend the national body        be a member, this is a great opportunity
building championships.                    for staff,” Ms draydon said.                   Over the past three years, 33 grants
yvonne draydon, chairman of the Joseph     The Joseph Griffith Educational Fund           have been awarded, and so far this year
Griffith Educational Fund, said helping    committee convenes twice a year and all        the committee has granted ten grants
people to further their educational        manner of applications are considered.         totalling $1946.

                                           Patient satisfaction is the aim
                                           The Royal Perth Hospital Surgical             “he is a cheerful person and often shows
                                           Division is currently conducting a            his appreciation of our services with
                                           comprehensive patient satisfaction            fruits from his orchard and farm. he is a
                                           survey throughout its clinics.                much valued patient,” said Joy.
                                           Patients attending the various clinics        Joy fong and Kerry stokes, clinical nurse
Gurus visit RPH                            including the telstra burns clinic and ear
                                           nose and throat (ent) clinic, have been
                                                                                         consultant for Plastic surgery and ent,
                                                                                         said that the survey was an important
The Western Australian Institute           given the survey and asked to provide         opportunity to learn what we are doing
for Medical Research (WAIMR)               their feedback.                               well and what we can improve on.
                                           some of the areas that are being looked
Laboratory for Cancer Medicine
                                           at are how clear the instructions were
at Royal Perth Hospital recently           prior to the appointment, services
provided the backdrop for popular          provided by the interdisciplinary team,
television series the Garden Gurus.        the courtesy of staff, cleanliness,
As part of a story Garden Gurus will       promptness, and overall experience.
feature in coming episodes, the crew       sam cothcin has been a patient of the
sought out rPh consultant medical          burn clinic since 1967 when he needed
oncologist and WAiMr Phd student dr
                                           flap reconstruction to his feet.
Andy redfern to help provide some
footage of a busy laboratory.              Joy fong, clinical nurse consultant
                                           for burns service said in those days
the focus of the story is a national
                                           reconstruction was performed by raising
breast cancer foundation fundraiser
                                           tissue flaps from the abdomen or the
and dr redfern was asked to make his
                                           groin and attaching that to the foot
appearance as a Postdoctoral training
                                           and the patient remained attached for
fellow of the foundation, after last
                                           a period of two to three weeks prior to
year securing the four year scholarship                                                 Enrolled Nurse Rhonda Harris and Clinical
to research hormones activity in breast                                                 Nurse Consultant Joy Fong with much loved
cancer.                                    Mr cothcin recently needed more surgery      patient Sam Cotchin.
                                           to his feet and was happy to provide
Pink ribbon day will be held on Monday
October 27.                                feedback on his experience.
In Brief                                                                                                         Mental Health
Free books                                                To find the Clinical Resources section:                Next month RPH will be
the friends of rPh are overstocked with                   1) start servio Online on your browser                 celebrating Mental Health Week
books so they are offering them free to                   (default home page on most rPh Pc’s)                   2008. Mental Health Week is a
rPh staff. staff are invited to take a look               or type “servio” (without the inverted                 nationwide initiative sponsored
at the friends magazine room located in                   commas) in the browser address bar.                    in WA by the West Australian
colonial block from 8:30am-11:30am on                     2) click on the clinical resources button              Association for Mental Health and
Mondays and Wednesdays.                                   (3rd button on the left hand side of the).             runs from October 5 – October
                                                                                                                 11. These dates are purposely
Clinical resources on                                     Stay on Your Feet -                                    selected to fall during Mental
intranet site                                             Falls Prevention                                       Health Day on Friday October
                                                                                                                 10 and Stress Less Day on
to make it easier and faster for clinical                 Exhibition                                             Wednesday October 8.
staff to quickly locate policies, protocols,              do you know the 9 steps to stay on your
guidelines, manuals and procedures                                                                               during the week the Psychiatry
stored on servio Online (hospital intranet                                                                       department will be promoting ways
                                                          do you know how yOu can prevent
site) a new section called clinical                                                                              to improve mental health as well
                                                          inpatient falls?
resources has been created.                                                                                      as information on who to contact
                                                          Are you aware of what types of footwear
                                                                                                                 for individuals who believe they or
staff with polices they want linked to                    are appropriate for patients?
