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PAID parental leave
was on top of the agen-
da at the Australian Lo-
cal Government Wo-
men's         Association
(ALGWA)           meeting,
hosted by Lismore City
Council at the weekend.
   The executive meet-
ing attracted 12 women
councillors and council
workers from across
NSW, united in their
passion to see 18 weeks
paid parental leave and
two weeks paid paterni-
ty leave for council staff
implemented through-
out the state.
   Penrith councillor Ni-
cole Campbell          said
there were shadowy fi-
gures within the Shire
Associations       (LGSA)
who were keen to
'sweep the decision
   "The motion has been
passed so the focus           UNITED FRONT: National President of the ALGWA Darriea Turley (front left), Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell and ALGWA secretary K
should now be on get-         McKeown join members of the ALGWA at the Lismore Council Chambers on Saturday,                                Picture: JAY CRm
ting staff to take this se-
riously," Cr Campbell         and work practices," Cr     vernment      Association   rence in Canberra.       have two women on           and understood      th
said.                         McKeown said.               Conference in Broken           The ALGWAaimed to     council. We'd like to see   need for a work/famil'
   Her sentiments were           She said the all-wo-     Hill last year.             support women to as-     that figure doubled."       balance."
shared by Association         man meeting differed           However, when the        pire to leadership and     Cr Dowell said wo-          The executive took i
State Secretary of the        from the unisex variety.    motion was put to the       encourage more women     men made excellent          the new Goonellab
ALGWAand Penrith Ci-             ''There was rarely       Shires Conference, after    to nominate for coun-    councillors as "most        Sports    and Aquat
ty councillor Karen           any need for a vote," she   many delegates had left,    cils, Cr McKeown said.   tend to be very connect-    Centre and heard pi
McKeown. "We need to          said.                       it was lost by two votes.      Mayor Jenny Dowell    ed to the community, 01'-   for the proposed Ollel
retain workers in our            The women discussed         The motion succeed-      addressed the gender     ganised and efficient       Arts Centre.
councils and one way to       how paid parental leave     ed weeks later when put     imbalance within Lis-
do that is to establish fa-   was unanimously sup-        to the National Local       more City Council.
mily-friendly      policies   ported at the Local Go-     Government         Confe-      "At the moment we       See Street Talk Page 12

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