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Settling For More

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Some motivational experts will tell you to aim high and even if you fall
short, you'll still have more than you do now. Poppycock. It is still a
compromise. Stop settling for less than you deserve.

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You have enormous promise! Why compromise?

I once heard one self-professed motivational expert say, When you set
your goals, aim for the moon. Aim high. Even if you fall short, you will
have reached higher than those who aim low.

What nonsense. When NASA aimed at the moon, falling short of that goal
(compromise), equated to failure. Imagine attempting to convince those
imaginary astronauts, lost and adrift in space, that they had succeeded
because they got 3/4s of the way there. Set your ideals high. Establish
intermediate goals as stepping-stones, not fallback positions. Go for the
highest goal. Falling short of the mark does not mean that you have
succeeded. Don’t kid yourself.

When you set your goals, be prepared to settle for more, not less.

As soon as you set your mind to the possibility of not quite measuring up
to the mark that you have set for yourself, you have already planted the
seeds of failure and your willingness to settle for less.

Think of your goals, no matter how high they may be, as your minimum
expectation. Be willing to believe in the possibility of more. Be willing
to imagine more. Be willing to settle for more.

How often do you hear someone say, Well, you can’t have it all.? Why not?
Who made that into a truism? Compromisers, failures, that’s who.

Listen instead to the advice of Napoleon Hill, Anything the mind of man
can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Make that your truism.

Set your ideal. Define your prosperity. Establish your goals. Design your
prosperity. Conceive of and believe in the possibility, nay, the
probability of more.

Have the material and financial success you desire.
Have the Physical and Environmental, Emotional and Relationship, Mental
and Educational, Spiritual and Ethical success you desire.


Abundance is the natural order of things in the universe; it is the rule,
not the exception. Your personal abundance is a natural thing too. Demand
it. Expect it. Settle for it.

Reconcile yourself with prosperity, not paucity.

Get rid of your limiting beliefs. Stop buying into the BS.

The same preacher who tells you that money is the root of all evil, asks
you to give him your money. The same guru who avers that the material
must be left behind to approach the spiritual has servants to attend to
his every physical/material need. Why believe such hypocrisy? Get
motivated by love, not fear. Money is just a symbolic measure of the flow
of energy from one source of attraction to another. Love is attractive.

The same parent, peer or teacher that tells you that you have to put your
nose to the grindstone and accept your lot in life, will be living on a
pension, if lucky, and wondering what happened to their life.

Is that what you want? Opt out of limiting beliefs. Reality is what you
make it.

You can have spiritual fulfillment and abundance in your life side by
side with material abundance and success. You can have gratifying and
joyful personal relationships in your life. You can have wisdom and self-

You can have it all.

There is no reason or rule beyond your self-imposed or assumed limiting
beliefs that states that you cannot.

Stop acting as if your beliefs, thoughts, visions, words and deeds are
meaningless. They paint your destiny on the canvas called your life.

Don’t live your life as if it means something; live it as if it means

Everything means the fulfillment of all your ideals. What else are you
here for?

It’s about time you figured that out, isn’t it?

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