                                                                                                                 someone close to them needs some
this main Policy section should email Guy                 Visit the rPh falls Prevention exhibit
                                                                                                                 help with mental health issues.
                                                          during stay on your feet Week!
churchill (Global) with their request.
                                                          The first 500 Falls quiz participants will             it is very important that during this
this new section has been designed by                     receive a FREE promo bag and be in the                 week we all make an effort to learn
the rPh Website and intranet steering                     running to Win a $100 gift hamper!                     how to recognise symptoms of mental
committee after consultation with                                                                                health issues and learn about treatment
                                                          Where: Outside Ward 9 Foyer SPC
medical staff. Please try and use this new                                                                       options, who is out there to support
section for policies that are most often                  or WSC Bridge
                                                                                                                 individuals, family and friends and
                                                          When: 12-2pm (15th to 19th                             most importantly hOW tO Get the
referred to.
                                                          September 2008)                                        MOst Out Of life. there will be a
                                                                                                                 promotional display set up at the
                                                                                                                 bridge on Wellington street so lets

Employees of the month                                                                                           hope everyone can get along and learn
                                                                                                                 a little bit more about mental health.
                                                                                                                 until then here’s 10 tips to stress less
                                                                                                                 that everyone can incorporate into
                                                                                                                 their life.
Ward 4A                                                this months
registered                                             shenton
nurse                                                  Park campus
Michelle                                               employee of the
Walker is                                              month enrolled
this months                                            nurse Colleen
royal Perth                                            Lewis has been
hospital                                               described as
Wellington                                             hard working,
street                                                 dedicated and
campus                                                 an invaluable
employee of                                            member of
the month.                                             the Outpatient
Michelle has                                           department.
been described by one of her patients as               she always does her best to ensure that
always having a positive attitude and a                everything is running smoothly for the
great sense of humour.                                 patients as well as fellow staff members.
her pro-active style and attention to                  colleen is always going the extra mile to
details is always evident is everything                ensure that the patients are looked after
that she does.                                         from the moment they enter to the time
Michelle manages to maintain her sense                 they leave. she always ensures that every
of humour regardless of the work load                  patients’ and doctors’ needs are met with a
and long hours.                                        smile.

she always communicates in a respectful                A long term and respected employee of the
and professional manner with all her                   Outpatients department colleen is more
colleagues and treats everyone she                     than happy to pass on her knowledge to
comes into contact with equally.                       other staff members.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the winners of the Award have each won a $100 savings account from Police &
Nurses Credit Society, a $50 gift voucher from Bunnings Warehouse and a $50 Coles Myer gift voucher from Hesta
Super Fund. Thanks also to CakeBox who kindly provide refreshments for the celebrations.
New treatment for Barrett’s
 Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) is the               barrett’s oesophagus tissue before it
 first Hospital in WA to pioneer a               progresses to cancer.
 procedure that may reduce the                   until now the most common approach
 risk of cancer of the oesophagus.               to managing barrett’s oesophagus has
 rPh head of Gastroenterology, dr Geoff          been surveillance, however with this new
 forbes, and his colleagues are now able         procedure physicians can remove the
 to perform an outpatient procedure for          barrett’s tissue before it has a chance to
 people with barrett’s oesophagus, after         develop into cancer.
 receiving an innovations Grant from the         “Around one per cent of the population
 department of health.                           has barrett’s oesophagus, however it
 “this procedure involves a balloon-             is those people with the pre-cancerous
 like catheter being inserted into the           condition that will benefit from this
 oesophagus which then produces a                procedure,” dr forbes said.
 thermal burn and destroys the pre-              The new procedure is a significant step          (Back) Dr Geoff Forbes, Dr Chiang Siah, (front)
 cancerous tissue, otherwise known as                                                             Katrina Teo and Anne Murphy.
                                                 forward for the treatment of barrett’s
 barrett’s oesophagus,” dr forbes said.          oesophagus.
 “barrett’s oesophagus is caused by the          “this is a minimally invasive procedure
 long-term exposure of stomach acid in           and available as an outpatient treatment
 the oesophagus, which results in the
 cells lining the oesophagus changing
 character and undergoing genetic
                                                 which means it’s a more convenient
                                                 option for patients,” said dr forbes.
                                                                                                  Changes to
 changes that can develop into cancer,”
 he said.
