Why Do People Set Goals For Themselves

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Why Do People Set Goals For Themselves?

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This article provides a brief overview of the key points in goal setting,
and explains why goals are important. So if you have ever wanted to set
goals for yourself, but were overwhelmed with all the information
available, then you will probably find this article very useful!

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All successful people set goals, so goal setting must be a worthwhile
activity to do.

One on the main reasons why people set goals is because goals focus the
mind and give it something to work towards. Goals are therefore like
having a destination in life, and the things you do to achieve those
goals are how you get there.

Without goals you will have no destination to go to, and so will be blown
around like a leaf in the wind, never really going anywhere.

How To Write Goals?

When you have decided exactly what you want to achieve in certain areas
of your life, such as romantic or financial, your next step is to write
this in goal format.

Goal format simply means writing goals beginning with “I have” or “I am”,
so they are written as if you have already accomplished them. This tells
the mind exactly what you want to do so it can start working on achieve
those goals.

However if you were to write goals beginning with “I will” or “I want”
then it is unlikely you will achieve those goals, as to the mind these
statements will always be in the future and so will never come.

Set A Deadline

Once you have your goals written down, you must then create a deadline
for you to do them by. Without a deadline you will not be motivated to
achieve them, and so will most likely give up on them after awhile.

Make A Plan

After your goals have been written down you should then create a plan as
to how you are going to do them. For example if your goal is to loose a
certain amount of weight, then your plan would include activities you
must do to loose that weight.

This can include things like exercising 4 days a week and eating healthy
foods. But whatever you do, try to make your plan as specific as
possible. Although don’t worry about getting it right the first time
round. You can always add to it later on.


Well that’s really all there is to setting goals. It’s nothing
complicated, but it does require some initial time to be set aside so you
can decide what goals you want to go after, and then how you will achieve
them. These are the main principles of goal setting, and if you can
follow these simple steps you will be well on your way to achieving them!

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