                                                 rPh has recently purchased the
                                                 generators to operate this system and this
                                                 procedure will be used for patients with
                                                                                                  pagers and
 the hAlO system utilises radiofrequency
 (rf) ablation therapy to remove the
                                                 severe cases of barrett’s oesophagus.
                                                                                                  mobile phones
                                                                                                   With the transition of Royal Perth
                                                                                                   Hospital Information Services and
Canterbury District Health Board visits RPH                                                        Telecommunications to the HICTS
                                                                                                   shared service structure, the costs
                                                                                                   associated with the provision and
                                                                                                   replacement of hospital pagers or
Royal Perth Hospital recently                                                                      mobile phones can no longer be
played host to the Canterbury                                                                      borne by the Telecommunications
District Health Board (Canterbury                                                                  Department. These costs must
DHB) as part of an information and                                                                 now be linked to the requesting
knowledge exchange initiative.                                                                     department within the Royal Perth
The New Zealand visitors were                                                                      Hospital Group.
interested in many areas of the                                                                    • this means any request for a new
hospital, including, corporate                                                                       pager or mobile must be accompanied
areas such as risk management                                                                        by an authorised Purchase requisition
and consumer involvement and                                                                         showing the appropriate cost centre.
clinical areas including nursing,                                                                  • should a pager or mobile become
surgical and radiology.                                                                               faulty, an authorised purchase
                                            RPH staff Alison Maclean, Paul Mark, Maha                 requisition showing the appropriate
the canterbury district health board is     Rajagopal, Angus Rennie, Annette Sweetman with            cost centre must be provided in order
responsible for the provision of public     visitors from NZ, Ruth Barclay, Chris Read, Barbara
                                                                                                      to receive a replacement unit.
health and disability services in the       Wilson and Nikki Forde.
                                                                                                   the communications centre
canterbury region. it is the largest
                                                                                                   (switchboard) will replace a faulty pager
dhb in new Zealand and covers 14
                                               the busiest emergency department in                 at any time of day or night as long as a
hospitals which provide acute and
                                               Australasia treating more than 72,000               Purchase requisition is provided. if this
elective medical, surgical and paediatric
                                               patients a year.                                    is not possible, a short term (24hours
care, mental health services, disability
                                                                                                   only) loan pager can be provided until
support, drug and alcohol services, and        royal Perth hospital’s director of clinical         the Purchase requisition is produced the
community health services.                     services, dr Alison Maclean said it was             next day.
the canterbury dhb is the largest              a compliment to royal Perth hospital                With the presentation of a purchase
employer in the south island and               that the canterbury dhb were interested             requisition, the telecommunications
employs over 8000 staff. it includes           in touring royal Perth hospital and                 Service office can provide new or
christchurch hospital which is the             examining our services.                             replacement pagers and mobiles
largest tertiary level teaching and            “it is important to maintain these                  between the hours of 08:00 and 16:30.
research hospital in the south island          relationships and learn from each other             Mobile phones can also be loaned after
with 650 beds and a total of 3500 staff.       in order to continually improve our                 hours from the communications centre
in addition, christchurch hospital has         services,” dr Maclean said.                         on a short term basis only.
  The Hot Spot                                   as land clearing are generating more
                                                 greenhouse gases. these additional gases
                                                 trap more heat and raise the earth’s
                                                                                                 members of the health environmental
                                                                                                 Awareness team (heAt) to develop and
                                                                                                 implement environmental initiatives.
   This month the HEAT team would                surface temperature. this is called the         heAt will focus on energy management,
   like to remind staff about the                enhanced greenhouse effect which causes         reducing waste, recycling and other
   challenges facing the community               global warming and is changing our              sustainability issues. the next meeting
   with regards to climate change.               climate. the impacts on climate change          of heAt will held on Wednesday the 24th
   climate change caused by greenhouse           will have social, environmental and             september 2008 at 3PM in the Kirkman
   gases is one of the most serious              economic consequences that will affect          house, level 4 conference room.
   challenges facing our community. human        all communities across the globe.               Hot Spot is presented by the HEAT TEAM. For further
                                                                                                 information on HEAT please contact Ray Stevenson:
   actions, particularly burning fossil fuels    the allocation of two hours per month  or Mobile 0404 894
   such as coal, oil and natural gas as well     during work time has been endorsed for          031 or ext 42700.

 When the words don’t come
  Mt Lawley resident Sharon Bennett has         sharon wanted to ask one of the nurses
  experienced first hand what it’s like         if she could brush her hair but she found
  to have the power of speech suddenly          that she did not know what to call ‘hair.’
  taken away from her. In April this year,      “i knew it was on my head. it was long
  the previously fit and healthy 37 year        and straight, but i didn’t know that it was
  old suffered a sudden stroke involving        called hair,” sharon said.
  the left side of her brain.                                                                     Speech Pathologist’s Jade Cartwright and
                                                sharon knew exactly what she wanted to            Natalie Kelly with patient Sharon Bennett.
  her stroke was unexpected and left            say, but simply couldn’t find the words.
  her with a disorder called ‘Aphasia,’ a       As a result, Sharon also had difficulty
  term used to describe loss of language
  following damage to the brain.
                                                understanding what other people were
                                                saying to her.
                                                                                                     New policy on
  Approximately one third of stroke
  patients develop Aphasia.                     A simple instruction to close her eyes was        equipment donations
                                                a complex, almost impossible feat.
  royal Perth hospital’s senior speech                                                            the royal Perth hospital (rPh) safety,
  Pathologist, Jade cartwright, says            With the help of speech pathologists              improvement and risk committee
  individuals with Aphasia have trouble         natalie Kelly and Jade cartwright,                recently endorsed a new policy on
  communicating.                                her speech Pathologists and the multi             donations of rPh equipment and items.
                                                disciplinary team at royal Perth hospital         this policy will be available on servio
  “they often know in their own minds           shenton Park campus, sharon has since             Online as an interim policy until the
  what they want to say but are unable to       made a remarkable recovery from those             sMAhs policy is endorsed.
  retrieve the correct words, sounds, or        early days.
  sentences to convey their message,” Ms                                                          it is important that all staff know that
  cartwright said.                              her communication skills have improved            there are specific requirements to ensure
                                                considerably allowing her to follow               that donated equipment / items are
  losing the ability to articulate what you     conversations and actively participate in         safe for use by the designated charitable
  want to say can be highly distressing and     conversations.                                    organisation.
  frustrating, affecting a person’s sense of
  self and participation in everyday life.      sharon will continue to attend speech             equipment is only suitable for donation if
                                                Pathology sessions to improve her                 it is no longer required or it has little or
  sharon’s Aphasia had a huge impact            reading, writing and communication skills         no economic value or storage costs make
  on her life. Prior to her stroke she          but she is optimistic that she will make a        its continued ownership unviable or costs
  was working as a successful executive         full recovery and will one day return to          of disposal are uneconomical.
  personal assistant, and was also training     work.
  to become a fitness instructor. She was                                                         it should be noted that medications are
  incredibly motivated, fit and healthy, and    Ms cartwright says sharon’s                       not generally donated by rPh as expired
  led an active life.                           determination and positive outlook                stock cannot be used for use in humans
                                                worked in her favour.                             or animals. donations of equipment /
  “When I first woke up at the hospital
                                                “Working in partnership with such a               items for charitable organisations
  after the stroke i felt completely normal.
                                                strong, courageous client is so rewarding         overseas must be in accordance with the
  i wasn’t in any pain, i could walk and
                                                and inspiring,” Ms cartwright said.               World health Organisation’s ‘Guidelines
  move normally and I felt fine,” Sharon
                                                                                                  for health care equipment donations’
  said.                                         “sharon has taught us so much about our           and there is a link to them in the rPh
  With no physical impairments, sharon          profession and the strength of the human          policy.
  assumed everything was normal and             spirit,” Ms cartwright added.
                                                                                                  If staff members require clarification
  she would be able to communicate like         sharon has become a strong advocate for           about donating equipment they should
  before, however she soon discovered that      the need to promote public awareness of           contact the Waste Management and
  this was not the case.                        Aphasia.                                          energy coordinator on 0404894031 or the
                                                                                                  sMAhs Policy unit on 9224 1952. - email subscription.
                                                                                                                                                       rPh 80909002

serViOneWs is produced by royal Perth hospital Public relations:
Joanne hill (9224 3943)                                                                       A division of the south Metropolitan Area health service

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